Excursion tours for seniors

Excursion tours for seniors

Developer: Yulia Dudareva

Coordinates of the developer: ОДП № 1, GBU SO MO "Noginsky KTSSON"

Main goals and objectives of the project

The goal of the project: the use of innovative forms of work in social services for elderly citizens and disabled people, improving their standard of living in modern society.

Involvement of older people in an active lifestyle;

Keeping older people in good physical shape and staying healthy;

Involvement of older people in social activities aimed at harmonizing interpersonal relationships;

- keeping older people interested in various types of outdoor activities;

- increasing vitality and the need for self-realization;

Implementation of new social technologies in work with older people aimed at improving the quality of life.

Target group

Social tourism for the elderly is a new form of service aimed at preserving health, organizing proper and useful rest, expanding the circle of communication according to interests, and increasing the body's performance.

A social tourism program for the older generation has started in our center "This is a very interesting and promising direction for improving the quality of life of the older generation." Today, not every Russian pensioner can afford to travel to his native land.

“Participation in the program will help make these dreams come true, and at the same time get a powerful charge of positive and cheerfulness. Indeed, among our retirees there are many people who are energetic and curious, eager for vivid impressions and new discoveries, and tourism for them is one of the best ways to prolong active longevity. " the program "Social tourism", which has already proven its relevance and allowed to create conditions for veterans and other low-income categories of the population to exercise their right to rest, health care and social rehabilitation.

Tourism has a great impact on the health of the elderly and people with disabilities and is a factor that counteracts hypokinesia, which has a destructive effect on health and psyche. Motor limitations significantly reduce life opportunities, cause depression, despondency, stress, loss of faith in oneself. Through tourism, therapy and prevention of psychosomatic diseases, maintenance of physical fitness and health are carried out.

Secondly, tourism creates an environment of full-fledged communication in which a person with problems interacts with different people, establishes social contacts and has the opportunity to fulfill various social roles. Tourism eliminates feelings of loss of dignity, inferiority, and integrates the elderly and disabled into society.

The "Social Tourism" project is being implemented in the following types: cultural studies, tourism-recreation, health-improving tourism, ecological tourism, Orthodox tourism.

The results of this project "Tourism for the Elderly" were: increasing the social activity of older people, expanding the circle of contacts, strengthening health, maintaining good physical shape, youthful appearance, improving the vitality of older people.

The Center's specialists emphasize that social tourism has a great impact on the health of the elderly, as it is a factor that counteracts a sedentary lifestyle, which negatively affects health and psyche. Tourism creates an opportunity to establish independent and diverse contacts that help to obtain the confident and effective life support that an elderly person needs.

Helping an elderly person is, first of all, to understand and accept his world! Showing maximum attention, love, and most importantly, respect, the specialists of the day care department prove to the clients of the Center every day that life goes on and that there is no need to give up even in the most difficult situations.

Tourism is a unique means of rehabilitation, it provides an opportunity for full-fledged communication of older people. Travel, new acquaintances, vivid unforgettable impressions - all this raises the mood and tone of a person, allows him to feel the fullness of life, tunes in a positive mood, gives strength in the fight against ailments.

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