Adyghe State University; ASU in Maykop

Adyghe State University; ASU in Maykop

Adyghe State University is the leading educational and research center of the Republic of Adygea. The development strategy of ASU is based on the formation of a multi-level and multifunctional research complex capable of ensuring the continuity of education from pre-university and primary vocational to postgraduate and additional for various categories of students. The Republican Natural and Mathematical School of ASU has developed unique technologies for multi-level in-depth study of mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry and biology in the system of pre-university training.

About Adyghe State University - ASU

Adyghe State University is the leading educational and research center of the Republic of Adygea. The history of ASU dates back to 1940, when the Teachers' Institute was opened in the city of Maikop, which became the Adyghe Pedagogical Institute in 1952, and in 1993 - the State University. The opening of the university marked the beginning of higher education in Adygea, the necessary conditions were created for the emergence of other educational institutions and research structures in the region.

Today it is one of the leading universities in the South of Russia with well-known scientific schools, highly qualified teaching staff, modern technological and information base. As a recognized educational, scientific and cultural center of the region, ASU continues to develop dynamically and actively participates in the formation of a competitive "knowledge economy".

In October 2015, ASU celebrated an important date - the 75th anniversary of its foundation. ASU has come a long way, rich in significant dates and events, and the 75th Anniversary has become a holiday for many generations of teachers, staff and students. Over the years, tens of thousands of specialists have graduated from the walls of the university, including prominent scientists, teachers, writers, and public figures. The university has turned into a real forge of qualified personnel for the economic and economic complex of the Republic of Adygea and other territories of the South of Russia. Its graduates make up the scientific, educational, political, economic and cultural elite of the region.

For everyone who is motivated to acquire knowledge and improve their professional competence, ASU provides an opportunity to study in various educational trajectories and levels - from preparation for entering a university to obtaining academic degrees and scientific titles.

Deep professional knowledge and practical experience of teachers and university staff, respect for the classical traditions of the educational institution, a modern scientific and technical base and one of the best scientific libraries in the South of Russia provide a high level of training of specialists and allow the university to make a worthy contribution in the development of Adygea.

From the moment of its foundation to this day, the university has successfully performed the three main functions of a modern classical university - education, science, participation in ensuring the development of the region.

The tasks of the ASU are: preservation and augmentation of intellectual potential, the formation of an innovative culture, the promotion of high technologies in the economy and social sphere of the Republic of Adygea, the upbringing of a humanistic value system, the development of culture and creative traditions of society, the preservation and development of the Adyghe language and culture.

Over 11 thousand students from Adygea, other regions of Russia and foreign countries study at the university in a wide range of professional educational programs. The ASU license contains more than 100 areas of training in the field of higher (bachelor's, master's, specialty), secondary vocational and additional education.

  • 2 Institutes (Institute of Arts, Institute of Physical Culture and Judo),
  • 12 faculties (Mathematics and Computer Science, Engineering Physics, Natural Science, Historical, Philological , Adyghe philology and culture, foreign languages, legal, economic, pedagogical; Faculty of Social Technologies and Tourism, International),
  • Humanitarian and Technical College,
  • Research Institute of Complex Problems,
  • research centers,
  • laboratories,
  • museums,
  • vocational training center.

There is a branch in the city of Belorechensk, Krasnodar Territory. The Republican Natural and Mathematical School is successfully operating at ASU. The university has a developed social infrastructure, a sanatorium-preventorium, a Sports Palace, a recreation center and other cultural and recreational units.

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