social tourism

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Hostel opening
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Social tourism
  • 24 minutes
Caring people
  • 19 minutes
Social adaptation
  • 20 minutes
Case No. 8
  • 16 minutes
Social media
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Khrabovchenko V
  • 8 minutes
Company image
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About Saratov
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Popular posts
Psychological tourism - a new direction in tourism

Psychological tourism is a new direction in tourism. Psychological tourism or rest with benefit In the modern tourism business, a new direction has appeared - psychological tourism or how

  • . 24 minutes
Sports psychologist as part of the coaching staff

The article discusses the features of sports psychology as a separate branch of psychodiagnostic science. Methods of influence of a psychologist on a team, a role in preparation for a competition, priority tasks and directions of development are given.

  • . 16 minutes
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