Tourist business of St. Petersburg

Tourist business of St. Petersburg

Portugal predicts an increase in the flow of tourists from Russia

Portugal expects an increase in the flow of tourists from Russia after the recession that has occurred over the past two years, Ana Mendes Godinho, Secretary of State for Tourism of Portugal, told RIA Novosti.

Down by a third

"In 2015, Portugal received about 100 thousand guests from Russia, which is 1% of all foreign tourists who came to our country. Due to the situation with demand in the Russian market from 2013 to 2015, a drop in the number of Russian tourists. However, growth began in 2016, we think that this positive trend will continue in the coming years. From January to May (latest official data - ed.) Portugal received more than 30 thousand Russian citizens registered in hotels ", - informed Godinho.

The number of Russian tourists who have chosen the most western European country for recreation has dropped significantly since 2013, when their number reached a record 168 thousand people. In 2014, 148 thousand Russians visited Portugal, and in 2015 - only 98 thousand. That is, in two years the decline was almost 24%, and in the period from 2014 to 2015 - 34%.

The Secretary of State said that the agency she heads is working with Russian tour operators to "overcome the not so positive trend that has emerged since 2013" and "develops contacts in new areas of business." “We believe that the coming years will be the main ones for the strengthening and growth of the Russian segment in Portugal,” the Secretary of State expressed her assumptions.

Visas are not a problem

According to Godinho, visas are not the reason why Russian citizens relatively rarely choose Portugal. "Of course, a tourist should do this (get a visa - ed.), But I'm not sure if this can interfere with the arrival of Russian tourists," the politician said.

She also added that there are currently no plans for a Cross Year of Tourism between Portugal and Russia, but "this will have to be thought about in the future."

Growth by% annually since

Last year, the number of foreign tourists registered in hotels in Portugal increased by 9.7% compared to 2014 and reached 10.1 million. In 2016, from January to May, growth was 13% over the same period last year, reaching 3.9 million.

Most often, Portugal receives tourists from Spain, Germany, Great Britain, France, Holland and Brazil. The last two countries share the fifth place.

"Tourism in Portugal has grown annually since 2005 by 10%. This indicates that tourists are looking for opportunities to explore the culture here, get unique experiences in the field of gastronomy and nature," added Godinho. Among the factors that affect the increase in tourist flow, she also named a high level of service and safety. "These are the reasons why tourism in Portugal has grown over the past ten years," added the secretary of state.

In this small guide, I will summarize all the information on preparing for a trip to Portugal, share my experience and give links to more detailed articles. Save to bookmarks, share in social. etah!

So, Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe, and because of its location, today it is not very popular among Russian travelers. In general, we do not hear much about Portugal, about how it lives. The only thing I heard before the trip: it's beautiful there, it's cheap, Portugal is the westernmost point of Europe, they speak Portuguese, azulejo. And, if the last three facts are indisputable, then the first two are rather relative.

Let me explain right away. As for the beautiful: yes, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, there are beautiful sights and cozy corners in the cities. But the landscape along the roads is completely boring and uninteresting, the cities are rather poor, the houses are shabby (especially in the "colorful" Port), dirty, there are many migrants who live right on the streets with all their belongings. Yes, such a Portugal! But to go and see everything with your own eyes is definitely worth it!

About prices: there are inexpensive places and shops in Portugal. Well, for prices in cafes/restaurants: an ordinary European country, prices are the same as in Italy, Germany, Spain. Gasoline prices are higher than in Italy (and in Italy gasoline is one of the most expensive in Europe), toll roads are also a good budget. That is, this relative cheapness.

And now in more detail and more specific.

Visa and insurance to Portugal

Portugal is a member of the Schengen Agreement, therefore, any Schengen multivisa is suitable for the trip (for citizens of the Russian Federation; for citizens of Ukraine, a visa is not required). The blog has examples of visa applications:

A Portuguese Schengen visa is processed in a similar way. The easiest way to apply is through VFS Global visa centers, which are available in many cities of Russia. See the list of required documents at the office. Visit the Visa Application Center . fsglobal. om/portugal/russia/russian/Tourist-Visa. tml

The cost of applying for a visa to Portugal (for 2019) is 35 euros + 26 euros (service fee) + 400 rubles (logistics fee for sending documents, applies to regional centers).

Medical insurance is required to apply for a visa to Portugal, as well as to enter the country (not asked, but eligible). Exclusively for a visa, you can apply for the cheapest one with insurance coverage from 30,000 euros. It will cost about 300 rubles per week. For a trip, take out a more expensive policy, read reviews about insurance companies and assistance (the company with which you will communicate if an insured event occurs). I make out cheaper insurance on this site (you can compare the conditions of 14 insurance companies, choose the insured amount up to 100,000 rubles). Reliable insurance with its own assistance will cost a little more, but the insurance coverage will be better, and the sum insured (this is the money for which you and your family will be able to get help in a critical situation) - from 250,000 to 1,000,000 rubles. Of course, it is better to take out reliable insurance for the whole family, but first of all - for children and the elderly. You can buy such insurance exclusively on the tripinsurance website. u.

I have a special agreement with this company: according to the promo code 2BTRAVELER, you are given a 10% discount on any tariff. Don't forget to enter your promo code when placing your order.

More recently, there has been a way to get $ 50,000 annual insurance for free. To do this, you need to issue my beloved All Airlines card, when ordering a card using the link, the first year of service is free! This means that insurance for a year will also be free. From the second year, the standard service price is 1890 rubles, which, in principle, is also beneficial.

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