Hapis Map in Rust: A Complete Overview

How to play; Rast: the plot of the game, heroes and ways of passing

Bases in Rust require a lot of resources to build. Everyone has long known that the most important resource for building a base is a tree. Without it, you cannot build even the smallest base. However, the problem is wood, this is such a resource that is spent very quickly: either throw it into the stove, then spend it on some craft, so also expand the base. The good news is that it is not so difficult to get it - you can either mine wood with your hands, or exchange stones in a peaceful city and get wood.

Suppose you decide to mine a tree with your own hands. You have already developed enough, studied everything and everyone, you have a lot of components, but you need a tree. In this case, the best tool for wood extraction will help you - a chainsaw.

Chainsaw in Rust

Chainsaw in Rust is the most efficient tool for harvesting wood, but it is also the rarest. This item allows you to get a tree in huge quantities in the shortest possible time - it takes literally seconds for 1 tree, and it is not necessary to hit vulnerable points.

When mining wood using a chainsaw, you are guaranteed to get 100% of wood - even if you use an iron ax, which is often used when mining wood, you can get only about 87%.


How to refuel your chainsaw in Rust

What is the disadvantage of a chainsaw, you ask? The answer is that for the chainsaw to work, it will be necessary to add low quality fuel to it from time to time. In total, you can fill up to 50 units of low quality fuel at a time. To refuel your chainsaw in Rust, you will need to do the following:

  • Pick up a chainsaw in the active slot for the character to hold;
  • Be sure to put low quality fuel in your inventory;
  • Press the R (Reload) key to refill the chainsaw tank in Rust with fuel;
  • This will be indicated by the number next to the chainsaw in the active slot. Holds 50 fuel. That's it, you can start it on this and start sawing trees.

How to start a chainsaw in Rust

Only after that you can start the chainsaw by clicking on the right mouse button. Pressing it again will turn off the chainsaw.

Rust is well known to many gamers, especially those who prefer wilderness survival games. A huge game world, an extensive crafting system and maximum realism make it a really good choice if you want to immerse yourself in a survival atmosphere for several weeks. So it will be very helpful to tell you how to play Rast.

A little about the plot

Unfortunately, the game cannot boast of a plot. The background is clearly there, but there is no explanation. It's just that a rather large group of people ends up on the coast of the island, and they fiercely fight among themselves, and there is a danger of being killed in the first seconds of the game.

The whole action takes place on a huge procedurally generated island. Therefore, each time you have to get used to new conditions of survival. Here you can also find areas of radioactive contamination, satellite dishes and other signs of a human civilization that has suddenly fallen into decay. Sometimes you can get lucky, and the player will find a military assault helicopter that allows you to unleash a hail of missiles on the heads of enemies. In short, the backstory should be interesting, but alas, it is completely absent.

Choosing a suitable server

Before you figure out how to play on servers in Rast, you need to learn how to choose the right one. They can differ according to three criteria: the ability of players to attack each other, the presence of a sleep function, and the speed of crafting. Let's talk about each of them in more detail.

On some servers, PvP is an integral part of survival. Gamers here cannot imagine games without the ability to kill their own kind. On others, attacking players is considered a ban. Decide for yourself which option suits you - more aggressive or less.

When a user exits the game on some servers, his character falls to the ground and falls asleep. Other gamers may well find him and kill him, or at least rob him. Therefore, on other servers, a different decision was made - after exiting the game, the character simply disappears. Quite convenient and safe. But it reduces realism, and does not provide an opportunity to rob opponents when they are defenseless.

Finally, the crafting speed. Perhaps the most interesting is the standard speed. But on some servers, the rate of creation is increased several times, or crafting is performed instantly. On the one hand, it is convenient and allows you to develop faster. On the other hand, realism suffers, and it becomes less interesting to play.

Also keep track of the number of players on the server during peak hours. If their number is more than 100, then the competition for resources will be too high. And it is almost impossible to survive here, especially for a beginner. But even with the number of players 5-10 people, there is no competition at all, and the gameplay becomes sluggish and boring.

Launching the pirate

Also, many players are interested in how to play "Rust" over the network on a pirate. Everything is pretty simple here. True, you won't be able to play through the Steam server, and you will have to be in the same room or at least on computers connected to the same LAN.

First you need to download a pirated version of the game, since you can do this on many sites and trackers. After that, you usually don't even need to install it if the repack was downloaded. It remains only to find the Launcher file with the extension. exe. By launching it, the player creates a server - preferably on the most powerful computer that will be used during the game.

All gamers can be divided into 2 categories.

The first category is honest players who completely refuse to gain an advantage by using prohibited software, do not use various bugs and holes in the game, which do not violate the rules of both the game itself and the rules of a particular server ...

The second category of players is dishonest players. These players will be happy to gain an advantage over their rivals, even if that very advantage will have to resort to using third-party software, bugging, as well as breaking the rules of the game and the server.

Of course, it will be possible to add subcategories, but for now we will add only two subcategories to the second category, although there are many more. So, let's divide the 2nd category into macros and cheaters. We have already devoted a separate article to macros and their advantages, so this time we will study cheats, namely their types, main features, features of various subscriptions, and so on.

Cheats for Rust: why are they needed, what do they give?

Let's delve into the very name of Cheat. A Russian-speaking person will first of all think of third-party software used to gain an advantage over other players. But if we translate Cheat from English, then we get such translation options as cheat, deceive. This, however, does not contradict the formulation that we have given above. This term is used not only in computer video games, but also in board and gambling games. Yes, there is cheating in singles too, but to quote Mia Konsalvo “You can't cheat in front of the console, you can only in front of another player”. Therefore, it is worth separating cheating in single and multiplayer games.

In Rust, the goal of the players is to build the most defended base, for the construction of which they still have to get resources. However, when the player dies, all the loot that is in the inventory is lost. Of course, many players will be saddened by death in the game, but someone will simply continue to extract resources by the legal method, and someone will resort to third-party software, with which you can increase the chances of survival in skirmishes with players. How? You can use functions such as BX (English Wallhack), Aim, and even Speedhack. But we'll talk about the main features of cheats later.

Few will believe it, but in Rust, a game that is consistently on the online leaderboard, in a game in which the peak online is 60 thousand people, it is not so easy to find cheaters. It's all about the Easy Anti-Cheat anti-cheat, which, although it is used in many projects, but it is in Rust that EAC shows the best result.

Main features of cheats in Rust

Just a disclaimer - we are talking about the approximate functionality of various cheats. In practice, everything can be different, albeit slightly. It all depends on the cheat itself, on what functions it includes, how they are implemented.

BX, ESP and Radar

ВХ or Wallhack is a common cheat in many games that allows players using this function to see everything outside the walls, starting with ordinary players, ending with all kinds of boxes, traps and other objects that ordinary players cannot see should.

It's no secret that there is a huge variety of maps in Rust. Each map is randomly generated based on one of several types of locations. And the card types are as follows - Procedural, Hapis, Barren. There is also such a type as Custom map, but such maps are created by the players themselves. Each type has its own characteristics. For example, Barren maps lack many objects, such as caves and grass. Procedural has roughly everything Rust has, from caves to oil rigs.

Hapis is a unique card type. If Rust was a game with a storyline, like the same series of Grand theft auto or The forest, then everything would happen on the Hapis map. Unlike Barren and Procedural, Hapis has no varieties. There is only one map - an island, most of which is a mountain.

Hapis Map Features

Unlike the randomly generated Barren and Procedural maps, Hapis has unique detail. Everything that you will see on it is made by hand by the developers of the game.

You can talk for a long time about all the unique places on this map. But I'd rather tell you about the most memorable places, of course, in my opinion:

  • Islands in the southwest of the map. In total, there are three islands on which you can build a base without any problems. I strongly recommend making a boat trip, as it will be problematic to get to the mainland without a boat;
  • Canyons - a unique part of the map, found in the south;
  • Desert Pond - a pond located near the canyon. In the very center is the land on which you can build a base;
  • The mountain is a landmark of the Hapis map. A huge mountain that occupies most of the mainland.

This is just a small part of the island of Hapis. I could tell you about everything, but it is better for you to study it yourself.

This map is quite well optimized so that users with graphics for growing average PCs will not suffer from lack of FPS. We recommend that you read the separate material on graphics in Rust, in which we also showed you the best graphics settings for rast.

What biomes are found on the island of Hapis

Hapis Island has all biomes, from tundra to deserts. The steppes are located more often on the outskirts of the map. The tundra occupies the central part. Deserts are located in the south and southeast.

Aerodrome is the RT that appears on all procedurally generated maps in Rust. With a large number of different loot points and free access to some workbenches, the airfield turned out to be one of the most popular places among experienced and inexperienced players. And in this regard, the location turned out to be a place where a large number of hostile people usually "walk". In addition, absolutely the entire perimeter of this RT has an increased level of radiation.

Yes, there is an even more popular RT - "Cosmodrome", but it requires cards to access valuable loot, so the airfield is a great option for both beginners and those players who play alone and cannot resist groups.

Full overview of the upper part of the RT "Aerodrom"

All loot points

The structure of the RT of the airfield is quite simple, but after the update, few people know that under the large-scale construction there is a whole network of tunnels along with an unusual cave, which also contain loot, but you should always start looting this RT from the surface. And for this you need to know what important objects are on the surface. All elements of redtown airfield:

  • Rusty barrels or cisterns;
  • Heliport;
  • Three huge hangars;
  • Main gate with a tower ;
  • The only and part-time main building of the airfield (also with a tower);
  • Electric booths next to the main building;
  • And finally, three identical towers around the perimeter of the Republic of Tatarstan.

In addition, it is important to know that the entire airfield is fenced with a concrete fence around it, so there are a whole lot of entrances and exits to the airfield. All points of exit/entry to RT: 4 - in the north, 2 - in the west, 2 - in the east, 4 - in the south. To make it easier to navigate and understand what objects with dots are discussed in this guide, you should know that the central entrance is the southern part of the RT airport.

What's the best way to loot the top of the airport?

The first hangar will be filled with containers along with boxes. There are two wooden chests inside: one inside the container, the other on the opposite side from the central entrance. In addition, oil barrels will spawn inside the first hangar, which always have different locations, so it is impossible to say exactly where they will be. However, it is enough just to carefully examine the entire hangar, because it is not too big.

Interior of the first hangar

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