Department of Service, Advertising and Social Work

Department of Service, Advertising and Social Work

Falileeva Oksana Yurievna

head of department, candidate of technical sciences

Contact information:

Address: st. Tereshkova 1, 3rd floor, office. 21, Phone: 23-33-26, 23-32-78 e-mail: kaf_stir @ mail. u

The Department of Tourism, Service and Physical Education was created in 2018 as a result of the merger of two departments "Service, Tourism and Recreation" and "Physical Education".

Since 2011, the department has been recruiting for an undergraduate educational program in the direction of training 43. 3. 2 "Tourism".

Training is carried out by a highly qualified teaching staff, which includes not only doctors and candidates of sciences, associate professors, but also practitioners of the tourism industry. The department employs 12 faculty members, including 1 doctor of sciences, 6 candidates of sciences, 5 associate professors. All teachers are constantly improving their qualifications in various courses.

The types of professional activities of a bachelor of tourism are:

  • inquiries of consumers of tourism services;
  • tourism products;
  • tourism resources - natural, historical, socio-cultural and other objects of tourism, cognitive, business, health resort, sports and recreation purposes;
  • services: hotels and other accommodation facilities; Catering; entertainment facilities; excursion, transport; tour operator;
  • technologies for the formation, promotion and implementation of a tourist product;
  • reference materials on tourism, geography, history, architecture, religion, attractions, socio-economic structure of countries, tourist catalogs; <
  • information services and tourism systems;
  • primary labor collectives

Place of work of the Bachelor of Tourism:

Travel agencies (tour operators, travel agents), hotel and restaurant complexes, tourist centers, excursion bureaus, nature reserves, national parks, municipal administrations, etc.

FBGU "Reserved Podlemorie"; LLC "Buryat Association of Restaurateurs"; LLC "AYAYATREVEL & Baikal"; MOO "Big Baikal Trail"; LLC "ZHASSO Tour"; SKUP RB "Baikalkurort"; LLC "Baikal Holidays"; LLC "BuryatIntur"; LLC "For Baikal"; Marina Tour LLC; Federation of Sports Tourism and Mountaineering of the Republic of Belarus; LLC MorinTour; LLC "Baikal-Plaza"; LLC "Center of Old Believers"; LLC "Trio Impex"; LLC "Mega-tour"; Administration of the municipal district "Kurumkansky district"; Center for active recreation of the Ministry of Defense "Baikal"; DIAZ TRAVEL; GC "Siberia", GC "Mergen-Bator", GC "Residence", etc., field practices are carried out in China, the USA, etc.

Koroleva Irina Vasilievna

An amazing time is coming for you - the time of choice. How exciting and disturbing it is! How much it conceals, how much it promises! After a while you will acquire a new status - the status of an applicant, which will be the beginning of great achievements! We invite you to choose your path together with the students of our faculty. Why?

- because our faculty is young, and at the same time has its own old traditions, which it carefully preserves and is ready to pass them on to you;

- because at our faculty you will find yourself in a friendly student collective, ready to celebrate holidays together, solve problems and rejoice;

- because in our faculty you can find friendship with future Olympic champions, great artists, fashion designers, famous PR managers, and many other wonderful people, you yourself can become such;

- because this is the right path to the world of amazing professions that will allow you to be successful businessmen, creative people with an active lifestyle.

Dean of the Faculty Koroleva Irina Vasilievna

General information

The Faculty of Social and Cultural Activities and Service was formed in 2011 with the merger of two - the Faculty of Service, Advertising and Social Work and the Faculty of Design and Arts.

Students from various regions of the country study at the faculty in full-time and part-time forms: the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Trans-Baikal Territory, Khabarovsk Territory, Primorsky Territory, Amur and Kamchatka Regions, Sakhalin Island, etc.

Department of Tourism and Hospitality

Happy Student's Day!

Dear students, we sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Russian Students! We wish this period, one of the best periods of your life, to leave in your memory only pleasant memories and positive emotions. Develop, become better, grow, mature, live! And be sure to take care of yourself and your loved ones !! Respectfully yours, head of the department, Dr. ... Dusenko Svetlana Viktorovna.

The names of the ⭐RGUFKSMiT stars ⭐ in various nominations have been announced

The next year is drawing to a close, and our university is summing up the results!

We sincerely congratulate our winners!

"Stars of Science" - Avdeeva Daria, Kolunov Nikita, Tolstukhina Tatiana.

"Stars of study" - Anna Konanykhina "Star healer" - Liana Chartinova, Pavel Kuzmin, Yulia Selivanova "Stars of public life" - Aizirek Mirzadaeva "Stars of sports" - Daria Proschaeva

The results of the open All-Russian competition for the best FQP in the areas of training "Tourism" and "Hotel business", held at VSUES (Vladivostok), have been announced

The results of the open All-Russian competition for the best FQP in the areas of training "Tourism" and "Hotel business", held at VSUES (Vladivostok), have been announced.

Congratulations, winners!

On November 5, 2020, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Affairs of the RSUFKSMiT hosted

The Department of Tourism and Hotel Affairs congratulates on the beginning of the new academic year!

Vorotilkina Irina Mikhailovna

The Department of Social Pedagogy and Psychology was renamed into the Department of Service, Advertising and Social Work in 2010.

The department employs a professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences (Vorotilkina I.), associate professors: candidates of pedagogical sciences (Koroleva I., Nikolaeva N.), candidates of sociological sciences (Nevelichko L.), candidate philological sciences (Chugunova N.)

Vorotilkina I., Koroleva I., Nikolaeva N. - Awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Vorotilkina I., Koroleva I., Nikolaeva N. - Honorary Workers of Higher Professional Education.

raising the professional, scientific and methodological level of teaching staff through postgraduate and doctoral studies.

research in the field of social work, physical education, service, advertising and public relations.

Family in modern society (collective monograph)//I. Vorotilkina., E. Lutsenko, I. Koroleva et al. - Birobidzhan: Publishing house of GOUVPO "DVGSGA", 2011. - 191 p.

Recommendations for the implementation of the final qualifying work: guidelines/Comp. E. Lutsenko, I. queen. - Birobidzhan: Publishing house of FGBOU VPO PSU im. Sholem Aleichem, 2012 .-- 68 p.

University students in the sociological dimension./Comp. N. azhenova, E. Lutsenko, N. Ikolaeva, N. Shmurygina Birobidzhan: Publishing house of FSBEI HPE "PSU im. Sholem Aleichem ", 2013. 9-22

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