Hostel opening

Hostel opening

Which okwed codes to choose for a travel agency

The OKVED class is not only divided into subclasses of activity, but also into special codes that more accurately indicate the type of IP services provided. They are constantly being modified, supplemented, but as of 2017 they look like this:

At the moment, travel companies and agencies are a widespread phenomenon. More and more people every year get the opportunity to have a good rest, as the standard of living in the country is growing. And then they come to the aid of agencies that have experience and are able to carry out all the organizational moments as soon as possible.

Topic: Tourism activities of okVED

An OKVED statement must contain at least four characters. A three-character code is a gross mistake. The Inspectorate does not have the right to independently correct a three-digit code for a four-digit one. Therefore, the applicant will have to submit documents for state registration again - already in the corrected form.

It should be noted that in OKVED there is no distinction between market and non-market, commercial and non-commercial types of economic activity, as well as between foreign and domestic trade. It was stated that by this step, the department intends to fully take into account the contribution of the tourism sector to the country's economy.

The classification was published on the website of the Ministry of Culture on May 28 last year and included 11 sections, except 63..

Tour operators operating in the field of outbound tourism must also be members of an association of tour operators, acting in accordance with the law, and have a personal liability fund.

From January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022, there is a zero income tax rate for persons engaged in tourist and recreational activities in the Far Eastern Federal District. In this case, it is necessary to comply with a number of requirements established by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

One of them is the conduct of activities according to the list approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. You can also find the OKVED-2020 reference book with a transcript on the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development. At the top of the main page, in the blue bar, select the "Activities" section. You will immediately be taken to the "Directions" subsection.

Hospitality and travel agencies

Today people travel a lot, either for business or for the purpose of relaxing, seeing new cities and countries. Not everyone strives to live comfortably on their travels. Sometimes a person just needs to spend the night and receive a minimum set of services. Often, everything that is included in the hotel bill remains unclaimed. For budget conscious people, a new hotel business was invented - hostels. These are economy class establishments that are available to most people with an average and even lower average income level. Hostel services are often used by students.

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The peculiarity of such a mini-hotel is the charge for renting a bed, and not the entire room, as in ordinary hotels. One room can accommodate from 4 to 10 people at the same time. At the same time, each of them receives the comfort he needs and a set of additional services at will. Usually, guests who rent a bed for the night need a little: a bed, a shower, a toilet.

It is advantageous to open such a small hotel near a historical monument, tourist center or train station. Usually, renting land and buildings in such an area is not cheap. Therefore, despite the seeming simplicity and low budget of the business, it is rather difficult to open it. As a way out of this situation, experts advise to look for a place at some distance from the main object. Travelers are usually not afraid of distances, but the opportunity to save them will certainly lead to an economy-class hotel.

Hospitality players have already highlighted the benefits of small hotels:

  • Hostels are a promising business for our country. Many people have not yet taken advantage of their services, just because they do not know about the existence of such a great opportunity to save.
  • As the experience of other countries shows, the demand for economy class services does not fall even with the growth of household incomes. Practicality is characteristic of the majority of the population of any country, especially when traveling.
  • Lack of competition. In our country, hostels are just beginning to develop. You can open a similar establishment in any city without fear of losing customers.
  • The main cost is the purchase of real estate. It is capital that will always be in value. A relatively small amount of money is needed for the furnishings and arrangement.

If you are interested in the hotel business, then the information on how to open a hostel in your city will be very interesting to you.

How to start designing a hostel?

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