Caring people

Caring people

The Social Service Center "Caring for Every Home" as part of the implementation of the pilot project activities to create a system of long-term care for elderly citizens and disabled people, starting from October 2020, provides nursing services in the city of Tambov.

Citizens who, in accordance with the typification, are assigned 4 and 5 degrees of restriction to self-service, can count on the free provision of nursing services for up to 4 hours a day.

The caregivers of our center have all the necessary knowledge and competence, which is confirmed by certificates of completion of the training course under the "Care Assistant" program.

To clarify the information of interest, contact tel. 8 (4752) 47-48-07.

October 1 is the International Day of Older Persons around the world. This holiday is another reason to express gratitude and respect to the older generation, to provide them with support and attention. Employees of our organization with their daily work help the older generation, surround them with care, attention and love. On this day, our team wishes all elderly people health and longevity!

On June 8, people celebrate their professional holiday, whose daily work makes the life of senior citizens more comfortable. The profession of a social worker requires a lot of physical and emotional costs. It is not easy to work in this area, because not every person is able to share someone else's pain, empathize, support, while providing a full "set" of social services. Therefore, most of the social workers chose the profession at the call of their souls and hearts.

Every day, new technological inventions make our life easier, but the profession of a social worker is still in demand and significant. What's the secret? The ability to listen, give advice, surround with care and attention, this is what makes this profession unique. Such human qualities cannot be automated.

In this difficult period, when we all face the threat of infection, social workers continue to work. Social workers are at the forefront now, and the value of their work is especially felt during this difficult time.

ANO "CSO" Caring for Every Home "thanks all social workers for their conscientious and noble work! Happy holidays, friends!

The Care in Every Home Social Service Center provides social services not only to senior citizens, but also actively works with families with children with disabilities. Thus, together with the public organization of disabled children and their parents “Vera. Hope. Love. ”, An employee of our center Natalya Shatalova regularly conducts classes aimed at teaching disabled children the skills of self-service, communication, behavior in everyday life and society.


Comprehensive assistance to the elderly: since 1999 on the market of social services in the Russian Federation


We will promptly select an experienced and trained nurse: our own register of nurses


We will recover after a stroke (speech, swallowing, self-care, psychological rehabilitation)



If you want to work with us, you can send your resume to hr @ zabota365. u and we will definitely consider your candidacy when new vacancies appear.

If you strive to help people, are not indifferent to the problems of older people, we invite you to apply for a vacancy!

  • confident PC skills
  • correctness, benevolence
  • communication skills, stress resistance
  • competent speech, ability to clearly and quickly express your thoughts, make decisions.

Dear visitors!

Specialists of the Regional Resource Center for the Comprehensive Support of People with ASD and Signs of ASD Department provide remote counseling for parents raising children with disabilities and children with disabilities on all issues of interest in the form of online consultations via Skype: reabilitashion. ... @yandex. u.

Dear visitors!

The Department of the Resource Center for the integrated support of people with ASD and signs of ASD resumes the reception of citizens by appointment by phone: 71-01-60 in compliance with all necessary sanitary standards (respiratory protection, gloves, absence of temperature and signs of SARS).

Benefits of throwing the ball on target for children with ASD

In the department "Resource Center for the integrated support of people with ASD and with signs of ASD" weekly, an adaptive physical education methodologist conducts individual lessons on throwing a ball at a target with children with autism spectrum disorders. As practice shows, these classes are only beneficial to every child.

This type of activity contributes to:

- the formation of precise and dexterous movements. This means not only the skill of hitting the target exactly, but also the ability to group up for a throw, to take such a position so that this same throw is as accurate as possible;

- strengthening the muscles, joints and ligaments of the upper limbs, which is important for a growing body. From this point of view, throwing the ball is especially useful for children, since their ligaments are not yet strong, and their hands are weak;

- developing a sense of balance and coordination of movements;

- training of the vestibular apparatus.

Color therapy as a means of developing and correcting speech in children with ASD

Regional public organization of parents of disabled children "Care" unites dads and moms, whose children suffer from serious illnesses. render completely.

Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, epilepsy, visual and hearing impairments - we do not divide children by diagnosis. We firmly believe that a diagnosis is not a sentence, but every case history can become a victory story.

Children with disabilities, like their physically healthy peers, can learn and develop, learn about the world, master various skills, love, make friends, enjoy life.

Anything is possible. You just need a little care, from us - adults.

Welcome to the team of caring people! Let's take care of those who need us together.

Social taxi free transportation of children with disabilities around the city;

Aqua Rehabilitation - free group lessons in adaptive swimming in pools;

Learning Together - free classes for children on speech development, sensory integration, adaptation to school; creative workshops, dance circles, physiotherapy exercises. Classes are held in the family leisure center "Dream" and the Educational and Rehabilitation Center "Yardam"; <

"Back to school" - help in buying school supplies for children with OVD; <

"Holiday every day" - Organization of charitable holidays, concerts, performances, creative evenings, excursions and other cultural and educational events for families where children with disabilities are brought up; <


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