Travel tips for tourists

Travel tips for tourists

The end of summer is an ideal time for traveling around the small homeland - the Volgograd region. Popular routes of this season are monasteries, health resorts, natural parks.

Healing Salt

The Trans-Volga region is rarely lakes, but those that exist - Elton and Baskunchak, are world famous. On Elton to the south of Pallasovka, the size of the healing salt layers, according to scientists, is up to hundreds of meters (!). Local healing salt and active mud are the remnants of ancient seas, the last of which - Khvalynskoe - retreated to the south no more than 40-50 thousand years ago. Greetings from the maritime past of this area - huge reserves of salt-domed formations. Moreover, medicinal. On Elton, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, blood supply systems, and gynecology are successfully cured.

Distance from Volgograd: 340 km

Mystery Caves

In the geographical center of the region - Olkhovsky district - there are Belogorsky Kamennobrodsky Holy Trinity and Gusevsky Akhtyrsky monasteries. The places are associated with folk legends about Prince Alexander Nevsky and almost the first Orthodox traditions in the Lower Volga region. The monastery under Kamenny Brod is young, founded in the middle of the 19th century. The caves near the monastery look much more mysterious and ancient, the riddle of riddles is the origin of the intricate multi-tiered passages.

There are many healing springs nearby, which contain compounds of silver and radon. Rumor ascribes healing properties to such "natural fonts" in case of serious diseases.

The adornment of all this land is the majestic giant oak trees up to 300 years old and the most beautiful chalk mountains. An unforgettable panorama of dense forests along the Ilovlya river opens from the peaks.

Distance from Volgograd: 160 km

To the Carpathians ... to Kamyshin

North of the Kamyshinsky region, the area of ​​the natural park "Shcherbakovsky", sometimes called "Volga Switzerland". The Volga hills in these places are densely indented by deep canyons and ravines, along the bottom of which the cleanest streams and even small rivers run. Once there was a place of traditional residence of the Volga Germans-immigrants. Today, among the rare villages here, there is a much higher probability of seeing protected forest and steppe animals and birds. And the local wooded hills and canyons at the same time resemble the landscapes of the Ciscaucasia, the Carpathians and the Crimea.

The most beautiful Volga cliff stands out - Stolbichi, a witness of the most ancient Paleogene sea. To the delight of artists and tourists, the cliffs change color during the day - from light to dark chocolate.

Still, the rich city of Volgograd. We have five museums, eight theaters, the Central Concert Hall, art galleries, a circus, a planetarium, 190 historical monuments, 304 architectural monuments. It is impossible for a tourist who first came to the city to cover all this in one day. But the high tourist season has begun, guests are already coming to Volgograd, of whom there were 900,000 people last year alone. Therefore, "AiF" -NP "has prepared a memo for tourists from the three most optimal routes, which will allow you to get acquainted with the city without wasting time.

All important objects are plotted on a general map. Three routes can be composed of them - the sequence is shown below.

Click on the “Open in Yandex. Maps ”to see a list of all objects with the ability to navigate to the coordinates of any of them (it may take a few seconds to load the map).

Route From the railway station to Mamayev Kurgan

Route From kilometer zero to church

Route From Mamayev Kurgan to the Museum

By the way

Every Wednesday in Volgograd there are free walking tours, which are conducted by the State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education "Agency for Tourism Development". One of the routes runs along one of the oldest streets in the city - Gogol Street, the second - in the Krasnoarmeisky District.

If you have one more day at your disposal, you can go on one of the excursion tours in the Volgograd region.

Dubovsky Posad

Excursion tour through the territory of the historical first municipal district of the Volgograd region - Dubovsky. The route introduces the traditions of the Lower Volga merchants and entrepreneurship, the history of the Cossacks in the Volgograd region, unique folk crafts and crafts.

"How the Cossacks walk after the Don"

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