5 best sanatoriums for retirees

5 best sanatoriums for retirees

It is important for the elderly to maintain physical and mental health. Resorts and hospitals are intended for this. A pensioner can buy a ticket to a sanatorium at a discounted price or relax for free. To do this, you need to contact the social security service. Paid vacation provides a full range of services.

Which sanatorium should a pensioner choose

Criteria for choosing a health-improving institution:

  • Specialization of the health resort. There are climatic boarding houses where air and water are treated. Mud baths, balneological sanatoriums for pensioners. They use the beneficial effect of mineral waters and mud.
  • Types of treatment. Multidisciplinary boarding houses, rehabilitation - after a heart attack or stroke, narrowly focused - help with respiratory, heart or digestive system diseases.
  • Location. It will be expensive or difficult for an elderly person to travel to the health resort for 3-4 days. It is worth choosing sanatoriums for retirees closer to home.
  • Additional programs or services. The availability of special offers will ensure the best rest for the elderly person.
  • Ability to leave. Some people need to recover from illness, so a nurse is needed.
  • Diagnostics. For paid vouchers, an examination is offered at the institution itself; you do not need to go through a commission before arrival.

Rating of sanatoriums for recreation of pensioners in

Recuperation in a specialized institution is a right that citizens receive after the end of their employment. Seniors can use this benefit annually and travel to the best sanatoriums for retirees. Paid health resorts have their pluses - a wide range of services, choice of food, furnished rooms. According to these criteria, 5 best sanatoriums were selected.


The multidisciplinary medical center is located near Nizhny Novgorod. An institution with a long tradition has been operating since 1947. A sanatorium for retirees is located next to a lake, and a river flows 3 km away. Picturesque nature, clean air of the forest are complemented by mineral waters and useful mud. The main activities of the boarding house are the treatment of diabetes mellitus, liver and intestines.

There is a cardiology department on the territory, where people are accepted for rehabilitation after a heart attack. Low-cost health programs are offered for retirees. The rooms in the sanatorium are comfortable and clean. Meals 5 times a day according to a customized system. The menu is selected taking into account the disease. The first building contains rooms for relaxation and aromatherapy. On the territory there is a color and music fountain, a library and a church.

  • Address: Nizhny Novgorod region, Gorodetsky district, Gorodetsky village, 1 B.
  • Phone: 8 (831) 274-60-80, 8-904- 920-00-30.

Price per day:

  • Single room - 4065 rubles.
  • 2-seater - 3125 rubles.
  • 2-room "Suite" - 6720 rubles.

5 best sanatoriums for retirees

Where should a pensioner go to rest?

In the period of their second youth, when the children have grown up long ago, it is no longer necessary to work and finally you can take care of yourself, many older tourists begin to go on vacation to other countries.

Therefore, tourists of the second youth choose countries with a temperate summer climate.


It's a season here all year round. In winter up to -2, in summer it is stable + 20-25 degrees. Ski slopes and picturesque beaches - everyone likes their own. There are fairly clean sandy beaches, there is no wild heat in the summer.


The Republic of Belarus is famous for its health resorts and cuisine.

In the first, we like to improve our health by visiting therapeutic mud or salt rooms, and you can eat delicious food almost for free in any cafe, even around the nearest corner. They cook everywhere from natural products, as for themselves.

Polesie, where you can walk and breathe the cleanest air, enjoying the landscape around, will not leave anyone alone. Remembering this place, looking through photos with grandchildren, your parents will clatter and gasp with delight - such a fabulous beauty there.

For lovers of antiquity and castles, excursions to the Middle Ages are right there. Ancient ghost stories, romantic legends and the walls of ancient monasteries - these routes seem to be made for slow walks of leisurely retired tourists. I won't even talk about the climate and prices, everything is clear.


The number of antiquities and architectural monuments per square meter is off scale here. Walk, do not go too far. Inexpensive short-haul flights and friendly Italians, modernity bordering on relics - definitely worth a trip in the summer. Heat is very rare here.

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