Where to go in April in Russia

Where to go in April in Russia

Where to go to Russia in April: rest, get medical treatment, broaden your horizons? Weather, prices 2021, what to see, what to do? The top of the best tourist destinations in Russia, in which to spend a vacation in the middle of spring, was compiled by Eurotraveler. u.

April is a strange month. It seems to be extremely positive: spring, drops, a noticeably warming sun and nature awakening from lethargic sleep. But for some reason, few people are encouraging to noticeable body movements - we are no longer talking about travel.

People walk like sleepy flies, blame all their problems on vitamin deficiency and most of all want to be left alone. Activity is at zero or near, plans, if they are being built, are only for the May holidays.

It's a pity - after all, everything is different in Europe. Easter holidays - and this bright holiday almost always falls in April - is an exceptionally joyful event. During this period, many people necessarily go somewhere - and often outside their native cities and regions. People choose to see their relatives and friends, go on vacation, just see - if not the world, then at least other countries.

Alas, only a few are planning to go somewhere to rest in Russia in April. Not because there is no money ... although that too. Mainly because of the broad and entrenched pattern - “it's too early”!

Why would I waste a week of precious vacation in cold weather - thinks the average Russian - if I can use it more profitably in the summer? When it is green everywhere, the sea calls, and even a tour of the stuffy urban jungle evokes a lot of positive emotions. I don't care what's hot. And pulls to break the ban by swimming in the fountain ...

We will try, if not to destroy this stereotype, then at least to find out - is it so bad - to travel around Russia in the spring? After all, the country is large, and there will certainly be sunny, warm, but most importantly - cheerful “oases”?

Where to go in April

The average Russian tourist subconsciously strives for the sea. It is desirable, of course, - warm. But if not, then a cool one - necessarily sparkling with turquoise and dazzlingly reflecting sun glare - will also do.

You can, of course, conduct research to prove this simple story. But for us it is an axiom that does not require additional explanations. And that is why we are already starting an essay depicting the (in our opinion) hottest holiday destinations in Russia with him. However, this time we decided on a small rotation. And they put at the forefront:

When, if not in April, go to this literally awakening territory? Not yet melting in the sun's rays, but actively accumulating paints and energy.

April Crimea is not flooded with foam of flowering gardens, but at first there is not much greenery. But even a thick-skinned person will feel its potential, the elastic power of the unfolding spring.

Come at this time, even to the South Bank, even to Olenevka, and you will feel a surge of energy! Quite incredible against the background of the traditional lack of energy at this time. And with might and main tormenting organisms avitaminosis.

Where to go in April across Russia is a question for a month and for all vacation pay)))) Where in Russia you can relax actively, beautifully and interestingly with your family or friends.

April undeservedly found itself between the New Year holidays and the summer tourist fever and, unfortunately, is considered by Russians to be an unsuccessful month for traveling. But this is not at all the case. On the fly, you can name five places in Russia that should be visited at this particular time, at a time when not a calendar, but a real spring begins. It was in April that the snow just melted over most of the country, and the young greenery contrasts with the surrounding gray landscapes. It is unforgivable sloppiness to miss the moment of the awakening of nature, remaining in a stuffy office. If you have not yet missed spring, then you can continue your active winter vacation in the Murmansk region. The ski season in the Khibiny is in full swing. You can go to Yakutia, the coldest corner of the world, and admire the northern lights. This is a journey for people who are strong in spirit and adore extreme. For those who cannot even imagine a vacation without fishing for themselves, the April trip to the tributaries of the Podkamennaya Tunguska will give a whole bunch of vivid impressions. Do not forget about the unique fishing in the taiga rivers of Yakutia! If you want to immerse yourself in the history and culture of our country, then the classic Russian tourist route along the Russian Golden Ring is just what you need. If there is no time for weekly trips to the cities of the European part of Russia, then a weekend trip to Veliky Novgorod and Pskov would be the best option. In April, you can even go to the sea! Of course, you are unlikely to swim, but nothing prevents you from wandering along the shell beaches of the Taman Peninsula, full of mysteries and natural anomalies. You can really feel spring in the Krasnodar Botanical Garden, where flowering will give a feeling of celebration. Spring travel along the foothills of Adygea, visiting caves and sacred places of this land will not leave indifferent tourists thirsty for adventure. Those who are not interested in rest without excursions to the mysterious places of the vast Russian land can be offered a trip to the North Caucasian dolmens scattered along the entire Black Sea coast, or a trip along the Taman Peninsula in search of the culture of the Bronze Age and ancient civilization.

Holidays and Cultural Events

MURMANSK REGION - p. Lovozero The Museum of the history and culture of the Sami of the Kola Peninsula in the village of Lovozero will acquaint you with the culture of the people living on the territory of Russian Lapland - the official homeland of skiing in our country.

THE REPUBLIC OF SAKHA (YAKUTIA) - Verkhoyansk Get acquainted with the rich historical, ethnographic and cultural exposition of the peoples inhabiting the north of Yakutia at the Pole of Cold Museum in the coldest city in the world - Verkhoyansk.

NOVGOROD REGION - Veliky Novgorod Beautiful Veliky Novgorod with monolithic old churches, green streets and an ancient Kremlin filled with historical treasures will remain in your memory for a long time.

KRASNODAR REGION - the village of Taman Archaeological treasures of the Taman Peninsula and the first Orthodox church in the Kuban await you in the most mysterious place of the Krasnodar Territory.

Unforgettable travel

KRASNOYARSKY REGION - Tributaries of the Podkamennaya Tunguska If fishing has become a routine for you, then breathe life into this activity by traveling to the tributaries of the Podkamennaya Tunguska. Such a trip will spice up everyday fishing with adrenaline.

THE REPUBLIC OF SAKHA (YAKUTIA) - Verkhoyansk Living in a city where the temperature in winter often drops to -50 ° С, perhaps, can be compared with a real feat. Not surprisingly, those who visit this permafrost city receive a certificate of stay in one of the most inhospitable places in our country.

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