Tourism in Kamchatka Krai

How much does it cost to visit Kamchatka in autumn

Kamchatka in the 2020 season has retained the status of one of the most expensive domestic destinations. How the pandemic and closed borders affected the demand in the Far East, and how much the tours to the peninsula will cost this fall, the tour operators said.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, tourism in Kamchatka has stopped for almost three months. Only from July 12, tourists were allowed to enter the peninsula without going through the mandatory two-week self-isolation, subject to passing an express test for infection at the airport. Accommodation facilities were reopened in the region on August 10, cafes and restaurants were reopened on August 13.

According to tour operators, these factors, of course, influenced the demand in the direction, but not dramatically.

According to Alena Gromova, director for the domestic market of the tour operator Coral Travel, because of the closed borders, tourists have not become more interested in Kamchatka - primarily due to the specifics of the destination, which is "sharpened" mainly for outdoor activities. <

With the fact that the number of applications for the Far East direction has not increased in comparison with last year, representatives of the tour operator companies TUI Russia and ALEAN say.

"Kamchatka has never been a mass destination, and this year it has not become one either," summarize the specialists of the tour operator ALEAN.


According to experts of the tourism market, Kamchatka in the 2020 season has retained the status of one of the most expensive domestic destinations: the cost of a weekly tour without air travel will cost from 70-80 thousand rubles. for one person. According to the Dolphin tour operator, prices for accommodation and excursions in Kamchatka in the 2020 season have remained at the level of last year.

However, air transportation to the Kamchatka Territory has become more affordable: Aeroflot has tickets on sale at “flat” fares (from 13,770 rubles with baggage included).

According to ALEAN, prices excursion tours to Kamchatka with a richer program (i.e. visiting volcanoes, geysers, beaches, islands, etc.) this season start at 90 thousand rubles. per person for an 8-day trip (no flight).

All additional excursions are paid separately. For example, a helicopter flight to the Valley of Geysers or to a mountain lake where bears catch salmon will cost about 40-45 thousand rubles. The most modest hotel in Paratunka (balneo-mud resort) will cost from 7400 rubles. per day for a double room.


Tourism in Kamchatka is diverse and is a developing sector of the economy of the Kamchatka Territory.


Tourism Destinations [edit]

The main directions of summer and autumn are climbing volcanoes, ecotourism, coastal cruises along the Avacha Bay, sport hunting and fishing, rafting, diving, kayaking on the sea, ornithological and scientific and educational tourism, golf. <

During the winter-spring season, tourist activities are associated with such areas as heli-skiing, dog sledding and snowmobiling, alpine skiing, snowboarding, sport hunting, ski tours, bathing in thermal springs and ice fishing .

Tourism in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is associated with visiting museums, ski resorts near the city, climbing home volcanoes and a trip to the Pacific coast (Khalaktyrsky beach).

Apart from the capital, museum attractions are located in Ust-Bolsheretsk, Ust-Kamchatsk, Milkovo and Esso.

The main thermal springs are located in the village of Paratunka. Ethno-tourism events are held in the villages of Esso and Anavgay.

National parks and reserves [edit]

Statistics [edit]

In 2012 there are 81 travel agencies in the region. In 2011, the official number of tourists was 42.6 thousand Russians, of which the residents of Kamchatka - 20 thousand people. Foreign citizens - 10.3 thousand people. Mostly from the USA (2,125 people), Japan (1,380 people) and Germany (856 people). The unofficial number of tourists was not counted. [2]

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