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Moscow territorial center of social services (provision of social services) of the city of Kharkov

The territorial center was created to provide social services and provide social services to citizens who are in difficult life circumstances and need outside help at the place of residence, in terms of temporary or daytime stay.

The territorial center operates on the principles of targeting and individual approach, accessibility and openness, voluntary choice of receiving or refusing to provide social services, humanity, complexity, maximum efficiency in the use of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds, legality, social justice, ensuring confidentiality, adherence to quality standards, responsibility for compliance with ethical and legal norms.

Social services (provision of social services) in the territorial center have the right:

  • elderly citizens, people with disabilities, sick people (from among people of working age for the period until they have a disability group, but not more than four months) who are not capable of self-service and need constant outside assistance, recognized as such in the manner approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • citizens who are in a difficult life situation due to unemployment and are registered with the state employment service as job seekers, natural disasters, catastrophes (and have minor children, disabled children, elderly people, disabled people), if the average monthly total income of their families is lower than the subsistence minimum for the family.

Socio-economic services department of the organization of providing targeted in-kind assistance:

  • Organization of distribution of food sets;
  • Organization of the provision of hairdressing services;
  • Organization of the provision of laundry services.
  • Organization of the issuance of used things and shoes;
  • Organization of the issuance of rehabilitation means.

During 2011, the active longevity club "Island of Hope" continued its activities for residents of the Moskovsky district, where pensioners had the opportunity to take part in concerts dedicated to celebrating holidays, communicate with each other, watch their favorite films, listen lecture, get expert advice on various life issues. Also, members of the club arranged festive concerts for employees and wards of the tercenter on the occasion of celebrating state and professional holidays.

The Territorial Center is a member of the "Unified Social Network".

There is an information electronic office in the territorial center, which provides residents of the district with information services on topical issues of social security.

Moscow territorial center of social services (provision of social services) of the city of Kharkov

At the institutes of Kharkov, as well as at universities, you can get both technical and humanitarian education in specific industries

Kharkiv institutes provide applicants with educational services for bachelors, specialists, masters. Also, in many higher education institutions, you can undergo retraining.

In addition, we chose the specialty "programming" and compared how much it would cost to study a full-time bachelor in different HEIs of the city.

National Aerospace University named after NOT Zhukovsky "Kharkov Aviation Institute"

Specialists for the aerospace sphere are trained here: aircraft construction, rocket and space technology, radio electronics, programming and other specialties. Programmers in the HEI are trained at the Department of Informatics and the Department of Software Engineering. For a bachelor, training to become a programmer at the Department of Software will cost 10,500 hryvnia.

Contacts: 0577884313, 0577884793

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Future specialists of the engineering industry are educated at the HEI: neuroelectronics, machine builders, technologists, economists, IT-specialists, power engineers, chemists. Also, the university has humanitarian specialties.

Programmers in HEI are trained in the specialty "computer science". Studying for a bachelor's degree per year will cost 11260 hryvnia.

KhPI is also in second place among the best Kharkiv universities and in fourth place among Ukrainian universities in the TOP-200 Ukraine 2018 rating.

Contacts: 0577076600, 0577076634

University of Banking Kharkiv Institute

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