20 sights of the Komi Republic that are worth visiting

The Komi people: origin, occupations and customs

First millennium BC e. marks the emergence of the Komi people on the territory of the northern lands. The origin of the designation of the people originates from the name Komi voityr (translated by the word "people"). In the description of the people, the word "zyryane" was often used, since in a symbolic translation it meant that they live on the border.

Recall that in an earlier article we talked about the peoples inhabiting the Urals. Now let's dwell on the Komi.

Names of the Komi peoples

Zyryans, Zyuzdins, Kola Izhemtsy, Perm Komi, Yazvins, Izhemtsy - all belong to the Komi ethnic group. It is most logical to consider this ethnic stratum as a general structural association, since the concepts of common life, traditions and culture differ only in minor details.

Achievements in the field of arts and crafts are worth noting for the beauty and variety of performance. The ability to handle metal, leather, the painstaking work of jewelry craftsmen, exquisite products made of woven leather, straw material, wood carving - the Komi creativity has no limits, making up for all kinds of its manifestations, including poetry and songs, the active development of music and success in the visual arts. art.

Autonomous Yamalo-Nenets, Khanta-Mansiyskiy districts and the Komi Republic are the main places of residence of the Komi people.

The Uralic language family refers to the fundamental concept of the emergence of the national language. And writing is inherent in the Cyrillic spelling. For publications, special editions in print and television broadcasts are reserved.

Perfection in the field of reindeer husbandry was achieved by the Komi people by the end of the nineteenth century and became the largest occupation revered in the European North, in which the Komi showed themselves from the best side, earning universal respect. They contributed to the emergence of a number of innovations in terms of the development of the quality of deer breeding, the predominance of a high-quality presentation and the optimal selection of age categories of the composition. The dogs took part in the herd of more than two thousand deer under the strict supervision of a shepherd, who controlled the process throughout the day.

Activities of the Komi people

The most important Komi occupations in the industrial sphere are fishing and hunting, which have their roots in a long tradition. This reached its maximum development in the northern Komi. The best catch was usually for commercial purposes. And for their own consumption, the fish was caught in the nearest places intended for fishing. The Rybalsk life was not much different from the hunting one. The methods of extraction were quite varied, but the most common tools in ancient times were constipation. They did not neglect fishing by artels, and also used seines and fixed nets. Almost all the catch was salted. There was a type of lightly salted fish, which was distinguished by its special taste, and was considered quite popular at that time. The Komi did not neglect the preparation of dried and dried fish products. The spheres of cattle breeding and agriculture faded into the background, but were in demand. But due to the rapid emergence of interest in this activity, there was an instant decrease in the animal population.

Cattle breeding has left its mark on the constituent part of the language of the people, forming enough special terms that originate from the ancient Iranian language sources. A large number of remains of cows, sheep and other livestock were found by archaeologists, and were included in the Perm archaeological sites. This testifies to the active breeding of cattle, which was used mainly for individual purposes. Dairy cattle did not do well in the results due to the lack of organizational activity, the shepherds did not participate in the pasture. Basically, the Komi directed their potential to farming and raising reindeer.

The Komi Republic is a harsh northern region. A significant part of its territory is covered with taiga and swamps, and many corners can only be reached on foot or by helicopter. Often, it is the inaccessibility that makes the sights of the Komi Republic attractive, which will be discussed in our review.

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Yugyd Va National Park (Light Water)

Park Yugyd va, located in the southeast of Komi, was founded in 1994. It is the largest national park in Russia and occupies the territories of the Northern and Subpolar Urals. The name Yugyd va is translated from the Komi language as "light water". There is no economic activity in the park area, so here natural landscapes with a huge area of ​​virgin northern taiga have been preserved in their original form.

Conditions for recreation and tourism are created in the Yugyd VA National Park, but fishing and hunting are prohibited on its territory. You can visit the park as part of an excursion group or on your own after receiving permission from the administration. Travel agencies offer guided tours of the park, mountain trekking and ethnographic trips. Their program includes acquaintance with the life of reindeer herders, walking on the tundra and reindeer sledding.

Address: Yugyd va National Park, Komi Republic, Russia.

Virgin Komi forests

On the western slopes of the Northern and Subpolar Urals, there are virgin Komi forests - the largest untouched forest in Europe. The Pechora-Ilychsky nature reserve and the Yugyd va national park are located on this territory. In 1995, the unique virgin forests of Komi were the first of Russian sites to be included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List.

The protected area is a corner of wild nature, where an expressive canvas of relict tundra, the majestic northern taiga, the purest rivers and streams are woven into an intricate mosaic. The eco-system in these places functions practically without human intervention, preserving the pristine beauty of nature. Tourism is developed here and several hiking routes have been laid.

Address: Pechora-Ilychsky Nature Reserve, Komi Republic, Russia.

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