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To the sanatorium - for free! Step-by-step instructions for getting a voucher

Our expert is a medical lawyer Anna Mamonova.

Step Find out if you are eligible for a voucher

Free vouchers to the sanatorium are entitled to federal and regional beneficiaries.

The first category includes citizens included in the Federal Register of Persons Eligible for State Social Assistance. These are: WWII veterans, former prisoners of concentration camps and ghettos, war invalids and persons equated to them, military personnel and law enforcement officers (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Federal Penitentiary Service) who have become disabled as a result of injury, concussion or injury received while serving, war veterans, disabled people of groups I – III and disabled children, as well as Chernobyl victims and categories of citizens equated to them.

Lists of regional beneficiaries are determined by local authorities. For example, in Moscow, free sanatorium-resort vouchers are provided to non-working retirees, non-working pensioners from among the home front workers; rehabilitated persons who have been subjected to political repression or suffered as a result of political repression; as well as citizens who have suffered health damage as a result of terrorist acts, spouses and minor children who have died due to terrorist acts and citizens who have the title of "Honorary Donor of Russia" and "Honorary Donor of the USSR" and awarded the appropriate signs.

If you belong to federal or regional beneficiaries, then you have the right to a free trip to the sanatorium and you can proceed to the next step.

Step Get a doctor's note

To receive a voucher, you will need a certificate from the attending physician issued in the form No. 070/u-04 with a recommendation for spa treatment. The certificate must indicate the main and concomitant diagnoses, the preferred place and season of treatment. You can get it at the clinic or hospital where you are being monitored. The certificate is valid for 12 months.

Step Join the queue for a ticket

For this, federal beneficiaries need to contact the branches of the Social Insurance Fund (FSS) at their place of residence or the MFC (you can contact both personally and through the Internet portal "Gosuslugi"), and regional - to specialized bodies social service. Metropolitan beneficiaries - both federal and regional - do not need to apply to the Moscow branch of the FSS. They need to submit an application directly to the Department of Social Protection of the Population or apply for a ticket through the centers "My Documents" or the portal "Moscow State Services".

In order to get in the queue, you will need to write an application and provide a medical certificate stating that treatment in a sanatorium is recommended for you.

Ten kilometers west of Yalta, in one of the most picturesque corners of the southern coast of Crimea - the resort village of Gaspra - is the Marat Park Hotel. Its modern ten-storey buildings flew up with sails, rivaling the heights of the mountains, and the Villa "Park Chair" - an Empire-style building, harmoniously blended into the unique Crimean landscape, becoming its integral part.

"Park Hotel" is not an accidental name. The main part of the hotel territory is residential buildings and developed infrastructure, as well as a green area with plants typical for the South Coast, but so exotic for vacationers from other regions of Russia. The area of ​​the territory is 4 hectares.

Location at the address: RF, Republic of Crimea, LTL. smt. Gaspra, Alupkinskoe highway, 0.

The total number of places in the "Park-hotel" Marat "is 600 places. Accommodation according to the rehabilitation program - Building No. 2: - comfortable double rooms, in the room - two beds, bedside tables, TV, refrigerator, wardrobe, chairs, air conditioner (fan), balcony. with all sanitary facilities.

Services related to the rehabilitation of disabled children on the Black Sea coast

The program of the rehabilitation course: Services are provided to disabled children from -x to years inclusive with diseases of the respiratory system and circulatory system, residing in the city of Moscow

The ongoing activities are an additional measure of social support for disabled Muscovites.

In accordance with the Law of the City of Moscow dated October 26, 2005 No. 55 "On additional measures of social support for disabled people and other persons with disabilities in the city of Moscow" and the procedure for spending the city budget, only citizens can receive rehabilitation services registered in the city of Moscow at the place of residence.

If a disabled child is registered at the place of stay (temporary registration), there are no grounds for providing additional services for complex rehabilitation in the health resorts of the Black Sea coast.

The duration of the rehabilitation course is 18 days.

The comprehensive rehabilitation course includes:

Social rehabilitation (social and environmental rehabilitation, social adaptation, social and educational rehabilitation, social and psychological rehabilitation, social and cultural rehabilitation, social and health and sports activities);

Medical rehabilitation:

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