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Psychology in tourism The role and importance of psychology in tourism Do we know how to relax effectively

A modern person in a society where competition reigns, different rules, habits, stereotypes, striving for leadership and an ideal, unfortunately, has so little spontaneity.

Spontaneity helps to be free, to manifest and express oneself in creativity and hobbies.

Spontaneity unlocks inner resources and helps to cope with difficulties.

Spontaneity promotes creativity and freedom. It's just very important to try and be able to find yourself in different activities, then choose for.

Needs and evolution Each person as a spiritual being has the main goals of life: to know himself, to know the world and find his place in the world. (Here "to find" means not only to discover, but also to occupy.) In this case, the world is understood not as a static, but as a dynamic object in evolutionary development. Each object has its own role in the evolutionary process; and, in particular, a specific role is provided for each person, including constant improvisation (personal.

I don’t know why, but I want there to be as many creatively gifted individuals as possible and as few unfortunate and embittered losers as possible in this difficult and harsh world.

It was this desire that prompted me to take up the pen and write a book dedicated to the reasons leading to the transformation of an ordinary person into a unique creative individual. How well I managed to decide for you - Dear Reader.

This article was inspired by Steve Jobs's speech to Stanford University alumni. In it, he gave advice that we have heard a thousand times:

“You have to find what you love. And this is true both for your work and for your loved ones.

Your job will fill most of your life, and there is only one way to experience true satisfaction, and that is to do what you believe is truly worthwhile. And there is only one way to do great work - to love what.

Even in ancient times, the discoverers of uncharted lands drew attention to the fact that local residents, who are absolutely not familiar with the customs and manners of newcomers, generally have the same methods of expressing feelings. In Madagascar and Tierra del Fuego, Polynesia and Patagonia, it is customary to nod in agreement, frown with discontent and smile with joy.

The role and importance of psychology in tourism Socio-psychological characteristics of customer service in a travel company Psychological relief accompanied by professionals

Psychological tourism is a fairly young area of ​​psychological assistance and psychotherapy, but it is developing rapidly in Russia, within the framework of both medical tourism and health tourism. health tours are intended for recreation: rest, emotional relief, relaxation and restoration of psycho-emotional health, as well as for the prevention of mental illness. Study tours - psychotherapy, psychological trainings and seminars, during tourism and travel - turned out to be a surprisingly effective method of solving many psycho-emotional problems and getting rid of many personal and emotional-psychological disorders.

Psychological tourism

What is the advantage of psychological tourism over conventional psychological trainings, seminars, training courses and psychotherapy in the office, office, hall or online?

The advantage is that tourism and travel in itself implies leaving and changing the usual, often stressful and traumatic environment, and gaining a sense of freedom and some kind of relaxedness, not being burdened with a person - which already has a psychotherapeutic effect.

Traveling under the guidance of an experienced psychotherapist and according to a specific psychocorrectional program, with training and education - this is psychological tourism, where a free, natural environment with methods of psychological assistance forms the best place and time to combine business with pleasure ...

Psychological tours have various purposes: from relaxation and stress relief to psychotherapy of nervous and personality disorders. They are organized in the form of ordinary picnics, on a weekend in the bosom of nature, and in the form of trips to the mountains and to the sea, including outside Russia.

Health tourism

Health and Wellness Tours - Recreational Tourism

Registration in a psycho-tourist group:

Psychological tourism is a new interesting and popular type of tourism. The emergence of this type of tourism is associated with the need to take a break from the fast pace of life in cities, recover from stress, acquire new knowledge and skills, and the ability to combine travel and self-development.

What is psychological tourism?

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