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Case No. 8

Recreation, tourism, travel - where to go?

Choosing a place where you want to spend your vacation, tourism depends on your preferences. For those who love to bask on the sand under the scorching rays of the sun, listen to the sound of the surf, sipping a cool aromatic cocktail, the best choice will be a seaside vacation.

You can go to the nearest sea coast by car or fly to the other side of the planet to enjoy fantastic sunsets over the ocean.

Why is the sea useful? Because swimming in sea water:

  • increase vitality;
  • nourish the skin with important elements;
  • relieve stress and fatigue;
  • have healing effect on the whole body.

Everyone has the opportunity to be already this Friday at the popular Mediterranean resort, if they have time to book cheap flights.

Beautiful tan, bright photos, new acquaintances and a lot of positive impressions from excursions to historical centers and successful shopping - all this is guaranteed if you choose a vacation in Turkey, Spain, Italy.

Rest, tourism in Thailand, China, Dominican Republic, Bali will give an opportunity to get acquainted with unusual traditions. Taste exotic fruits, see cute funny animals, gain impressions for six months in advance.

Traveling in Europe is not just a pleasant pastime, but also a great way of self-development.

Conveniently, now in any country you can choose cheap hotels and hostels online if you want to spend more money on entertainment, and not on housing.

Where can I buy tickets?

The online ticket booking system helps to simplify and shorten the preparation for holidays and tourism.

We continue our rubric “Cases from partners”. Our guest is Viktor Pashinsky again - he has already shared his "rake" on attempts to monetize an information site, and also spoke at our webinar. This time Victor decided to talk about how to create a useful travel resource and how to make money on a travel website.

For some reason, all the cases from the Travelpayouts blog are devoted exclusively to sites with cheap air tickets, hotels and tours. Yes, information about discounts and promotions is a useful thing, but nevertheless, having gone to travel, I wanted to do this at all.

Preparing for the next trip to a new country for ourselves, my wife and I are sure to look through information about it on the Internet. And more often than not, nothing sensible can be found. In order to somehow remedy the situation, today I will tell you all the secrets of the development of travel sites known to me, life hacks and "rakes" that should not be stepped on.

How to create a network of travel sites

In order not to be unfounded, I will demonstrate a couple of my favorite projects:

  • Montenegro (. n-facts. nfo /) - the site is one and a half years old. On average, 6,000 views per day, growth.
  • Bulgaria (. n-facts. nfo /) - the site is six months old. On average, 3000 views per day and rapid growth.

There are other sites, I don’t show them, not because I don’t want to "shoot", but because I would not be proud of them.

Step: Decide what kind of sites we would like to create: blog, portal or partner site

In my opinion, there are three main groups of travel sites.

A travel blog is a site with a permanent audience that is interested in the author's personality and life.

A long-awaited vacation and a planned trip are ahead, but, as luck would have it, none of your friends and acquaintances can go with you. So why refuse a trip and spend time in household chores or go alone and find a company on the spot? You can make it easier and find a travel companion in advance.

Pros of traveling with a fellow traveler

Where and how to find a travel companion

The choice of resources for finding fellow travelers is huge:

  • Facebook and VK companion search groups
  • Search engine sites for "Find a companion"
  • CouchSurfing International Travel Community <
  • Enjourney Travel Social Network

First, place a post about finding a travel companion on available sites and wait for someone to respond. In order to immediately dismiss a bunch of unnecessary answers, try to indicate more specificity in the message. For example, the message "I am looking for a travel companion to France, departure from St. Petersburg" is completely incomprehensible. Questions arise: when is a flight, what kind of person are you, whom you are looking for, how you prefer to spend your time, how you distribute finances, etc.

Indicate the desired age of the companion, the estimated date of the trip, the approximate route, the duration of the trip. Write down where you plan to live (hotels, hostel, tents), what to travel on (transport rental, hitchhiking), how you like to spend your time (excursions, nightclubs and discos, beach holidays, shopping, etc.).

This data is needed in order to weed out those who are not on the way with you. For example, you prefer "all inclusive", while others prefer hitchhiking and couchsurfing. If you are used to getting up early and going to bed early, then the constant night out is not for you.

After receiving responses to your request, you need to choose the one with whom you will travel. How do you understand that it is with this person you will be comfortable?

Read the message, look at the stylistics and spelling mistakes - already at this stage, you can draw certain conclusions. Find a profile of a potential travel companion in social networks and find out what the person is interested in, what photos they post, what they repost on their wall.

When going on a trip, the first thing we do is choose a place to rest. This is not an easy matter. In addition, the task is somewhat complicated if you are traveling with children.

To answer the question: where to go to rest, you must first determine for yourself, and what is the best rest for you.

There are a lot of options here: warm sea and beaches or mountains, visiting interesting places, exotic hot countries or the usual Russian climate.

A lot of questions arise in my head at once:

  • How to find the best place to stay with a child?
  • Where is it cheaper and safer?
  • Where are the best beaches?
  • What's the weather like at this time?
  • How much money should I take with me?
  • How to eat with my baby? (features of national cuisine)
  • What to see, where to go?

And there are a lot of questions that we still do not suspect about, but which may arise during the trip and cause a lot of inconvenience.

Where can I find reliable information about the place of the upcoming trip?

You can use your own experience of previous trips and the experience of friends and acquaintances who have already visited your chosen destination. Well, if there is none?

In this case, as always when searching for any information, the Internet and search engines will come to the rescue (most often Yandex and Google).

How to collect the required information correctly?

With the help of the affiliate program, you can earn by telling other people about hiking trips. You will learn: how the program works, how much you can earn, how to register and create your link, how to view statistics on your affiliate program, and much more.

How does the affiliate program work?

For example, you can publish posts on social networks or place a banner on your website. For each client you bring to the hike, you get 10% of the cost of the hikes, which he pays. Moreover, you can earn 15% of the cost of the hikes if you want not just to get the money you earned, but to use the money to pay for our hikes. Customers who come from you also receive a 5% discount.

How much can you earn on the affiliate program?

The cost of our hikes varies from $ 50 (Carpathians) to $ 700 (Norway, Iceland, Patagonia etc). Therefore, if you bring one person on a hike in the Carpathians, you will receive $ 5-10, if for a tour in Spain, Turkey, Georgia, then $ 20-40, and on the expensive tours themselves, you can get up to $ 100 per client.

According to the statistics of our partners, on average 10% of visitors who see information about us go to our site, of which only 3-4% make an order. Simply put, if your post on social networks or your blog article is seen 1000 times, then 100 people will go to our website, of which 3-4 people will make an order, and this, for example, in the case of hiking in Norway - $ 200-400 ... Of course, everything very much depends on the subject of your materials and the way they are presented, so we cannot guarantee similar results to all partners, but the average statistics should help you make a choice: is our affiliate program beneficial to you or not. At the very least, it's definitely worth a try, because little effort is needed, and passive income always warms the soul.

What percentage of the amount do we pay as a bonus?

You will receive a percentage of the amount that the client pays to us. For example, if a client wants to go camping alone or only with his own company, then the price for him will increase, and if the client uses one of the discounts, then you will receive the amount, taking into account the deduction of this discount. Therefore, sometimes the% bonus amount may differ from the indicated price on the campaign page.

Who will benefit from using the affiliate program?

The affiliate program will be profitable to use:

  • For a tourist to pay part or the full cost of the trip, if you are a tourist and want to save money;
  • For a blogger to earn money on a website/blog/public/community about tourism, hikes, travel and any other subject, if our hikes are interesting to your readers.

If you are a tourist, you should add your affiliate link in the following cases:

  • Recommendations to friends and acquaintances. If you know that your friend wants to go hiking, why not combine business with pleasure? Your friend will receive information about where to go, and you will receive a reward.
  • Feedback about the trip on your social media profile, so that your friends, inspired by your experience, not only become interested in hiking, but also help you save money for a new trip.
  • Participate in discussions. If you are an active user of forums/groups/publics and other communities about tourism, then you will surely have a chance to tell about us, and you will benefit. For example, to answer the question of another user, where to go on a hike during the May holidays.

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