Which tourism destinations will be the most popular in Poland in 2018-2019 and here's why

Holidays and important dates in Poland

Every year in Poland, many different holidays, large and small, are celebrated - religious, national and regional. Many holidays in Poland are celebrated brightly and colorfully and this greatly decorates the life of citizens and attracts a lot of tourists, especially from neighboring states.

Therefore, every guest of Poland should know about the most important holidays and weekends. In this article, we will understand this issue so that everyone who comes to Poland can enjoy its colorful holidays and fun to the fullest.

Main public holidays in Poland

Please remember that public holidays in Poland are always non-working days. The country has a number of major fixed date public holidays. These are such holidays as New Years (Sylvester or Sylvester's Day) - January 1, January 6 Three Kings Day, Labor Day on May 1, as well as very important public holidays - Constitution Day 1791, which is celebrated on May 3 and Poland's Independence Day 11 November.

All these holidays are non-working days in Poland, so if you have important things to do, you will have to postpone them for other days, since the main government offices, shops, shopping centers, amusement parks are closed these days.

In addition to state holidays, there are also holidays that are not so important from the point of view of the country, many of which are familiar to citizens of the countries of the former Soviet Union. This is a women's holiday on March 8 and February 14 and June 1, as well as others, such as Teacher's Day - October 14.

On October 21, Poland celebrates Vagarowicz Day (Polish zieńwagarowicza), when students are allowed to skip school with impunity.

Religious Holidays in Poland

Poland is a country in which the overwhelming majority of the population is Catholics, so the Catholic religious holidays in Poland are the most significant.

Poles are strong believers, and in Poland there is even a saying that a good (real) Pole is a Catholic (polsk. “Dobry Polak to katolik”), therefore, great importance is attached to religious holidays. Many of them have been celebrated for centuries and are firmly rooted in the minds of the people and in Polish society as a whole. Polish Catholic holidays are usually the most beautiful, vibrant, colorful and of course the most family-friendly of all.

Before flying to a neighboring state, you will now need to undergo a PCR or express test for coronavirus, the antiquarian certificate will be checked at the airport of arrival.

Poland is changing the rules of entry for Belarusians from January 27, Belavia told Sputnik.

Passengers flying from Minsk to Warsaw are required to undergo PCR or rapid antigen or antibody test no earlier than 48 hours before departure. Those who provide the test are exempted from self-isolation upon arrival in Poland. The new rules also apply to passengers in transit through Minsk or Warsaw.

A rapid antigen test is performed at the Minsk National Airport before departure, the cost of the test for Belarusians is 44 rubles 69 kopecks, for non-residents of the republic - 48 rubles 48 kopecks. Flights from Minsk to Warsaw are operated daily.

New service in Grodno for those traveling to Poland

Residents of Grodno who are taking rapid tests for coronavirus were offered a new service. Now a certificate of test results can be obtained not only in Russian or English, but also in Polish. The new service was the first in the region to offer the Grodno emergency hospital after the entry into force of the new rules of entry into Poland.

The result of the survey is issued on the day of the survey, the cost of the service for citizens of Belarus is a little more than 30 rubles.

Also, the hospital reported that they already had patients who received a negative result of an express test for coronavirus and a conclusion about this in Polish. One of them crossed the border at the Bruzgi checkpoint and entered Poland without quarantine.

Another place where tests for COVID-19 are performed for those wishing to leave Belarus is done in the Grodno Regional Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health.

It was reported here that the survey results are issued only in Russian and English. For those traveling abroad, they also give a QR code with a link to the result of the study. To get a document in English, you need to take a PCR test, which costs about 45 rubles.

Who else can enter Poland without quarantine?

In Poland, as you know, absolutely all popular types of tourism are developed, and every season the host country prepares something new and entertaining for its guests in all directions. The task of travelers is to determine the area in which the most memorable events of the 2018 and 2019 seasons will take place, and to have time to book tickets for them.

In order for you to succeed, let's determine which types of tourism in this country will be the most popular now, and how to choose the right one for yourself.

Forecast of tourism destinations in Poland for -

Poland is one of the most visited countries in Western Europe: both people from the CIS and EU citizens are sent here. Many come to the state more than once, therefore it is not at all surprising that interest in classic types of travel, including pilgrimage tours and excursions, has practically disappeared here.

Even eco-tours and extreme recreation, which were popular last year, have lost ground. Many people want to look at the culture of this country, its nature from the other side. And they often strive to do this without the control of the ubiquitous guides, as well as, in the opinion of many, increased costs for renting housing and various entertainment already within the framework of the trip.

In the current season, according to many tour operators (and this opinion has already been confirmed in the first half of 2018), the most attractive for visitors will be tours with a free program, independent recreation, as well as thematic or adventure types of tourism. Let's take a closer look at them.


Independent or wild tourism this season has become popular not only among immigrants from the CIS, but also among residents of the Eurozone, who are tired of standard tours.

The secret of its attractiveness turned out to be not so difficult to unravel: the tourist finally gets the opportunity to break away from the typical recreation centers, draw up a route on his own and even choose a vacation with a tent instead of a hotel.

At the same time, wild tourism is not necessarily uncomfortable for people in its conditions: travelers who choose this particular destination often settle with locals, live in comfortable mini-hotels, as well as equipped vans, taking advantage of all the benefits civilization.

This approach allows people to get to know the local nature better, communicate with the population and, of course, significantly reduce the cost of such a vacation.

Wildlife tourism is currently practiced throughout the country. In 2018, the largest number of visitors within the framework of this particular type of recreation stayed in the south of the country, in Zakopane, as well as on the Coast.

Wild tourism is also popular among fans of eco-friendly recreation - this season such travelers have the opportunity to settle in remote villages and even on farms, negotiating directly with the owner - you can minimize the services of tour operators.

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