Hotel business plan

Hotel business plan

Social entrepreneurship is a new direction of state support for business. The creation of a business plan for social entrepreneurship has its own essential specifics. In order to understand the specifics of writing a business plan for social entrepreneurship, you need to define the terms.

In the Regulation on Grant Support, you can find the following definition:

Social entrepreneurship is a socially oriented activity of small businesses aimed at achieving socially useful goals, including providing employment, providing support to people with disabilities, elderly citizens and people in difficult life situations.

Creating a business plan for social entrepreneurship has its own specifics. In order to write a competent business plan for social entrepreneurship that can win a grant, it is better to turn to specialists.

Examples of business lines related to social entrepreneurship

The subject of social entrepreneurship carries out activities in the following areas of activity:

- assistance in vocational guidance and employment of persons belonging to socially unprotected groups of citizens;

- social services for persons belonging to socially unprotected groups of citizens, conducting classes in children's and youth circles, sections, studios, activities of preschool educational organizations, providing paid services for looking after children and the sick;

- organization of social tourism in terms of excursion and educational tours for persons belonging to socially vulnerable groups of citizens;

- assistance to victims of natural disasters, refugees and internally displaced persons;

- production and sale of medical equipment, prosthetic and orthopedic products, as well as technical means that can be used exclusively for the prevention of disability or rehabilitation of disabled people;

- providing cultural and educational activities (museums, theaters, studio schools, musical institutions, creative workshops);

The capabilities of a modern person have increased significantly over the past 5-10 years, and now you can go to rest anywhere in the world. At the same time, there was a great need for high-quality organization of such trips. Travel companies are in demand, but making a profitable business out of this will require a clear plan of action.

Relevance of business idea

The demand for this area of ​​business is confirmed by the constantly growing number of tourists. This is due to the interest of people in travel, as well as the greater availability of this way of spending leisure time. Today you can find flights and hotels with big discounts at very prices, but not everyone is ready to spend their personal time planning a trip. Most still prefer to contact a travel agency for a full package of services and relax in comfort. This means that they provide an opportunity to earn money for those who are ready to foresee all possible situations for them.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Competitive research and market analysis in your area will be an important part of drawing up a business implementation plan. Typically, in large cities with a population of 4 million, there are about 100-200 travel agencies. Among such a variety of offers, it will be important to stand out and offer exclusive services.

In general, we can talk about a constant increase in the market for tourist services, and both the number of clients and the number of travel companies are growing. According to the Federal Statistical Service, the volume of the tourist market in Russia is annually increasing by 100 billion rubles. Business Stat research shows that 90% of tourists purchase overseas tours. However, in 2017, the number of tourists choosing travel in Russia increased by 20%.

Consider in the plan that there are large players on the market - travel companies whose services are represented throughout Russia. It is pointless to compete with them at the first stage, but you can cooperate, although keep in mind that they will not go for it for free.

To win or at least not to lose in the competition will help:

  • competent positioning;
  • effective marketing campaign;
  • lower price than competitors;
  • unique services;
  • impeccable reputation.

You should also pay attention to the following characteristics of the Russian tourism market:

  • In 2015, due to the bans on flights to Turkey and Egypt, the popularity of such destinations as Tunisia, Goa, Sri Lanka has significantly increased.
  • The top 4 popular destinations in 2016 were Finland, China, Poland and Estonia.
  • Cyprus and Greece top the list of popular summer destinations.
  • The most popular destinations for domestic tourism are Krasnodar Territory and Crimea.
  • There are 24 large travel agencies in Russia that provide services in various regions.

Brief Investment Memorandum

Every year both external and internal tourism grows in our country. The geography of the spread of small and medium-sized businesses is also expanding, which entails periodic business trips and professional retraining that require movement around the country. These factors are contributing to the active growth of demand for places to live.

The opening of the hotel today is a very urgent and promising business. You should pay attention specifically to the middle class, and be focused on providing quality services at affordable prices.

Small hotels are the most dynamically growing type of accommodation in Russia.

This business plan is designed for a city with a population of over 1 million

Key Success Factors:

  • comfortable rooms;
  • high quality of services;
  • good location;
  • reasonable prices;
  • dynamically developing demand.

Description of business, product or service

As part of this project, we will consider a small hotel with 30 rooms.

Let's select the following room categories:

  • double deluxe - 2 (5,900 rubles);
  • single deluxe - 2 (3,900 rubles);
  • double "standard" - 11 (4 190 rubles);
  • single "standard" - 9 (2 790 rubles);
  • double "budget" - 3 (3 490 rubles. );
  • single "budget" - 3 (1,790 rubles).

We use rented premises with an area of ​​about 900m2 to carry out our activities. One room has about 20-25m2.

Each room includes a bed, wardrobe, mirror, bedside table, telephone, small TV, desk lamp, chair, armchair, mini-fridge, bathroom with shower. There is a soft carpet on the floor. The design is done in soft soothing colors. Prevailing colors: beige, milky, brown with elements of green in the decor - curtains and paintings.

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