Marketing to Chinese Tourists: What They Really Want

Double circulation

Against the background of the ongoing global pandemic and global recession, the recovery of the Chinese economy, its flexibility and vitality are attracting the attention of not only economists to this country, but also a wide range of experts. Some even suggest that everyone should adopt the Chinese experience.

Meanwhile, China itself is drastically changing its strategy. At the recent plenary session of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC Central Committee), it became clear that the concept of a "world factory" was a thing of the past. The new strategy is called "double circulation", with priority being given to domestic consumption. Zhang Hanhui, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Russia, told AiF about this.

Why did you recover quickly?

- According to the forecast of the World Bank and other authoritative organizations, this year China's GDP growth will be 2%, and in 2021, it is quite possible that it will increase to 7.8%. Data released in October by China's National Bureau of Statistics is even more optimistic. They confirmed the accelerated recovery of the economy of our country: value added in industry increased by 6.9%, that is, by 2.2% more than in the same period last year. The index of production in the service sector increased by 7.4%, the total volume of retail trade in consumer goods - by 4.3%, the purchasing power of Chinese consumers returned to the previous, pre-epidemic level, and even increased.

Secondly, there were moderate and flexible macro regulation and at the same time macro control. The financial policy was carried out in a targeted and effective manner with an efficient and targeted monetary policy - this stimulated the growth of the main economic indicators.

Thirdly, measures were strengthened to combat poverty, stabilize the market, and provide employment, which contributed to improving the living conditions of the people.

Doors open

The 5th Plenum of the 19th CPC Central Committee adopted recommendations for the development of the 14th Five-Year Plan. Let me remind you that the plenum took place at a time when China is completing the construction of a moderately prosperous society, and next year we will begin a new path towards realizing a new goal - building a modern socialist state. Therefore, the past plenum is a transition from one goal to another, continues the traditions of the past and opens the way to the future.

Over the past 5 years, under the leadership of the CCP, China has achieved development results that have attracted the attention of the whole world: GDP has surpassed 100 trillion yuan, 55.75 million villagers have escaped poverty, grain harvest has been stable for 5 years keeps at the level of over 650 billion tons per year. Health and pension insurance schemes, covering 1.3 billion and 1 billion people, respectively, benefit ordinary people.

During the 14th five-year plan, China will actively promote a new growth model of "double circulation" with an emphasis on internal circulation, but with its mutual development with external. We will make great efforts to expand domestic demand, comprehensively deepen reforms, promote scientific and technological innovation and give impetus to the development of the economy.

At the same time, the doors to the outside world will never close, but will open even wider. Our country's level of openness will become even higher as China will integrate into the global multilateral trading system. A large-scale market with a population of 1.4 billion people and a 400 million group, which is called the "middle class" on the one hand, and the "world factory", the largest trading partner of more than 120 countries and regions of the world, on the other. Such is China today, which can provide effective demand and create opportunities for the recovery and development of the world economy.

The III China International Import Expo EXPO (CIIE) has successfully completed the other day, at which agreements of intent to purchase goods and services in the amount of USD 72.62 billion were concluded, which is 2.1% more than last year such an exhibition. According to the Associated Press and many other foreign media outlets, holding CIIE 2020 on schedule is an important sign of a stable recovery in China's economy. By its real actions, our country stimulates the development of international trade and economic cooperation, contributes to the stable and smooth functioning of global production and trade chains, thereby making a huge contribution to the recovery and development of the world economy.

Bilateral capabilities

The process of attracting Chinese tourists can be difficult and thorny, especially if you are trying to reach people with whom you do not speak the same language and who have completely different wants and needs than your “regular” clients.

One of the keys to building your brand is understanding your target audience and meeting their needs. If you want to know how to attract Chinese tourists, you must first understand what they really want and why your services might attract them.

Failure to understand your customer can lead to frustration, and in the world of internet communication, this can mean the end of your reputation as information spreads very quickly, especially when it comes to Chinese social media. Therefore, before you start promoting, make an extra effort to research your potential customers and do your best to make a good impression on them.

Adventure, entertainment, shopping ... What do Chinese tourists want?

In short, all three options. But just as no two Russians are alike, there are no two Chinese with the same interests. Chinese tourists come from different regions, different ages and with different income levels. Depending on these factors, tourists from China prefer different things.

These are tourists, usually born in the 1980s (the so-called "millennials"), but even older Chinese tourists sometimes travel abroad in search of adventure. Most of these tourists have already visited many famous landmarks, and are looking for more than just a “selfie in the background” on their travels.

Such Chinese are usually ready to travel on their own, without the help of travel companies. Free and independent tourists from China are increasingly traveling around the world, deviating from standard tourist routes. Despite the stereotyped view in Russia of Chinese tourists as exclusively group travelers, currently already 2/3 of Chinese travelers prefer to travel outside of groups.

Example. Parachuting in New Zealand has become incredibly popular with Chinese tourists. Tour operator offers to conquer the skies of New Zealand have not been able to keep up with the demand generated by Chinese tourists.

Tip. Those working in the adventure travel industry should immediately step up their marketing and promotion for adventure-seeking young Chinese millennials. The demand for flights on MIGs and riding tanks in Russia is proof of this.

When Chinese tourists are just starting to travel and go abroad, they are interested in all directions. Like any other person, they want to see the most famous landmarks. However, fed up with popular places where crowds of people traditionally gather, Chinese tourists began to choose new places where they can devote time to rest and relaxation.

Tropical islands, small towns and even small villages are becoming more and more attractive to the Chinese tourist trying to avoid the crowds.

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