Domestic tourism in Russia: advantages, problems, directions

Domestic tourism in Russia: advantages, problems, directions

In total, there are more than 9 thousand tourist and resort accommodations on the territory of Russia, while the total number of rooms is close to 500 thousand, and their capacity is 1,100 thousand places. Moreover, the average annual load factor is slightly more than 40%. In fact, domestic tourism in Russia is developing very slowly.

Over the past 20 years, a huge number of Russians have admired the world, having visited numerous continents on the globe. If earlier only the richest people could afford to travel around the world, now almost every resident of the country has the opportunity to fly to another country. As sad as it may be, most travelers prefer to spend their money organizing foreign tours, not considering that there are places nearby that deserve no less attention. Meanwhile, tourists from other countries come to us to see the sights of Russia.

It's hard to believe, but most people living in remote regions have never been to the capital of the country, but they fly regularly to Turkey and Egypt. But in Moscow there are dozens of interesting places, such as: museums, exhibition complexes, art galleries with canvases not only by domestic artists, but also by foreign ones.

Why domestic tourism in Russia is attractive

Problems of domestic tourism development in Russia

There are many problems in Russia due to which internal tourist flows are constrained. The list of the most significant of them will be presented below:

  • Fairly high prices for flights between cities. Many cities in the country are located at a great distance, so it is impractical to go there by car or train. Such a trip will take too long, which, as a rule, travelers do not have. And overpriced air travel is not acceptable for many tourists. It turns out that it is cheaper to fly to Egypt than to one of the cities of our country.
  • Poor road surface. Perhaps the most important problem for people who prefer to travel by car or bus are terrible roads. This problem has been quite acute for many years, but it is being solved very slowly. In larger cities, repair work is being carried out actively, but in less developed regions, this process practically does not move. Therefore, tourists simply have no desire to visit these places.
  • Expensive accommodation that does not match the quality of the services provided. Sometimes you get the impression that the owners of unkempt hotels believe that this does not affect the flow of customers. And if the hotel is in good repair, then the cost of living in it is often exorbitant, sometimes even higher than in Egypt and Turkey.
  • Insufficient professionalism of employees. The reason for this problem lies in the unwillingness or insufficient interaction of employers with training institutions. Due to the initial lack of interest of employers in transferring experience to students. It turns out that many of them start working with minimal practical experience and knowledge.
  • Poorly developed roadside service. Over the past years, there have been some shifts in this direction, but they are not enough to serve tourists. For this reason, many tourists prefer not to risk traveling by car, since they will have nowhere to spend the night on the way. And not every person wants to spend the night in a car, ruining their rest.
  • The cost of the tours around the country is too high. If we compare it with tours that are directed to foreign countries, then it will be higher, and the quality of rest will be worse.
  • No branding of territories. The so-called advertising of the territory is very important. But many regions do not even think about the fact that it is simply necessary to promote tourism. Indeed, in fact, a tourist may not even guess what and where he can see within his country.

All this suggests that in most regions of Russia, tourist destinations are very poorly developed. But the presence of the country's enormous potential in this area makes interested people think that all these problems need to be solved.

The main directions of domestic tourism in Russia

Among the main directions of Russian domestic tourism are such resorts as: Sochi, Adler and Khostinsky, Central, Lazarevsky regions. On the Crimean peninsula, tourists often prefer to rest in Yalta and Evpatoria, a little less often in Sudak, Alushta, Feodosia, Nikolaevka, Saki and Koktebel.

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