Homeland of the Navy, festivals and Divnogorye

Homeland of the Navy, festivals and Divnogorye

Officials claim that we have everything to attract tourists - a variety of hotels, museums, amazing historical sites and natural monuments. But what do experts think about the development of the tourism sector? Historian and organizer of educational excursions Vladimir Razmustov shared his opinion and data on the impressions of visiting guests.

City walks

Anastasia Khodykina, AiF-Chernozemye: Vladimir Borisovich, already at the end of August, do you notice that there are more tourists in our region?

Vladimir Razmustov: Recently, the Divnogorye and Kostenki museums-reserves have been holding many different events. They even want to start up a regular train from Voronezh at Divnogorye. Such promoted places have really become more visited. But in Voronezh itself, a special influx of guests is not noticeable, although interest is growing. Tourists, especially residents of neighboring regions, increasingly speak of Voronezh as an interesting city with something to see.

- What exactly do they say?

- Visitors admire Petrovsky, Koltsovsky, Platonovsky squares. And when we walk through the historical center of Voronezh, where the fortress stood, many share extraordinary impressions. So, one tourist from Moscow once said: “How is everything mixed with you. You can find a village in the city center! "

Indeed, residents of Voronezh have long been accustomed to and do not notice that in the heart of the city - behind the university square, in the direction of the reservoir, there is a private sector, and everything is overgrown with weeds. For some, this is exotic: guests are interested in how they can live on the steep hills in winter. And every time you have to explain that this is where history is, and before the excursion it is better to put on comfortable shoes and look under your feet, since not a single government - neither tsarist, nor Soviet, nor post-Soviet - could ennoble these historical hills. Although there were plans. Not so long ago on the slopes - from Petrovsky Square, st. Karl Marx down to the ship-museum "Goto Predestination" - they wanted to build a cascade of stairs - the same as now in the "Dynamo" park, install lanterns, benches ... But the plans, as you can see, remained on paper.

Once a family from Belgorod inquired about archaeological research at the site of the fortress. I had to admit that they were not systematically held in our city, although our archaeological heritage is very rich. When the conversation turned to the absence of a monument to the founder of the city of Saburov, a memorial sign on the site of the first house of Peter and the Tsar's tent, and that the place where the city came from was not indicated in any way, the head of the family shared: “And in our Belgorod business it is an honor to put at their own expense commemorative signs. If the regional government says what is needed, they stand in line. "

What to see?

- The trip-point travel portal named eight reasons that can induce travelers to go to Voronezh. Among them: walk along the embankment and see Peter, take a picture with the Kitten from the street. Lizyukov, pat the White Bim, visit Divnogorye, Venevitinov's estates and the Oldenburgsky palace, the beaver reserve, the historical cinema "Spartak". Do you agree with this list, and what would you like to add?

- Of course, the ship-museum "Goto Predestination", Admiralteyskaya Square, the building of the South-Eastern Railway as one of the most beautiful symbols of the Soviet era, the 190-year-old stone bridge, "House with an Owl" and other projects of the architect Mikhail Zamyatnin began XX century Art Nouveau style ...

The history of the city is very rich, it is simply not updated on one thing. But it was in Voronezh that the first airborne assault landed, our first Olympic champion Panin-Kolomenkin was born ... Voronezh is the birthplace of the Navy, but this holiday is solemnly held in St. Petersburg, where ships line up. You cannot bring ships to our reservoir, so we cannot compete with modern naval bases. Only the Admiralty Square and the newly rebuilt "Goto Predestination" have survived from the era of Peter. I think that in order to attract tourists to this topic, it is necessary to do a historical reconstruction - a shipyard where blacksmiths would work and carpenters assemble a ship. But you have to invest a lot of money in this.

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