Tourism in Primorsky Krai

Tourism in Primorsky Krai

Primorsky Krai is a remarkable region for the development of diverse types of tourism. Regional development of the tourism sector is a good help for a stable socio-economic situation in Primorsky Krai. Today this region of Russia is a popular place not so much for our compatriots as for representatives of the neighboring countries of the East.

The territory of the Far East is adjacent to such countries as China, South Korea, Japan and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Thanks to this, Primorye is naturally of great interest for foreign tourists, which can be proved by statistical data. The year 2020 will certainly be an exception, but the statistics of previous years showed a stable growth in the influx of foreign tourists. Note that the tourist infrastructure of the region has a large number of accommodation, catering, transport companies that transport tourists, however, compared to the regions of the center of Russia and the Krasnodar Territory, the infrastructure is not efficiently arranged, especially for foreign citizens. Therefore, to further increase the attractiveness of the region in the eyes of foreigners, it is necessary to develop tourism infrastructure.

Some of the abilities of the region are tourist routes, which are over 300. They are a set of diverse topics and orientations are offered in various areas of tourism, which we are now briefly told.

Sea cruises

The first of the Far Eastern popular types of tourism can be considered cruise, or maritime tourism, whose development contributed to the Eastern Ring of Russia project, uniting 12 regions of the Far East and Siberia. This project was developed by Rosturism for 2019-2025. with state support.

Since there are two more severe sea powers with highly developed cruise tourism - Japan and South Korea - Japan and South Korea - the Russian region should at least comply with them for successful competition. Foreigners are interested in tourism in Primorye, however, it is necessary to expand the maritime infrastructure for the possibility of a greater reception of tourists.

Business Tourism in Primorye

The second popular view of Primorye's tourism is business tourism, which is mainly represented by international relations. For the development of this region, it is necessary to attract foreign investment, and therefore, it is necessary to interest foreign investors something. One way is to promote projects and demonstrating the tourist opportunities of the Far East, which are carried out at international events, for example, at the Pacific Tourist Forum, not the first year in Vladivostok every year.

Holidays in nature and recreation centers in Primorye

The third promising type of tourism is considered environmentally friendly, or natural. Primorsky Krai is one of the promising regions of Russia for the development of environmental tourism, as it has a variety and attractive natural landscapes, rich recreational resources, unique flora and fauna, a developed network of reserves and national parks and much more. Recreation centers in Primorye are still concentrated in certain zones, mainly on the coast. This is understandable - people always sought to rest by the sea. But many more beautiful places where the roads are simply not laid and there is no tourist infrastructure, - only wild tourism.

It's not Sochi, this is the recreation center "Ocean" in Primorye <

Apparently, therefore, foreign experts say that there are not enough tourist facilities in Primorye, demonstrating the unique nature of Primorye. For example, creating a modern Botanical Garden in Vladivostok. After all, the garden itself exists, but it needs to be upgraded and put in order for mass visits to tourists. The botanical garden needs to meet international standards. It already has a large collection of unique samples of the flora of the Far East, it remains to create modern buildings that would demonstrate the existing exhibits.

The fourth popular type of tourism is cultural and educational, which is the basis of every tourist city. Vladivostok can be classified as one of the richest city in tourist attractions with a great cultural heritage. The city of Vladivostok has a high historical value due to well-preserved architectural ensembles, monuments of history, archeology, complex of forts and planning structure. Its main attraction can be considered a kind of relief, which has natural sites that allow you to admire the beautiful views of the surrounding unique natural environment and the panorama of the city.

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