Visit to Yaroslavia ": a resort city, tourism as a driver and festivals for everyone

Event tourism in Tambov

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism industry hard. But in the Yaroslavl region they hope that the situation will soon change for the better.

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Infox told about what the region can offer to tourists. u Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism of the Yaroslavl Region Vladimir Lysenko.

- Tell me, please, how many tourists were there last year and what is the dynamics? And what are your plans for next year?

In 2017, the tourist flow to the Yaroslavl region amounted to 3.6 million people, in 2018 - 4.1 million, and in 2019 - slightly less than five million,

Positive dynamics have been preserved for the last four years, despite the fact that the effect of the low base is getting smaller every year. But due to the increase in our tourist routes, due to event activities, the tourist flow remains at the level of eighteen to twenty percent of the increase.

- What are the regional programs for tourism development? What were the indicators and how do you plan to achieve them?

First, there is a regional target program for five years. Speaking about specifics, what the Department of Tourism is doing is, first of all, support for small and medium-sized businesses in the tourism industry, acceleration programs for folk art craftsmen, for tourist facilities, aimed at ensuring that they develop their crafts, their tourist routes , could receive additional state funding from the regional budget and by receiving federal grants from the Ministry of Culture and from the Ministry of Economy.

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For example, the department supports event tourism with grants in the low season, since in the high season we have, in principle, a fairly good occupancy rate, the excursion component of the flow.

We participate in partnership programs, last year, for example, together with our partners, the Association of Cultural Managers, we organized the Museum Retreat festival with the participation of more than fifty private and state museums, aimed at a new interpretation of the museum space. We plan to increase tourist routes by attracting new territories related to ecological tourism. Now practically two clusters are being created in the Yaroslavl region, one of which is located directly next to the Moscow region. then Pereslavl, part of the Golden Ring, with its unique cultural and historical heritage, with interesting unique architectural monuments. For us, this is an opportunity to become a resort city in close proximity to the Moscow metropolis with twenty million inhabitants, at a distance of about 100-150 kilometers.

Also under the heading "Culture":

The Aseevs Estate Museum Complex hosted a presentation of the project reflecting the events of this year's event tourism in the region. It was developed and published by the Information and Tourism Portal of the Tambov Region.

The Calendar of Events of the Tambov Region has been issued for several years now and is a great help for workers in the spheres of culture, education and tourism, as well as the media. The edition this year has remained the same in terms of format and colors. The design has changed only slightly, which, as in previous years, was made by Natalya Ashikhmina. 36 pages of the calendar introduce 54 events that were selected from 84 applications received.

As in the previous year, the edition contains QR codes, by reading which tourists can get detailed information about events and view photos. The novelty of this year is that the edition is adapted for mobile devices: tablets, computers and phones.


"The calendar opens, - said the project coordinator Tatyana Dolikhina, - the section" 10 reasons to come to the Tambov region ", which contains brief travel information for a tourist about what to expect in this eventful year."

Every year the calendar offers something interesting to residents of Tambov and guests of the region. In 2018 Ivanovka invited to her place. Last year he focused on natural and geographical events. For example, such as flowering plants. This year is dedicated to the cycle of events in the Voeikov estate. Staraya Olshanka invites everyone to visit four major events. Their colorful video presentation was presented by a creative team from the Uvarovsky district. Shrovetide carousel will tell guests about the traditions of seeing off winter. The holiday "Spring in Staraya Olshanka" will help you to feel the renewal of nature during the flowering period of primroses. The haymaking festival will teach forgotten skills and crafts. And the festival "Autumn in Staraya Olshanka" will offer to celebrate a rich harvest and taste traditional dishes.

“The calendar of events includes the brightest events,” commented the head of the regional department of culture and archives, Yuri Golubev, on the new edition. - Every year it becomes more colorful and interesting. I am sure that the events included in it will really become events not only in the region, but also in Russia and will attract many tourists. It will also motivate municipalities and event organizers that are not currently on the calendar to work on mistakes and take into account comments. Then their events will be selected for the 2021 Calendar. "


As Tatyana Dolikhina noted, 41 events from the Tambov region were selected in 2020 for the National Calendar fund, which is the largest platform for promoting event tourism events in the country. This year, more than 2000 applications were received from 76 regions of Russia. By tradition, the administration of the National Calendar portal has selected the top 200 best events by winning in specialized contests, based on the results of a popular vote and the choice of a jury.

During the event at the Aseev estate, Yuri Golubev presented diplomas of the National Calendar to seven winners. According to the results of the National Prize Russian Event Awards, the Festivals "Lysogorsk Sledge" of the Tambov region and "Vishnevarovo" of the city of Uvarovo got into the top 200. The expert commission named the Rachmaninov Festival in Tambov the Best Events and the Lilac Night in the Ivanovka Museum-Reserve of S. V. Rachmaninov. The diplomas based on the results of the popular vote were awarded to the Rasskazovsky Literary and Music Festival named after SN Sergeev-Tsensky, the Tokarevsky agricultural festival "Bird yard" and "Autumn in Staraya Olshanka".

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