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Arkhangelsk Regional Association of TPS

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Date of publication: 06.1.013

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Kalashnikova, N. Yu. Problems and prospects for the implementation of investment projects (on the example of the Arkhangelsk region)/N. Yu. Kalashnikova. - Text: direct//Problems of modern economy: materials of the III Intern. scientific. conf. (Chelyabinsk, December 2013). - T. 0. - Chelyabinsk: Two Komsomolets, 2013. - S. 40-46. - URL: . u/conf/econ/archive/92/4438/(date accessed: 19.2.021).

The Arkhangelsk region has identified the development of tourism as one of the most priority areas for the development of the region. More tourism in the Arkhangelsk region means more prosperity, more culture, more full-fledged self-realization of the individual. Through tourism, it is possible to solve such important social problems as cultural revival, a noticeable increase in the level and quality of life of the population.

The high attractiveness of the tourist destination is determined, first of all, by the growing incomes of the population and, as a result, by the rapid growth of population spending on recreation. Revealing this statement, we present the data on the socio-economic development of the Arkhangelsk region, which reflect the dynamics of the excess of income over expenditures from 2010 to 2012. (Table 1). Thus, in 2012, income exceeded expenses by 9,143.2 million rubles. [one]. According to the forecast for 2013–2015, the incomes of the population of the Arkhangelsk region will continue to grow, which will be reflected in the increase in the number of domestic tourist trips in Russia by 4% per year and the average travel expenses of tourists by 2–2.5 times [2].

The survey data of 1,600 people in 138 settlements in 46 regions, territories and republics of Russia by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM), presented in Table 2, reflect the main priorities for the formation of savings of Russian citizens, including the category for "rest, entertainment, travel" [3].

So the results of the study with an error of 3.4% indicate the presence of social problems in the state, which hinder the development of the tourism sector. Russians make savings (or would, if there was an opportunity) mainly for buying an apartment or a house (29%), somewhat less - “just in case” (24%), for a “rainy day” (24%), for treatment (23%). 13% of citizens save money for recreation, entertainment and travel. Thus, despite the fact that this category is far from the first place, the need to increase its share is obvious. One of the main obstacles is the worldview of Russian citizens, formed by the media, that “costly vacations abroad are a sign of success and solvency, and inexpensive vacations in their native lands are an indirect sign of financial trouble” [4].

Statistical indicators of the socio-economic development of the Arkhangelsk region (excluding the indicators of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug by years), million rubles.

Cash incomes of the population

TPSG initiatives - for the benefit of the city and citizens

Deputy Head of Arkhangelsk for Municipal Economy Vladislav Shevtsov and Chairman of the City Duma Valentina Syrova met with activists of the Predmostny TPSG. The public activists told the authorities about the work done and shared their plans for the future. render completely.

During the inspection of the territory, the chairperson of the Predmostny TPSG Natalya Schelovanova recalled that last year, under the program "Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment", two courtyards located within the TPSG boundaries were improved.

- These are adjoining territories near houses No. 159 along Troitsky Avenue and No. 4 along Gagarin Street. This year, they will be supplemented with a courtyard area located within the boundaries of houses located on the Severnaya Dvina embankment, 134 - Vybornov proezd, 3 - 157 Troitsky Avenue. We also took part in the competition of socially significant projects for TPSs organized by the city administration. Thanks to this, we managed to win two grants - with their help, a vault of emergency trees was made, the lighting system was reconstructed, and the driveways to the courtyard and sidewalks that were not included in the FKGS program were repaired, - said Natalya Schelovanova.

She added that in 2021, the implementation of the project "Continuity of Generations" will also begin, which won the competition of initiatives "The Budget of Your Opportunities". It provides for the creation of a museum of urban development of the "Khrushchev" era, which will be located in the open air. Along with this, according to the TPS social project, it is planned to equip a sports and children's playgrounds.

Deputy Head of Arkhangelsk Vladislav Shevtsov recalled that the work of TPSGs on the improvement of courtyards is a common task for both public figures and the city.

- This process is subject to co-financing from the city budget. The activity of the residents of Arkhangelsk is bearing fruit, we can see this from the results of the activities of TPS "Predmostny". He has accumulated worthy experience, which must be adopted by everyone who wants to have a comfortable and clean yard, where it is pleasant to walk and relax. The city welcomes all public initiatives of this kind and is ready to help in their implementation, - said Vladislav Shevtsov.

Pomorie can count on a significant increase in funding for projects of NGOs and TPSs.

Starting this year, at the initiative of the head of state, the Presidential Grants Fund will support socially oriented NGOs not only directly, but also through competitions sponsored by regional authorities.

Regions can request co-financing from the Fund in the same amount as laid down at the regional level to support NGOs. render completely.

According to Ivan Novikov, Chairman of the AOSD Committee for the Development of Civil Society Institutions, funding to support socially significant projects in the region has been constantly growing since 2019. But, despite this, only about 40-50 percent of applications are approved.

- Many well-developed projects remain “overboard” simply because the amount of funding in the region is insufficient - such a picture is observed both in the TPSG competition and in the competition of socially oriented NGOs. As a result, important and necessary projects have to be rescheduled for the next year. The initiative of the President will directly help increase the number of supported applications, says Ivan Novikov.

25! organizations from the Arkhangelsk region were recognized as winners in the first competition of the Presidential Grants Fund in 2021! Great start!

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