Interesting articles about traveling around the world

Interesting articles about traveling around the world

Since July 1, Thailand will open its borders for international flights, but there is no talk of a full restoration of tourism in the country. The questions regarding the resumption of tourism in Thailand were answered by representatives of the Thai office of the TEZ Tour company on the air as part of the new program of the tour operator “TEZ Live. A world without borders ”.


Thailand is gradually returning to a full-fledged tourist life after a forced vacation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, June 29, the Civil Aviation Administration of Thailand (CAAT) announced that it will lift the ban on international flights from July 1. However, the relief does not apply to everyone. The travel ban is lifted for foreigners entering for business purposes. Also, foreign tourists can come to Thailand for the purpose of medical and health tourism with a special medical invitation.

According to the director of the Moscow office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ms. Anoma Wongyai, the exact dates of the opening of international traffic for other categories of citizens are still unknown.

It is assumed that within the next, sixth stage of lifting restrictions, which is scheduled for August 1, foreign tourists from countries with favorable epidemiological conditions will be allowed to enter the country within the framework of the "tourist bubbles" program.


Guests from Russia will not be able to benefit from Thai hospitality in the short term. “Making forecasts in the face of uncertainty is extremely difficult. I believe that the most optimistic forecast for the opening of Thailand for Russian mass tourism is November - early December. At the same time, the regular communication will probably be restored first, and only then the country will start accepting charter flights from Russia, ”said Andrey Snetkov, CEO of TEZ Tour Thailand, during a video broadcast from Thailand, which took place in the closed professional TEZ TOUR PRO community on Facebook.

Andrey Snetkov believes that the recovery of Russian tourist flow to Thailand at the level of recent years can only be expected by the end of 2021. “Now we have already begun to actively prepare for the winter season. I would also like to say about hotels. Many of them will offer their guests attractive prices, ”noted Andrey Snetkov.


Andrey Snetkov spoke with the viewers of the broadcast from the hotel in Phuket The Shore at Katathani 5 *. There, as in other hotels in the Kingdom, new standards of recreation are being actively introduced, personnel are being trained.

Sergey Kutuzov, Marketing and Sales Director of Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort, in turn, showed what changes have taken place in his hotel. But before he noted that during the period of forced downtime in the hotel, both rooms and common areas, including the lobby, were renovated.

How can you be more responsible when traveling? This is a question with a unique set of answers depending on which direction you are traveling. Each country faces its own challenges, socially, economically or ecologically, which ultimately form the answer. There are some challenges facing Thailand. Here are some quick and easy tips for responsible travel in Thailand.

Say no to plastic bags

If you've been to Thailand, you probably know about the love of plastic bags. It seems that absolutely everything is given in plastic bags. Sometimes you are even given a package in a package. It's very surprising when you are offered a bottle of Coca-Cola poured into a plastic bag with a handful of ice just to get the sellers a refund for the glass bottle.

This habit is easy to break. Just say no to plastic bags. You can see a few confused looks. In some cases, even after refusal, you will still be given a plastic bag. Be persistent and refuse, you may even give the plastic bag back, this is not rude.

Collect trash wherever you are

Where do these thousands of millions of plastic bags end up? In the ocean and on the beaches. The amount of rubbish that ends up on Thailand's beautiful remote beaches never ceases to amaze.

Changing the situation is actually very simple. Just carry a roll of trash bags in your backpack. If you find yourself on a trashed beach, spend just one hour cleaning up and you make a huge difference. More often than not, other people will join you to help.

Not only will you feel good about helping fix the situation, but you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful beach.

Entrance fees to national parks

So many travelers are complaining about the rates in Thailand's national parks. There is one price for local residents and a separate price for foreigners, which is usually ten times the amount for local residents.

Think for a moment that this money is actually being used to maintain parks. Each entrance ticket to the National Park is accompanied by a numbered pass. Employees are responsible for the funds raised, so it's not pocket money. The Thai government is actually doing a lot of conservation work in national parks through these funds, such as reforestation and the removal of illegal buildings.

Want to support nature conservation in Thailand? Pay for entrance fees to national parks.

Shop locally

must-see festivals in Thailand

Thailand is a country where local culture and traditions are carefully preserved. Unsurprisingly, this land hosts many traditional festivals throughout the year. Every month, residents of the "land of smiles" celebrate one of the brightest events, gathering together with family, friends, loved ones.

There are plenty of opportunities for tourists to attend significant events, such as the nationwide Songkran festival or the regional Surin Elephant Festival. We have made a selection of 12 festivals that will be of interest to everyone, without exception.

Yi Peng (Lantern Festival)

The Yi Peng Festival is one of the most spectacular in Thailand. It takes place in the legendary city of Chiang Mai, which was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. Much has been preserved here since ancient times, and local residents honor cultural traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

On the day of the November full moon, thousands of lanterns are thrown into the night sky, symbolizing the abandonment of misfortunes in the past and the beginning of a new life, in which there will be many bright streaks. Thousands of people come together to take part in the launch of the lanterns and enjoy the spectacular spectacle to their heart's content.

Tha Phae Road and Mae Jo University are considered the best viewpoints. But we advise you to come to the event in advance in order to find a good place in the huge crowd. After launching the flashlights, you can enjoy live music and fireworks that illuminate the night sky.

Songkran (Water Festival)

The Water Festival is a national holiday corresponding to the Thai New Year. The holiday starts on April 13, and often lasts at least a week. Before you begin to have fun, Thais are visited by temples to give the honor of the Buddha for everything good that was last year and pray for good luck in the future.

Water, which Thais pour each other, symbolizes cleansing from sins. The statues of the Buddha and the house are also washed with clean water, giving tribute to the elderly family members and their ancestors. The holiday is celebrated throughout the country, but with the greatest scope, he takes place in Chiang Mae, Phuket and Bangkok.

Streets on time overlap so that bright processions and dance performances are massively passed. Every year, local beauties are struggling for Miss Songkran title.


Life abroad cultivates the feeling of superiority over "these tourists." At least half of expatoves to the latter ranges from condescending to the contempt. About the reasons for conflicts of "local" and "ponhember" read in the material of the portal "Zagranitsa" <


The word "tourist" has acquired a negative shade: it implies noisy creatures in socks and sandals, T-shirts "I Love Pattaya" or colorful sundresses, opening the look of brick-red backs of fat ladies. Despite the heat, no one has canceled etiquette in Thailand, and therefore shorts and slippers are appropriate only on the beaches and marine excursions. In the post, in the bank, a nightclub or shopping mall, they sign up to others that you should treat in a special way. Confidentially restrained.

Well, the cherry on the cake is moving around the city in a swimsuit, the maximum with a t-shirt is thrown from above. And of course, accessories are all family gold or at least a flower in her hair.

Heavy look

Sign of which foreigners immediately determine the inhabitant of the CIS - "face with problems." Some describes the expression as frightened, others - as purple. In this case, Thai say: "Thinks too much." Tourists from the post-Soviet space do not greet the vendors in stores, employee employees, fellow travelers in elevators and even more so do not smile.

If the guests crossed the restaurant's threshold and did not say hello - Thai rushes to submit a menu in Russian.


You can laugh at the key pronunciation of Thai or complain that they have not learned Russian. " But according to the results of the official census, the English language in Russia owns 5% of the population. And Thai, probably, 0.001%.

Tourist dialogue with Thai begins with loud phrases - of course, because it is so clearer. Phrases in bad English or terrible Thai do not clarify the situation. Then the local resident turns into a "stupid monkey" and follows the call. Expat.

Reds, as if they did not speak about the tropical sun. Questions, how I got here (I answer - by plane) and how to stay here to live. And what is the name of the temple that we just passed - as if the name would tell them something. And where to eat borscht - on the day of arrival, you see, they did not find it

Consumer attitude towards local

Have you learned Thai and accidentally blabbed it out? Be ready for calls anytime:

  • - Hello, can you tell him that we want an excursion with elephants for the day after tomorrow?
  • - Ol, what is written on this piece of paper?
  • - (at night) We are here at the police station ... Please come, otherwise they don’t understand that they made a mistake!

According to a study by the Suan Dusit Rajabhat University of Bangkok, most Thais are concerned about the country's too high cost of living and high prices for consumer goods

As part of the study, the university conducted surveys, in which 1172 people from various social groups across the country took part. The ultimate goal of the study was to find out how concerned Thais are about the current economic, political and social conditions in the country.

State of Thailand's Economy

The majority of respondents - 62.39% - said they were concerned about the too high cost of living in Thailand and high prices for consumer goods. They believe the government needs to take urgent measures to control prices.

35.05% stated that their income does not cover expenses and they have debts and unpaid loans that have nothing to pay.

22.75% said the country's economy is in deep recession and the Thai government should take immediate steps to build confidence in foreign investors. These respondents believe that it is vital to develop and implement new economic incentive programs.

16.15% of Thais said they are concerned about unemployment in the country and are demanding that the government launch job creation programs.

14.22% noted that purchasing prices for agricultural products from farmers are now very low, and quick action is needed to address this issue.

Social Environment in Thailand

The majority of Thais - 54.81% - said they are very concerned about the prevalence of crime and violence among the population.

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