Tourism expert: "Siberian Maslenitsa" is an unforgettable event

Tourism expert:

The main problem of the Altai tourist business is seasonality. Tourist complexes and agencies are strongly dependent on the weather and earn mainly two to three months a year. Therefore, market participants and the government decided to look for new ways to attract tourists to the region all year round. This was discussed by the participants of the round table organized by the Altapress Publishing House in the Russian Shanghai restaurant.

The meeting of the expert council brought together representatives of the tourist industry, ARAT and Altayturcenter organizations, as well as the department for external relations, tourism and resort business. They talked about the results of the summer travel season, the main industry events in 2018 and plans for the coming years.

The weather let down

The beginning of the tourist season in the Altai Territory was a failure, said Alexander Smirnov, director of the Plot travel agency. The geography of tourists has expanded, but their number has not changed compared to last year. According to the observations of bus carriers, this year there were 15% fewer tourist trips.

Cold spring and early summer have made their own adjustments in the summer tourist season. At the same time, according to the results of eight months of 2018, oddly enough, there is a slight increase in tourist traffic. Let's see what happens at the end of the year.

Promising direction

Medical tourism is planned to be developed in the Altai Territory. The annual growth of this market in Russia is about 20%. The Altai Territory has a high potential and can take a worthy place in this direction, Elena Evsyukova believes. According to her, in the first six months of 2018, the region was visited by about 5 thousand "medical" tourists. Of these, 50% are residents of the regions of Russia, 30% are in Kazakhstan, 7% are in Germany, and the rest are representatives of other countries.

This year we presented a national project on the export of medical services. Promising areas that are in demand in the region are diagnostics, dentistry and cosmetology.

According to Lyudmila Ivanova, head of the Friday agency, their company is interested in the development of medical tourism. However, for this, Altai clinics need to obtain international certificates, with the help of which they will be able to work through medical agencies in Europe.

But such certification systems require colossal costs, said Konstantin Nedoseko, deputy chief physician of the Regional Clinical Hospital.

“If we want to enter the international market, we must reorganize,” says Tatyana Smyshlyaeva, deputy chief physician of the Altai Territory Diagnostic Center.

For the twelfth year in a row, the Siberian Maslenitsa festival invites thousands of guests to the Altai Territory. And there are special ones among them, such as Gennady Shatalov, a man whose knowledge of mass holidays and event tourism is of the highest expert level.

We asked the Chairman of the Board of the FROS Region PR, a member of the Public Council under the Federal Agency for Tourism, several questions about the tourist benefits of Altai and Siberian Maslenitsa.

Successful development of the project

- Gennady Vasilyevich, you recommended a trip to the "Siberian Maslenitsa" in the Altai Territory, calling the festival "a bright and unforgettable action." Have you heard?

- I have known the festival "Siberian Maslenitsa" for several years, our acquaintance took place thanks to the National Russian Event Awards. In 2016, the festival became the winner of the regional competition in the nomination "The best tourist event for the popularization of folk traditions and crafts." And since then, by the nature of my work, I have been closely following the successful development of this event.

- How is the attitude of residents of the country and guests from abroad to event tourism changing?

- Event tourism is a relatively young and dynamically developing type of tourism. Tours to events that combine traditional recreation and attending spectacular events are gradually gaining more and more popularity. Both in our country and abroad, more and more people strive to spend their vacation or weekend as interesting as possible. Event tourism is gaining popularity among energetic, modern people who know what they want and plan their own vacation.

The popularity of event tourism is evidenced by the results of the FIFA World Cup in our country.

Tourism Development Driver

- What is important for the regions to understand in terms of developing tourist attractiveness? Is event tourism competing with natural and historical attractions?

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