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An Agency for the Development and Promotion of Tourism has been created in Turkey, which will exist on the money of the subjects of the tourism industry - hotels, tour operators, airlines, etc. The budget of the new marketing organization in Turkey will be about $ 300 million in the first year of its existence.

On July 11, the Turkish Parliament adopted a law on the establishment of the Agency for the Development and Promotion of Tourism, which will be subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey. The new body will be managed by a 15-person Board of Directors, which will include the head of Turkish Airlines, representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and 7 regions of the country. According to the law, the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey will head the Board of Directors of the Agency.

In turn, the executive board consisting of 5 people will implement the decisions of the Board of Directors. At the same time, it is envisaged to create an advisory council, which will include representatives of the most influential industry tourism associations of the country (the Federation of Hoteliers of Turkey, the Association of Travel Agencies, the Association of Tourist Investors, etc.). The advisory council, however, does not have the ability to make managerial decisions: its functionality is limited only by expertise.

According to the law, the Agency will promote Turkey as a year-round destination, develop marketing strategies and conduct promotional events in foreign markets. Officially, the Agency for the Development and Promotion of Tourism will begin its activities on October 1, 2019.

The sources of financing for the new structure will be extra-budgetary funds, first of all, these will be compulsory deductions (at least 1% of turnover) of all licensed objects related to tourism: hotels, tour operators and travel agents, transport companies, airports, air carriers, etc.

Estimated, the budget of the new marketing organization in Turkey in the first year of its existence will be equivalent to the amount of about 300 million US dollars.


The creation of a new structure for the promotion of tourism has caused fierce controversy in Turkey. Firstly, hoteliers criticized this project, who believed that contributions to the Agency's budget would only increase the financial burden on the sector. Hoteliers were outraged by the fact that these funds would be spent without their approval: their industry organizations were not included in the Board of Directors.

The head of the Association of Travel Agencies (TURSAB) Firuz Baglikaya said that the tourist business will not actually take part in the work of the Agency. According to him, 80% of inbound tourism in Turkey falls on the share of organized tourist traffic, therefore, the absence of representatives of the tourist business in the management bodies of the Agency and the competence of the Agency's future actions "raises questions."

The plans for the development of tourism have drew criticism from politicians. According to Cetin Budak, a member of the Republican People's Party (CHP) who comes from Antalya, the new project does not take into account the interests of the tourist regions themselves. In his opinion, "tourism cannot be managed from the center," therefore, it is necessary first of all to take into account the interests of local municipalities, before "bringing even more tourists to Antalya, which already receives 20 million tourists a year."

During the discussion of the law on the Agency, the deputies drew attention to the excessive bureaucracy in the structure of the new marketing organization, as well as to the fact that the state actually shifted the financing of the task of promoting tourism to the "shoulders" of the sector itself.

There were also regions that were "offended" by their absence from the Agency's Board of Directors. Thus, the capital of Turkey, Ankara, made a statement that it was "forgotten". According to the representatives of tourism in Ankara, the dominance of the representatives of the coastal regions in the management of the Agency will be reduced to the promotion of only resort "beach" tourism.

Finding where to sleep is not a problem in Turkey, the only exceptions are large cities and resorts during the high season. Lists of hotels and motels of various categories, as well as the best guesthouses, are published annually by the local tourist offices. The most acceptable options will be indicated below in context. Prices, although considered low in comparison with those accepted in the West, are no longer junk, and in Istanbul they can even be overpriced.

With a few exceptions, the service improves along with the rise in prices, but it is not surprising that in major tourist centers for the same money as in other places, you get much less. In the provinces, the supply is so small that often you only have to choose between shacks and 4-star hotels. However, the country's economy is in such a state that it provides an opportunity for inexpensive rest in the best hotels in the east of Cappadocia, so it is not at all necessary to deceive yourself and settle in the slums to get an idea of ​​the "real" Turkey.

Helpful hints

If you decide not to follow the advice, but turn to people who rent out housing, keep in mind that in Istanbul, Antalya, Kas and Cappadocia there have been cases when tourists complained about the conditions, and sometimes even were subjected to extortion and imitation of abduction. If you liked the place where you are staying, then, most likely, it turns out that your owners are connected with their colleagues in other cities, communicate with each other and are always aware of the state of the market. This information network actually works great, and the owner of the house only needs to make one phone call to arrange to be met at the train station and provided with accommodation in another city.

With rare exceptions, rooms even in new three, four and five-star hotels are small by European standards, with insufficient number of sockets and places to sit on besides the bed. Single rooms, which are most often taken by business travelers who come on business trips, usually cost a little more than half of what must be paid for one double. Rooms with bathrooms are usually 25% more expensive. Triple rooms are one third more expensive than double rooms.

If you want silence, then avoid hotels on the main streets and near minarets (which is very difficult) or take a room with double glazed windows. If something does not suit you, you can refuse the number and ask to show you another one. Theft from rooms is not typical for Turkey, but it still happens, so it is better if the hotel has at least a nominal security service. Paradoxically, some rooms, even in expensive hotels, often do not have internal valves and are locked exclusively with a key - this is especially unpleasant for women vacationing alone.

The statement that “hot water is available 24 hours a day” should be viewed with skepticism. If hot water is obtained by heating it with solar panels, then after five in the evening it usually ends even in hotels with several stars, that is, if the hotel does not have electric water heating, then you can hardly do anything about it. However, before abandoning all attempts to wash, try turning another faucet - "cold" and "hot" taps in Turkey are often confused in places. In addition, baths and sinks here rarely have plugs, so it is better to bring it with you from home. Air conditioners, especially in the east of the country, are found only in hotels of the 4-star category and above. Usually these are double-acting units that are used in winter as heaters.

Double beds are rare. To try to get a room for spouses, you have to say the magic words "Franciz yatak" (French bed). "Cift yatak" (double bed) locally means "two beds". By the way, in many conservative areas of the Turkish province, a hotel manager may refuse an unwritten couple to stay in one room. Rings not confirmed by official documents do not play any role in this, especially if the man and woman have different surnames. Often, hotel employees attribute such refusals to the fact that if they show leniency, they may get into trouble with the police. In this case, you have no choice but to look for housing where you will be perceived as you are.

Hotels and motels in Turkey

Turkish hotels are divided into categories, which are awarded from one to five stars by the Ministry of Tourism. In addition, there are also starless municipal hotels. Hotels of the fourth and fifth categories meet international standards both in terms of service quality and prices. Two and three-star hotels are cheaper, but they can be very distinctive, since recently it has been customary to place hotels in restored historic buildings. The result did not always justify the cost. Thus, the close proximity to the noisy nightclub in the city center turned the hotel, seemingly logically located in the former “keravansaray”, into a place where it was impossible to live.

Large restored mansions are ready to welcome guests in Anatolian cities such as Amasya, Sinasos and Shafranbolu, and village hotels are growing on the Turquoise Coast and southwest Aegean region. They are more popular and used more intensively, despite the fact that for reasons of building preservation, some of their rooms are not for rent. Further from the coast, there are a variety of cheap hotels, whose prices usually directly depend on their location, the presence or absence of a bathroom, and, to some extent, on the time of the year - in the low season, prices can drop significantly. Sometimes breakfast is included in the fee in such hotels, but, as a rule, they are nothing special.

Motels of various levels are also assigned from one to five stars. They are usually more in line with US standards and are more expensive than hotels in the same category. Motels are tasked with serving customers by car, so in order to brighten up the inconvenient layout and location, they often have gorgeous beaches and sea views. However, if you are not traveling by car, motels are not for you, as they are usually located far from cities. Keep in mind that sometimes the word "motel" is used to add polish to a run-of-the-mill establishment, or to refer to a hotel for truck drivers.

Municipalities may issue licenses to uncategorized hotels, which are sometimes quite decent, 1-star-like establishments. Sometimes their rooms even have bathrooms and telephones, and the floors are completely covered with carpets. Normally, however, they offer spartan-style rooms with sinks and showers (there are never baths) and a toilet without toilets at the end of the corridor. All this "luxury" costs 4-6 €, sometimes 1-2 € are added for having a shower. In some places, especially in the east and in the interior of the country, these hotels resemble flophouses, where both in winter and in summer, yellowish sheets are covered with thick blankets with safety pins pinned and rarely washed. Such establishments are mentioned in directories only if there is nothing else in the city.

Russian citizens rank third in terms of the number of real estate purchases in Turkey.

And regardless of whether such real estate is bought for a seasonal holiday or for permanent residence, its owners sooner or later have to deal with Turkish medicine.

Our article is about the peculiarities of this sphere in the Turkish state.


Medical tourism in Turkey

For many residents of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries, a high level of medical care in the Republic of Turkey is becoming one of the defining criteria when deciding to move to this country for permanent residence. But the high level of medical support in Turkey attracts not only residents of the post-Soviet space.

Turkish medicine can be safely called corresponding to high European standards and relatively affordable. There are high-quality classical treatment and highly qualified assistance in such areas as oncology, transplantology, neurosurgery, cosmetology, etc. Thanks to this, Turkey is an international center for medical tourism.

How is it treated in Turkey

Medicine abroad in most countries is one of the key areas of development. The Turkish authorities annually pour into this area up to 10% of GDP. New centers are being built here, advanced equipment is being supplied, and the capacity of institutions for receiving patients is being increased. Medicine in Turkey for citizens and residents is well developed not only in large cities and tourist areas, but also in small settlements. Any service can be obtained, if not in your locality, then in one of the nearby ones.

Highly qualified doctors work in Turkey. Representatives of this profession are highly respected in the country, which is reflected not only in relation to patients, but also in the amount of remuneration. The corruption component in the industry tends to zero.

Medicine in Turkey for Russian permanent residents

All residents of the country can use the services of public and private medical institutions. Government insurance in Turkey SGK includes:

  • everyday treatment;
  • some operations, for example, laser vision correction;
  • payments - for retirement, for disability, for unemployment, etc.

Turkey's popularity as a holiday destination is breaking all records. Many tourists have come here many times and are well aware of the peculiarities of the resorts, the mentality of local residents, cuisine, and safety. However, inexperienced travelers may have questions and doubts during their vacation. We hope our practical advice will help you make your trip comfortable and interesting.

About the climate

The local climate depends on the region. It is temperate in the north and Mediterranean in the south. Mostly people come to the country for a beach holiday, although in winter you can also have a great time here skiing.

About documents

To visit the country, citizens of Kazakhstan do not need a visa if the period of stay does not exceed 30 days. According to the current legislation, it is enough for vacationers to show their passport at the airport control. It will be stamped with a border crossing, and you can enjoy your vacation.

The following documents are required to enter:

  • an international passport ;
  • round trip flights;
  • medical insurance;
  • confirmation of hotel reservation.

In the event that a trip to the resort is planned with a child, he must have a separate passport. This rule applies to children from birth to 16 years of age. If children are traveling with one of the parents or other relatives, it is necessary to have a notarized power of attorney with you, allowing them to leave.

About baggage

Tourism in Turkey is one of the main sources of income for local residents, so if during a trip you do not like to “fiddle” with a huge suitcase and a bunch of luggage, except for documents, you can take a minimum of things with you and buy everything you need in place. Prices for clothing, footwear and beach accessories are very reasonable.

If you are not ready for extra expenses, take your usual, comfortable clothes and shoes. Don't forget about sun protection - be sure to pack a hat, sunglasses, high SPF cream, and anti-scald product in your suitcase.

Assemble a travel kit with antiseptic, antipyretic, analgesic, antihistamines and enterosorbents. If you have any chronic diseases, be sure to take medications with you that help relieve the exacerbation of the disease. However, in case of an unforeseen situation, you can always contact a doctor for insurance and buy medicines in pharmacies.

Take care of the charger for your equipment. According to the advice and guidance of experienced travelers, it is not advisable to check your gadgets in your baggage at the airport. It is better to take them with you in your carry-on luggage.

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