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Social protection and support in Yaroslavl in 2021

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Spa treatment can seriously alleviate the patient's condition. It is not for nothing that doctors recommend that people with disabilities undergo such treatment annually. Wellness procedures for children show especially good results. The theme of this post is from Invaworld. u - how to get a voucher for a disabled child and an accompanying parent completely free of charge.

So, let's start over. First, who issues free travel packages? There are three options: health authorities, family and childhood authorities, and a social insurance fund.

Health Vouchers

Health authorities issue vouchers for mother and child for the smallest children aged 4 years, and in exceptional cases, you can be taught treatment before reaching this age. If you have a disabled child, you are entitled to such a permit. Ask your doctor at the polyclinic to get it, he must explain the procedure for receiving treatment.

Vouchers from social protection authorities

Agencies for family and childhood issues can work under the administration of the local municipality or under social protection. They are given vouchers to children's camps and sanatoriums. These can be vouchers for healthy children, but if you have a disabled child, you can get the priority right to use such assistance, provided that the condition of the child allows him to go on this voucher. Funding for this program is carried out by the local municipality, and it can also set its own requirements: such a vacation may not be completely free. Check with the responsible authority.

Free sanatoriums from the FSS

The Social Insurance Fund provides all federal beneficiaries, including children with disabilities, with free spa treatment, provided that the beneficiary has not issued a waiver of the social services package in favor of a cash equivalent. The period of treatment for children with these vouchers is 21 days and the accompanying person receives the voucher with the treatment together with the child. If the child is spinal, then the duration of the voucher should be 42 days. These can be parents, grandmothers or children, or other relatives and confidants. Remember only: the consent of the parents to accompany the child to the sanatorium on a free voucher must be notarized.

Another nuance: free vouchers to the sanatorium through the FSS are issued in organizations that participated in the competitive bidding procedure. This literally means that you cannot choose which sanatorium to go to. You are offered only those vouchers for which the sanatoriums have signed contracts with government agencies. And, accordingly, the price of the voucher includes a standard set of procedures for this very state contract. This is not always suitable for parents, because their main goal is to make the child as healthy as possible, and this may require some kind of special procedures. Such issues are usually resolved on the spot with the management of the sanatorium. You can always agree on the mutual replacement of procedures for some that are especially important for treatment.

Yaroslavl disabled children social tourism

Social support for the population of the Yaroslavl Region is a set of measures aimed at improving the lives of citizens. Benefits and benefits are regulated not only by federal laws, but also by local legislative acts. Currently, the social protection of Yaroslavl is working in several directions, offering the needy residents of the region a number of benefits, subsidies and compensations.

School and university students

  • reduced fare on all categories of public transport, including rail (provided on the basis of a student card issued by an educational institution). The discount will be 50%. For children from large families and children with disabilities, travel is free;
  • provision of textbooks as part of the school curriculum;
  • a student of the Yaroslavl region eats hot meals at a fixed price - 50 rubles;
  • for high school students - deferment from conscription.

The following types of benefits are offered for full-time and part-time faculty students:

  • 50% compensation for public transport within the city and suburban services;
  • discounted passes for visiting museums and libraries;
  • shortened working week (for employed part-time students);
  • reduced cost of living in dormitories: no more than 5% of the amount of the scholarship received;
  • refund of funds spent on training in the amount of 13% (after graduation).

In addition, the Government of Yaroslavl pays scholarships from the governor to 60 especially gifted students. The amount of transfers is calculated individually, depending on the student's personal achievements. The average amount of the scholarship is 1,000 rubles, added to the academic scholarship.

Disabled people

  • Social taxi service for moving around the city and beyond (the service is paid, prices are calculated at a reduced rate);
  • Annual provision of free vouchers for passing the sanatorium spa treatment within the framework of an individual rehabilitation program;
  • Discount travel on all types of public transport, except for taxis, the discount amount is 50%;
  • From 01.5 to 30.9 there is a discount in in the amount of 20% of the fare in suburban road transport and in suburban and intercity road transport;
  • Free provision of medicines, according to the prescription issued by the attending physician and rehabilitation means within the framework of an individual rehabilitation program;
  • Priority the right to enroll in higher educational institutions of the region, subject to successful completion of the entrance examinations;
  • 50% discount on housing and utilities;
  • Shorter working week with full pay and 30-day compulsory leave (for those employed).

In addition, people with disabilities receive from the municipal budget a monthly supplement to the basic pension, subject to refusal of the set of social services (NSO):


Free trip for a disabled child: who provides, how to get it, what documents are needed and what to do if you were unable to travel.

Today, 1.03 million people with disabilities live in Moscow. Among them, more than 11 thousand are visually impaired and blind citizens, more than 5.7 thousand are deaf and hard of hearing, more than 17 thousand are disabled-support workers, more than 5.9 thousand are disabled due to cerebral palsy.

In the total number of disabled people, 6.9% - group I, 55.3% - group II, 34.1% - group III. Muscovites of retirement age make up 75.4% of disabled people. Another 39.9 thousand people are disabled children. Social support for these groups of citizens is an unconditional priority of the capital's authorities.

New social support measures

Photo: portal Moscow 24/Mikhail Sipko

In 2018, the Moscow government implemented several measures designed to expand the range of measures and increase the volume of social support for disabled people. In particular, payments to a person caring for a disabled child under the age of 18 or disabled since childhood under the age of 23 have doubled - from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. In total, 31,117 people receive payments.

The payments for a child under the age of 18 who live in a family in which both or the only parent do not work and are disabled of group I or II have been increased by two times - from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. In total 1,728 people receive payments.

Introduced a new annual payment for a disabled child for the purchase of school children's clothing in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. 18 thousand people can count on this payment. The relevance of this new measure of social support is due to the fact that in recent years the number of children with disabilities attending regular city schools (inclusive education) has grown significantly.

The number of sanatorium-resort vouchers has doubled - from 122 to 245 thousand, which are used by the older generation and other privileged categories of Muscovites. Approximately one third of the recipients of vouchers are disabled. The number of disabled children and young disabled people sent to rehabilitation abroad has doubled - from 5.7 thousand to 10.5 thousand people.

Almost 100% of disabled people will be provided with technical means of rehabilitation and prosthetic and orthopedic products. Eight rehabilitation and educational centers (correctional schools) have been supplied with 2,926 units of modern information technology. Thanks to this, they were connected to the Moscow Electronic School. The technique is adapted for use by disabled children.


According to the Federal State Information System "Federal Register of Disabled Persons" (FSIS FRI) for 2019, there are about 18 thousand children with disabilities in St. Petersburg - from toddlers to adolescents. Approximately the same number of children with severe disabilities do not have such a status.

It is very difficult for most people with disabilities to integrate into everyday life. Especially small. What is the life of “difficult” children, and how to help them integrate into society painlessly, while feeling comfortable, ”says Nadezhda Samoilova, the founder of one of the centers for the development and rehabilitation of children.

Doesn't fit the standard

Artem Kurtov, SPB. IF. U: Hope, are there many children with disabilities in our city?

- Why is it so difficult for children with disabilities to adapt to the educational process?

- The state is huge. And only a few research institutes make up programs for all educational institutions of the country. Universal programs are created on the basis of the averaged norm.

But 2% of babies are disabled children, 2% are geniuses, another 16% have difficulties (such as ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and 16% are gifted children who study in special schools with in-depth study of any subjects. The remaining slightly more than 60% of schoolchildren fit into the created educational framework, while children with special needs do not, and experience difficulties in learning.

Another reason for the difficulties that special children have to overcome in school is the focus on success. Most parents believe that nothing should interfere with their children. And if suddenly a child appears in the class who needs to repeat, explain, pay a little more attention than the rest, the adults begin to be indignant. And this is a serious problem.

- And often there are situations when in kindergarten or school, to put it mildly, they do not seek to work with such children?

- Yes, such cases are not uncommon. Most of our pupils are just like that: they received a distribution, and a week later, mothers and fathers are carefully hinted to take their documents. Special children are often continuous screaming, scratching, disobedience. And at school - either hyperactivity, or isolation and rejection of curricula.

Avoid isolation

- How to get out of such a difficult situation?

- There are social institutions that help these guys adapt and socialize. At the center, we help babies with so-called combined, that is, multiple disorders. They are with their peers, learn to communicate with each other, do everything that their healthy peers study: drawing, music, modeling, physical education, the basics of mathematics. In addition, we look at the child's difficulties and work with him individually. All this complex of measures helps children, after a while, painlessly integrate into the team and feel comfortable.

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