What is the trick of the new approach of the regional authorities to the development of tourism in Altai?

What is the trick of the new approach of the regional authorities to the development of tourism in Altai?

In the Altai Territory, an increase in tourist traffic was recorded in the summer season, attributing this to the expansion of tourist infrastructure and the development of event tourism. Federal tour operators see a slightly different picture of demand and predict low activity of organized tourists in winter.


According to the Altai Territory Department for External Relations, Tourism and Resort Business, over a million tourists visited the region in the three summer months of 2018, which is 10.6% higher than the data for that period of 2017. The most popular among the visitors were the resort Belokurikha, the capital of the region of Barnaul, the special economic zone "Turquoise Katun", the salt lakes of the Steppe Altai, lakes Aya and Bolshoye Yarovoe, as well as Gornaya Kolyvan.

According to the management, in July and August, hotels and other accommodation facilities in the main tourist areas of the Altai Territory on weekdays were filled by 70%, on weekends - up to 90-100%.

According to the government of the Altai Territory, one of the reasons for the growth of tourist traffic is the development of event tourism, as well as the modernization of existing and opening of new tourist facilities.


Federal and Altai tour operators evaluated the results of the summer season in different directions: from a decrease in demand by 10% to an increase of 5-7%. Among the reasons - the 2018 World Cup, rainy weather, but the main factor of influence is the transport accessibility of the region and the high cost of transportation.

A limited number of flights are carried out to the Altai Territory. At the same time, in the regions of Central Russia, air flights to both Barnaul and Gorno-Altaysk are tied to Moscow airports, which, accordingly, tourists also need to get to.

Analyzing the summer season, the National Tour Operator ALEAN reported a decrease in sales in the direction by about 10%, citing the main reason for this is the unbalanced pricing policy of Belokurikha hoteliers, as well as the lack of comfortable accommodation. “Travelers are interested not only in economical leisure options, but also in comfortable facilities, which, however, are still very few in the region,” the company added.

Travelers are interested not only in economical leisure options, but also in comfortable facilities, which, however, are still very few in the region.

There is a lot of talk about tourism in Altai, but most of this information comes down to the uniqueness of the resort town of Belokurikha. Yes, nature, yes, a resort, but what is the trick of the regional authorities' new approach to tourism development? One city cannot lure tourists to the land.

- Not only Belokurikhoy can lure the Altai Territory, - Alexander KARLIN, the governor of the Altai Territory, said confidently at a meeting with journalists from the federal AiF. - We realized that we need to develop event tourism - in addition to all other recreational areas. What is it?

Let me give you an example. Very soon in the Sovetsky district will take place the "Altai wintering" event: a unique non-freezing lake with warm springs, several hundred white swans from the Arctic - an incredible beauty! As soon as the birds arrive, we arrange a holiday, and from it we count the "high" winter period.

We widely celebrate Maslenitsa, recently we organized the "Maralnik Blossom" holiday ... Every year we organize "Altayfest" - a holiday of natural non-alcoholic traditional drinks, not like in Bavaria. Invite readers to us, tell us about our beauties! We love our guests and we know how to meet them. By the way, the strength of Altai - primarily spiritual - was recently appreciated by Patriarch Kirill himself, who left us enlightened.

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