What is the new Altai tourism brand?

What is the new Altai tourism brand?

This year, at tourist exhibitions in Berlin, Moscow and Novosibirsk, the Altai Territory presented a regional route for travelers "Small Golden Ring of Altai". Its developers are confident that the novelty will soon be in demand not only within the country, but also abroad. Skeptics, on the other hand, make far from optimistic forecasts. Meanwhile, on June 21, the first tourists will go along the Altai "Golden Ring". "Your Business" finds out what the new tourist offer is and what its pros and cons.


"Small Golden Ring of Altai" is a private-state project, the implementation of which is the responsibility of travel companies (today it is "Weekend Park" and "Okhota"). So the main side dish - the route - can be served with various sauces. However, regardless of which company the tourist chooses, within the allotted time (from two to seven days) he will be offered to visit the sights of Biysk, Biysk, Altai and Smolensk regions, as well as the special economic zone "Turquoise Katun" and the resort of Belokurikha.

However, having prioritized in advance, travelers can adjust their program. For example, among the museums in Biysk, the "History of the Altai Spiritual Mission" deserves attention, in the Biysk region - the complex "Lesnye Dali", and in Srostki - the Museum of Vasily Shukshin. Also, do not neglect the opportunity to visit the pharmaceutical companies "Evalar" and "Biolit", the sanatorium "Dawn nad Biya", maral breeding farms in the village. Kaim and cheese village. At each such stop, you can get expert advice and purchase the company's products.

But you can get your share of extreme in fairly comfortable conditions in the Turquoise Katun, Belokurikha and the tourist cluster Belokurikha-2, which is under construction. By the way, at these points the program of the "Small Golden Ring of Altai" is as rich as possible: rafting, extreme excursions, health programs, horseback riding and other entertainments.


Regardless of where in the world tourists come to Altai, their journey will begin in Biysk. "Weekend Park" offers customers to get to the science city on their own and at their own expense (however, in order to save money, guests from other regions are advised to travel from Barnaul on the Kalina Krasnaya and Vostok trains). "Okhota", in turn, delivers tourists to Biysk from Siberian cities: by buses from Tomsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and Barnaul, and from the European part of the country - from Barnaul airport.

Perhaps the main feature of the "Small Golden Ring of Altai" is that it is an autotravel. In the standard version, it is proposed to travel by bus, but those who apply to the Okhota travel agency will also be able to drive their own or rented car (the company takes over the organization of the rental).

Variations in the price of a voucher mainly depend on the living conditions: you can choose an economy, basic or premium option. In addition, the price includes meals in cafes and restaurants, excursions, rafting, transfers, etc.

“Tourists from the European part of the country prefer to travel in individual groups,” comments Tatiana Sazhaeva, development director of the Okhota travel agency. - On request, we make deviations for them from the standard "Small Golden Ring", for example, to the homeland of Valery Zolotukhin, Mikhail Evdokimov, and so on. The most economical travel option, in turn, due to time constraints, presupposes rather a summer beach holiday. "

Altai is exactly the place where every tourist dreams of spending his vacation. In this corner of the Earth, you can admire the beautiful landscapes, going on a fascinating journey through the mountain valleys, fill up with clean mountain air, order a tour along the mountain range, or just sit on the shore of one of the mirror-clear lakes, admiring the untouched nature of the Altai Territory.

In 2021, the flight program to Altai was opened, it starts from 01.1 on Mondays and Thursdays, from April 2021 - on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Minimum tour cost - from 64 800 rubles. for two

? direct flight from Volgograd to Novosibirsk and back;

? transfer airport - resort - airport;

You can also choose accommodation with any type of food or a tour with excursions to choose from.

Hotels in Altai

Excursion tours from Barnaul

Tours to Altai

Altai is one of the unique places on the map of Russia, located in the very "heart" of Asia. The resort borders on the republics of Khakassia, Tuva and the Kemerovo region, and on the opposite side adjoins Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. This cultural neighborhood has left an indelible imprint on the traditions and life of local residents. In addition to its heritage, Gorny Altai attracts countless unique and interesting places. Here natural attractions and centuries-old history merged together. Those who have been here once are imbued with an inexplicable love for the manners and beauty of this land. Today the republic is the largest tourist center in the Russian Federation. And, if earlier tours to Altai were organized from large cities of Russia, such as Moscow, today you can buy a tour to Altai from Volgograd.

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