Major service industries: placement principles

Overview of professions in Moscow 2020: the most demanded and highly paid professions today

What is service as a sector of the country's economy

are industries that are aimed at providing services to the public. In developed countries (and in our country too), the service sector occupies more than 60% of the state economy. In the service sector there are government organizations and many private companies.

hotel and restaurant business, travel companies, repair shops, postal and delivery services, beauty salons, translation bureaus, excursion bureaus, event agencies, transport and apartment rental services. Examples of professions: hotel manager, hotel administrator, animator, waiter, postman, insurance agent, maid, guide, hostess, hairdresser, stylist, translator, trainer, detective, courier, care specialist, nanny.

Social services [| ]

Social service workers who directly serve customers are called service personnel

Service Industry Today

Service companies make people's lives a little easier: nursing services, catering, cleaning companies, delivery services - take on some of the client's routine duties. Therefore, the service sector tends to expand.

a service and tourism company - customer satisfaction. The short-term and long-term profit of the service company depends on it: if the client is satisfied, he can contact this company the next time. Competition in service and tourism creates even better customer service. There are already cafes and restaurants that use cameras to read emotions from the faces of visitors and analyze statistics. The trend is not just to provide a high-quality service, for example, to feed the visitor, but to surprise him with the service, cause delight, so that the client himself tells about this cafe on his social networks.

If we talk about the tourism industry separately, in Russia it is developing rapidly. Among European countries, Russia ranks 9th in terms of the number of foreign tourists. Russia attracts with its culture and nature 25 million tourists annually. Domestic tourism is also well developed. The industry's income is 3.4% of Russian GDP.


Who is a transport service specialist: what you need to know about the profession?

A transport service specialist is an official who provides a range of services to passengers of various vehicles and performs some other functions. In addition, this is the name of the manager who organizes the provision of such services, controls and optimizes them. Representatives of the profession include:

  • a conductor of a passenger train carriage;
  • a flight attendant of a passenger plane;
  • a steward on a ship;
  • employees of public institutions food on transport;
  • attendants of railway and bus stations, airports.

The profession appeared when people began to travel long distances in vehicles. Such movement became possible with the development of shipping in Europe in the XV-XVI centuries. In addition, he was promoted by the discovery and colonization of new lands, in particular - America and India. Wealthy passengers at that time usually took their servants with them. But ordinary colonists, going to a new place of residence in distant lands, could not afford it.

Therefore, the ship owners began to hire special people to serve such passengers. They began to be called the word steward. In medieval England, they were called a special type of servants at the noble houses, who watched over the serving of food on the master's table. With the advent of new types of transport in the 19th and 20th centuries (trains and airplanes), maintenance personnel became necessary for them. This is how train conductors and flight attendants (who are also called stewards) appeared.

Since at present the whole world is covered by a network of transport infrastructure, which is developing more and more, the demand for specialists in the field of transport services is only growing.

General information

The emergence of the profession "service in transport" is associated with the beginning of the movement of people over long distances. The beginning of such movements is associated with the development of shipping in Europe (XV-XVI centuries) and the colonial conquests of new lands.

Colonists leaving for new lands often did not have servants with them, which prompted ship owners to hire special people to serve passengers. Such specialists were nicknamed steward.

With the development of science and technology, new modes of transport have appeared, such as trains and airplanes, which also require service personnel. This gave rise to the professions of "train conductor" and "flight attendant".

A transport service specialist is a highly qualified specialist who provides a list of services to passengers of various vehicles and serves cargo transportation.

Work in the service sector often causes negative associations in us. We immediately represent the lower strata of society who chose this job only for the sake of earning at least some money. In fact, there is some truth in this, often special education is not required to work in this area, a little training is enough, therefore this is one of the fastest growing areas in business. If you provide a service to a person that he needs and offer a good service as a plus, then you will not end up with clients. This area provides a fairly wide range of various services, ranging from hospitality to tourism. Let's take a look at a list of the most popular professions in this area, are they learning all these professions so quickly? Let's find out!

Service industry and its features

Material production includes any activity related to the production and distribution of material goods. All its types, which are not directly related to the world of material production, form a service sector. This includes organizations operating on a commercial basis and non-profit enterprises. The former sell services, the latter are mainly government agencies as well as churches.

What is the service industry can be summarized in one sentence. These are all sectors of the national economy that produce a special product that is a purposeful, well-grounded activity - a service.

The service sector has its own characteristics:

Most often, enterprises in the service sector are small and medium-sized businesses. This is due to the need to maintain rapid adaptability to changing conditions and the ability to accelerate decision-making at any level. The service market is developing very dynamically, and organizations that do not have time to respond to the growing needs and demands of customers cannot compete in such an environment.

Employees of beauty salons, what are the nuances in their work

Work in the beauty industry has gained great popularity now, now it is fashionable and promising to be a master of manicure or make-up artist. Nobody knows whether this trend will continue to grow or decline, but so far it is one of the most competitively high industries.

You can get a special education to learn any skill in this area, but they provide mostly outdated knowledge, so it will be more effective to take courses, which are now more than enough. The most important thing in this business is to constantly develop and catch new trends.

The schedule of the beauty salon workers is most often in shifts and depends on the client's record. It is quite easy to get a job like this, the main thing is to have some skill at a high level. You can also work for yourself, accepting clients at home or renting an office. This option is more advantageous if you have an already established customer base. The salary varies depending on your rate and the number of your clients. The salaries of the demanded masters of their craft are from 25 tons.

Service Industries

It is difficult to understand what a service sector is without identifying specific areas of activity (industries) that relate to it:

  • social security of the population;
  • consumer services;
  • housing and communal services (HCS);
  • retail trade;
  • credit and financial services;
  • recreational facilities;
  • medical services;
  • catering;
  • communication, etc.

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