Earn money with Tripadvisor, the social network for travelers

Earn money with Tripadvisor, the social network for travelers

Danger: inadequate self-esteem

Not so long ago, American scientists conducted a survey of users of a well-known social network, in which about a thousand people participated. It turned out that people who do not receive "likes" (good grades) for photos are seriously worried about this. There is a known case when a resident of Serbia, Snezhana Pavlovich, was so upset that her note was not appreciated by her "electronic" friends that she ended up ... in a psychiatric hospital. Doctors even have a new term - "Snezhana's syndrome".

Danger: envy and aggression

Many psychologists admit: not all people like to contemplate the happy life of others: “I am in the Maldives”, “My first“ boomer ”,“ My wedding in Cyprus ”, etc. It is clear that, exhibiting“ status photos, we want to show the best moments of our life - no one advertises the worst, but for many virtual “friends” it causes irritation, aggression and envy. It seems to them that life is not a success, since they have not been to the Maldives, they were married in a Moscow apartment, and they drive old Zhiguli cars. Therefore, it is better to post simpler photos on social networks. And share your successes with those closest to you: those who will be sincerely happy for you.

Danger: Scammers

Seeing your real name and surname in your profile, you can be found not only by old classmates, but also by scammers (especially if there are “rich” photos on the page). The Internet is full of all kinds of databases. If you enter the name of a person there, you can get information about where he lives, works, his phone number, even what cars were in the family. Therefore, do not post too much information about yourself and forbid children to indicate their home address and phone number on their pages. It is undesirable to even write the date and place of birth - malefactors and this can be used for criminal purposes.

Danger: substitution of real life for virtual

While the user of Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, My World or Facebook is browsing the pages of his friends, he does not notice how time flies. And if a mature person spends an average of 30 minutes a day on social networks, then a young person spends 3 hours or more. This is fraught with the fact that the user is "stuck" in the virtual world, forgetting about real friends and real problems. And some even "move" to the network, starting not only to communicate, but also to engage in virtual sex. According to Francisco Alonso Fernandez, President of the European Society for Social Psychology, cybersex has become a real drug. About 12 million Internet users are addicted to it. Half of them prefer virtual proximity to real.

So don't stay online for too long: computer addiction is hard to cure! Sometimes even treatment in a psychiatric hospital is required.

Danger: Job Loss

Tripadvisor is one of the most popular travel websites in the Russian-speaking and foreign markets. Join the Tripadvisor Partner Program and earn money from hotel and entertainment recommendations.

What is Tripadvisor

The peculiarity of Tripadvisor is that the main content here is created by users themselves, leaving their reviews about hotels, restaurants and other tourist sites. Therefore, the service is also called a social network for travelers.

Tripadvisor has been operating since 2000. The Russian version appeared in 2013 and quickly gained popularity. According to Semrush, the main version of the site has more than 200 million search traffic per month, and the ru-domain has 6-8 million users from Russia per month.

Travelers around the world love Tripadvisor for providing helpful reviews on restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruises, and city attractions. According to the latest data, the site has published 867 million reviews and the amount of user-generated content is increasing every day.

Tripadvisor has a fake review control system. Before posting comments in the public domain, the author must confirm the veracity of his words. Perhaps that is why there are a lot of receipts, menu photos and other useful materials in reviews.

If a hotel or other facility is suspected of posting fake reviews or deliberately downgrading competitors, the company will lose all awards received on the platform.

The main page contains popular destinations that are in demand among travelers. Clicking on a city opens a card with tips: a list of attractions, cafes and restaurants with a high rating.

The Tripadvisor Business Card - Themed Collections. Travelers can learn more about local traditions and see a list of authentic dining establishments. For example, the New York page displays hotels with cool bars, places for those who love the art of the night, and pizzerias.

The top menu has convenient filters that will help you find a hotel, choose a restaurant, rent a car, book an air ticket and choose entertainment for the evening.

The restaurant page contains all the information that will be useful to tourists. For example, does the establishment have Italian cuisine and vegetarian options? The situation is similar with hotels: there are a lot of photos in good quality, the average room rate and a list of services are indicated, there is a block with guest reviews, and tourist attractions nearby are shown.

A separate block in the hotel card is allocated for measures of protection against COVID-19. Property reps on Tripadvisor explain exactly how they take care of guests. For example, is there round-the-clock medical assistance and markings to maintain social distance, and is it mandatory to wear masks in the lobby.

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