6 budget-free social media marketing tools

Social media as an effective marketing tool in the meeting industry

So, you have a travel company and you decided to finally start advertising it on social networks. Of course, without advertising anywhere. And there are many of its channels. But we will tell you about one of the most effective - about social networks and promotion in them. What channels are better to use and what materials to publish, how to find and attract an audience. Read about all this below.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that many underestimate and this is where their critical error lies. After all, they have so many possibilities and a whole field for imagination.

Why pay attention to social media when promoting a travel company?

What do you think your target audience is? She is interested in tourism, learning new, interesting and beautiful things. Usually, these are very sociable people, emotional, interesting and charismatic. Such people talk about their travels at every meeting with friends. Why do you think?

Why can a person break loose and go with a group of complete strangers on a tour of unfamiliar places? Again, humans are social beings. They desperately need communication with others. Even hardened introverts who run away from communication need variety, which is so scarce in their daily life.

However, not every day they can leave and rest. Therefore, they use social networks. And this is where you come in.

What social networks to use to promote a travel company

If earlier in Ukraine VKontakte was more popular (by the way, there were not only schoolchildren in it, but also a large share of the solvent audience), now other social networks are used more:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • Youtube.

By virtue of the law banning some sites, including VK, it has become extremely inconvenient to use it. So many have switched to other social services. networks. And, if seasoned users are already a little tired of their content format, then beginners are just beginning to learn all the delights of using them. This is just one of the audiences that you can easily reach with the right SMM.

How to promote a travel agency on social media

On Facebook, among the entire news feed, people pay attention to what they have long wanted. And everyone gets tired and everyone wants to rest too. By the way, it is on Facebook that there are most people who can afford an expensive tour. Most of them work and hold high positions. They are old enough to decide for themselves where and when they want to go. It's up to you to propose. Social network advertising tools make it possible to tailor ads to just such an audience.

Facebook has another plus. Here you can create events directly from the company. They will be highlighted in the order in which they pass. And already in each event you can talk in more detail about it specifically, make posts and add albums from past meetings. By the way, advertising can be configured separately for each event.

Annotation. Considered the use of social media as a marketing tool for brand development. The analysis of the research results of social networks in relation to the meeting industry is carried out. The author provides recommendations for professionals in the meeting industry in order to use this communication channel to promote events and find clients.

Keywords: social media, social media, social media marketing, meeting industry, brand, tourism, event promotion, advertising campaign, mass media.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recognizes the important role of social media in tourism. Tourists and businessmen use smartphones and tablets to find information or share opinions about where they are staying. The World Travel Monitor study conducted by UNWTO [1] showed that 40% of international tourists travel with smartphones, which, among other convenient functions, have access to the Internet and e-mail; 40% of smartphone users use them to get directional information; 26% of tourists and 34% of business travelers need smartphones to change hotel and other services bookings while traveling. More than a third of international travelers use smartphones to access social networks - they publish content on their blogs, on Facebook pages, share photos on Twitter or Flickr while they are traveling.

Customer Community

A well-established global trend today is the promotion of a brand, brand, product through social networks. Companies from different sectors of the economy began to work with clients through social networks by organizing communities and creating corporate pages that can be compared in content to a corporate website. Social media allows companies to keep in touch with interested users, build long-term relationships with their customers, build their loyalty, manage a company's reputation, increase sales, and solve many other business development challenges.

According to statistics, every day 95% of all Internet users go to social networks and conduct conversations about goods, companies, services, share their opinions and impressions. As a result, even one member of the online community can affect the reputation of a multi-million dollar company by providing positive or negative feedback. Indeed, 87% of social media users trust online opinions more than official information [2].

A social network is an excellent marketing platform for promoting services. The meeting industry also does not stay away from the global trend - event organizers, congress centers, hotels are increasingly using social media to promote their companies and services. Various reviews and comments are published on the pages in social networks, photographs and videos, presentation materials are posted, there is a constant dialogue with visitors through polls.

According to the Society of Incentive Tourism and Travel Leaders Site International [3], which conducted a study "Site Index: Focus on Technology and Social Media" among meeting industry professionals, the number of respondents using social networks increased in 2011 twice in comparison with the data of a similar survey in 2010. 88% of companies organizing business and incentive events have their own pages on Facebook, LinkedIn. Among social networks, the most popular are Facebook (70%), LinkedIn (65%) and Twitter (28%).

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a set of measures for using social media as channels for promoting companies and solving other business problems [4]. Promotion in social networks allows you to target the target audience, look for sites where this audience is more represented, and identify the most appropriate ways of communicating with it.

Imaging work

Social media marketing involves many methods of working. The most popular of them are building brand communities (creating company representations in social media), working with the blogosphere, reputation management, personal branding and non-standard SMM promotion.

Instagram, like no other platform, is better suited for promoting the tourism business. Because travel and recreation is, first of all, a beautiful picture. Beach, mountains, beautiful hotel rooms. This is what attracts a person planning a summer vacation.

Yes, competition cannot be avoided and not only beautiful visuals are needed, but also attractive conditions, above all prices.

  • Gathering and filtering the target audience
  • Masslooking, mass following, massliking
  • Deferred posting of photos, videos and stories
  • Mailing to Direct, autoresponder

That is why, it is important to correctly approach the promotion of a travel agency and tours on Instagram. They are about this, and will be discussed in our today's article.

Travel Agency Promotion Strategy


The main factor that needs to be taken into account when promoting a travel agency is seasonality. Depending on the directions you are working with, peak periods and decline times can be different. Figuratively speaking, if your specificity is the mountains of Austria, then you should not expect high sales in the summer. During the summer holidays, the demand for seaside resorts is expected to be higher.

At the same time, we can highlight the main time periods when the demand for travel agency services is growing:

  • summer ;
  • New Year;
  • May holidays.

Preparations for these periods should be done in advance. The main thing is to have time to process the entire stream of incoming requests and requests for rest.

During the off-season, you need to learn to work with low demand and attract customers with the help of delicious offers, last minute tours, and more.

February 15, 2018 Published in sections: Working with social networks. 14516

Demand creates supply - a well-known phrase. But today it can be changed to supply and promotion creates demand. This is how the journey of various goods to consumers begins. And social networks, which cope with this task quite successfully, will help to interest and induce to buy. Promotion of goods and services in social networks - we offer an overview on this relevant topic.

Strategy Development

To convince that social networks are an effective and modern channel for advertising and sales, perhaps, in 2018, no one is needed anymore. The statistics of 2017 provide convincing arguments: over 3 billion people in the world have a registered account in one or more services. About $ 1.5 trillion was spent on online purchases per year. And this is only the official statistics, which does not include officially unregistered online stores. A person, having chosen something in a mobile application, often goes to the website of an online store or contacts a retail network for a purchase, which is also not reflected in the statistics. The main role in product promotion is played by Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other networks. Therefore, the business is actively adopting these resources and achieving success.

Promotion of a product on social media begins with developing a plan. It is like creating a standard advertising project in marketing, only with different tools and methods. Questions to be answered for planning:

  • Goals and objectives from work in social networks.
  • Target audience of the product and to what extent they are interested in communication services.
  • Select resources and tools.
  • Parameters for checking and evaluating the result.

What to Promote

The question arises - which products are successfully promoted through this channel? Or is absolutely everything suitable? Based on marketing research, depending on the social network, its characteristics, the prevailing audience, different groups of goods will be in demand. And yet there are leaders:

  • Fashion industry goods - clothing, footwear, accessories.
  • Cosmetics, perfumery.
  • For children - clothes, shoes, toys, hygiene and care products.
  • Hand made products, souvenirs, unique items from limited editions, jewelry.
  • Automotive components, tools, accessories.
  • Books.
  • Computer and household appliances, accessories for it.
  • Products - environmentally friendly, natural.
  • Services - trainings, consultations, services of IT specialists, marketers, preparation of confectionery products to order, catering.
  • Tourist trips.
  • Real estate.

There are also prohibited categories of goods. They are specified in the rules of each resource. It is prohibited to promote via social networks:

How to increase sales by 15% with a post on social media? How to get half a million rubles with one publication in a closed group? What is a big contest and a canvas? Vera Trakhimovich, author of #prtalk and PRPraktika courses, ex-PR head of MYTH, Clever and Alpina. kids ”shared with Pressfeed a budget-free promotion tool in social networks.

External and internal promotion channels in social networks

Before we dive into the toolbox, let's clean up our heads and channels. I divide the latter into external and internal.

Internal is your platform, what you control. This can be your social media accounts, your blog on the website, your LiveJournal page, mailing list, print magazine, or anything you like, up to your own TV channel.

External - Channels that you do not control. To advance, you negotiate, look for "guerrilla methods", experiment.

Each promotion channel, in turn, can also be divided into external and internal. Including social networks. There is your personal Facebook profile (internal channel). There are profiles of related experts with which you can do activities (external). There is your business page. There is a page of projects that are close to you. There is your closed group dedicated to any topic. There is not yours, with a similar audience. Well, you get the logic.

In this article, we will look at tools for budget-free promotion and increase sales both in external social networks and in internal ones.

Promotion tools for internal social networks

Subscribe Contest

A tool that helps to rock the community, increase engagement and, as a result, reach and impressions. The mechanics are completely simple.

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