Tourism and entertainment in the Samara region Rest

Tourism and entertainment in the Samara region Rest

The upcoming tourist season promises to be a season of event tourism - in the context of import substitution, when much is said about the reorientation of the market to domestic destinations, this segment is becoming the most relevant. On April 12-14, Togliatti hosted the first All-Russian Tourism Forum "Event Russia", the participants of which presented many interesting routes - both well-known to Samara residents and completely new ones.

Create your own festival

The key topic of the forum held in Togliatti, which was organized by the mayor's office. Togliatti, Tourist Information Center of the Samara Region, National Association of Event Tourism Specialists (NAST), ANO "Council of Event Tourism of the Samara Region", FROS "Region PR", FSBEI HPE "RGUTIS" - "Creating an attractive and profitable event for the organizers". The organizers deliberately moved away from the usual forms of presentations and seminars, relying on clearly formulated demands of the modern event tourism market and broadcasting existing experience. The speakers were faced with the task of not just telling about their achievements, but giving the maximum number of practical recommendations. The result of the forum was the joint work of participants and experts on the site "Tourist Event Designer" to create a model of a successful tourist event.

This Summer's Festivals

As for event tourism in the Samara region, our region, perhaps, can be called unique - almost every week there is a large-scale event, or even more than one. Let's talk about at least some of them.

On June 5, Tolyatti will host the Fish-fest festival, whose guests will be able to get acquainted with the culinary and fishing traditions of the Volga region. The shopping arcade near the old embankment of the Komsomolsk District will be filled with fish products, the core of the festival will be the "Fisherman's Ukha" and "Fish Pie" contests, contests for spectators are also expected. "A bus tour will be organized from Samara to Fish-fest, within which it will also be possible to visit the Park Complex of the History of Technology and take a sightseeing tour of the city," explained Elena Martynenko, director of the travel company "Profcentre".

On June 18-19, the "Ancient World" Center for Historical Modeling, near the village of Kamenny Brod, will host the "Journey to the Past" festival, the motto of which is "The Spectator is the Main Participant!" The event will include craft sites with master classes, sports competitions in knife and ax throwing, archery, demonstration performances, folk amusements, and a fair.

From 19 to 23 June in Togliatti, at the recreation center "Volna", the international music festival "Classics over the Volga" will take place. The unique style of this festival is the performance of symphony orchestras and vocalists on an open stage against the backdrop of the Volga and Zhiguli mountains, combined with additional semantic accents in the form of theatrical, graphic and design visualization. From Samara, a bus tour to the "Classics over the Volga" will be organized on June 19.

Cherry and tomato lovers

Every year in the village of Shiryaevo a festival of folk traditions "Zhigulevskaya cherry" is held, this year it is scheduled for August 12-14. Participants and guests will find a pie contest from amateurs and professionals followed by tasting, a craft fair, folk festivities, making jam from the festival's symbol - Beshchevskaya cherry - and much more. A bus tour will be organized from Samara to Zhigulevskaya Vishnya.

The Syzran Tomato Festival - Syzran's calling card and the best gastronomic route in Russia in 2015 - will take place on August 20, and it will be possible to go there, including by a tourist electric train. "This is a rest for the whole day, with interesting excursions around the merchant or Orthodox Syzran, along the natural attractions of the Samara region, with participation in a festive" tomato "costume procession, with a visit to the fair in the City of Craftsmen, tasting tomato dishes and other outstanding events", - says Elena Martynenko.

On August 20, in the Kinelsky region at the Bobrovka airfield, the Regional Festival of Aviation and Military-Applied Sports, dedicated to Aviation Day, will take place. The program includes performances by parachutists and athletes, demonstration flights of aircraft and helicopters, air combat.

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