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An overview of social media analytics services

Let's be honest: it is impossible to please everyone at once. The pursuit of every client and an attempt to become a universal, even in the limitless B2C segment, is an almost impossible goal.

So how does a travel company work with clients? There are two ways:

  • Spend an impressive budget on specialists, website promotion, company public pages in social networks and advertising on all channels.
  • Attract an existing customer base to your website and social media company page.

Let's note right away: social media is just one of the ways to interact with customers, but with due effort it is very effective. Let's talk about it - in general - and in particular about its importance for the tourism market:

- behavior of tourists in social networks (according to research by Facebook)

- social media - channel for promoting services and products

- specifics of submitting information in social networks and on the website of a travel company

Over the past few years, Facebook and its counterparts have transformed from communication platforms to marketing platforms. Yes, this is how experts advise us to perceive the social networks we are used to - as a channel for promoting services and brands.

Facebook today has millions of users in every country, which means it is a potential target audience for travel companies. Now you can find information on any topic online, and travel content takes one of the leading positions among the endless flow of information.

According to a survey of ten thousand Facebook users from 12 countries, “vacation”, “travel” are the most popular topics of posts among users after “friends”, “family”, “news”.

Not only ordinary users of social networks - tourists - share their impressions of their trips. Travel content is also published by professionals: from independent hotel chains to large online booking sites, from airlines to individual cities and countries.

Social network analytics is the routine of an SMM worker. Manually processing a bunch of data to create the next report is very dreary. Fortunately, there are online services that can do the job for you. Here's an overview of the tools that make social media analytics easier.

The service is aimed at businessmen, marketers, analysts and SMMs. Provides a report for VKontakte communities. Here you can get a portrait of a typical subscriber: gender, age, city, marital status, occupation; find out what other communities he is in. Based on this, it suggests what content will be of interest to subscribers and where it is most effective to place ads.

Paid service - from 5 rubles. for the analysis of one community and the formation of a report on it. Moreover, the price depends on the number of group members.

Analytics of social networks VK, FB, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Google+ and others. With it, you can sort and filter community posts, analyze posts by hashtag content and text, upload reports to XLSX, PPTX and PDF. Allows you to simultaneously evaluate different communities from different social networks, determines the most effective posts in different formats. The statistics are shown visually, in the form of graphs, which are also available for download. You can analyze not only your community, but in general any group by reference. The service is free for 7 days, after which they will offer to pay 399 rubles for a month of use, and 999 rubles for 3 months.

Brand page analytics service, how it positions itself. Measures brand popularity in eight social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. The analysis is carried out according to more than 30 SMM metrics, including the best posts, subscriber growth, audience engagement and responsiveness to user questions. JagaJam makes it easy to analyze competing communities. The service can even make a comparative SMM report for pages of different brands. All analytics will be automatically sent to your email. The tool is effective, but not cheap: the minimum tariff will cost 4,900 rubles. per month.

A tool for analyzing your and others' accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LiveJournal, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. Displays charts by the number of likes/dislikes, reposts, comments and views, exports them to Excel/PDF. Displays all comments in a single window, if necessary, can upload them to a spreadsheet. It will also conduct a comparative analysis of the dynamics of communities for you, regardless of the social network. The fee for using the service starts from 300 rubles. per month and reaches 8 550 (tariff "Agency").

A service for monitoring advertising in social networks, which, among other things, can analyze VKontakte communities. Namely: it displays the main parameters (CPM, ER), shows the number of bots in the group, finds and unloads the most popular posts, builds graphs of activity in communities, shows the dynamics of post output and more. Can draw a comparative table of communities by activities and other indicators. The full functionality of the service is available for 3000 rubles. per month, free demo mode is included.

In addition to the ability to post to several social networks, the service provides extensive community analytics. Tracks important metrics: engagement, posting time, posting frequency, clicks, page reach, subscriber growth - over a period from a week to two months. The resulting charts can be exported to PNG or PDF. Determines which publications were in the top of a particular community. Data can be one profile or several at once - for convenience, they can be collected in one channel. Service cost - from $ 7 per month, there is a free two-week version.

An English-language Facebook page analytics service. Essentially, it provides an overview of the online community account. It not only analyzes all important indicators, such as the number of likes and reposts, but also gives recommendations on what and how to fix it. In addition, it is possible to compare your page with the profile of competitors. Service statistics are updated daily. All this allows you to evaluate the effectiveness and potential of your account, analyze errors and improve interaction with the audience. The service is free to use.

And finally - a convenient free service for displaying VKontakte statistics. Identifies the most active community users, the most popular posts, counts likes and comments to posts. Shows the ratings of the communities in which your subscribers are members, counts the number of incoming and outgoing messages, works with photo albums and videos. There is one limitation: you need to be a community admin to see statistics. Unless, of course, you are analyzing your personal account.

The new We Are Social and Hootsuite report clearly demonstrates that digital, mobile and social media have become an integral part of the daily lives of people around the world.

By the middle of this year, more than half of the world's population will be using social media

At the beginning of 2020, more than 4.5 billion people in the world already use the Internet, which is 7% more than last year. Of these, 3.8 billion "freeze" in social networks. This is almost 60% of the world's population.

More than 5.19 billion people use mobile phones, and the number of users has grown by 124 million or 2.4% over the past year.

You will probably spend more days online this year

The average Internet user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online every day. This is 3 minutes less than last year, but still more than 100 days per internet user per year. If we assume that each person spends about 8 hours a day sleeping, then this means that today we spend more than 40% of our waking hours on the Internet.

Moreover, in 2020, Internet users around the world will spend 1.25 billion years online, with more than a third of this time spent on social media.

However, the amount of time people spend on the Internet varies from country to country, with Filipinos spending an average of 9 hours and 45 minutes per day on the web, compared to 4 hours and 22 minutes per day. in Japan.

Who's overboard?

Slightly over 40% of the world's population - about 3.2 billion people - are still not connected to the Internet. More than 1 billion of them live in South Asia (31% of the total). African countries account for 27% of the total - 870 million people are not yet connected to the Internet across the continent.

Moreover, age and gender play an important role in the availability of the Internet in these regions. In particular, women in South Asia are three times less likely to use social media than men. And more than half of all women living in India today are not aware of the existence of the mobile Internet at all.

Mobile phones account for half of all traffic

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