The Pskov region will soon open for tourists: what tours to buy

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Almost all travel agencies are now forced to look for options for additional income. Many have already reoriented themselves to domestic tourism, including excursion tourism. Travel agents paid close attention to Pskov after the webinar held at the ATOR Academy site.


The pandemic triggered a "reset" of the tourist business. It became clear that even after the restoration of international tourism, it would be shortsighted to rely solely on it. Now more and more tour operators are strengthening their positions in the domestic market, and not just formally, but fundamentally, with serious volumes. Representatives of the tourist retail also follow the trends.

According to travel agents, there is now such a picture: tourists who are forced to pay attention to domestic tourism do not want a classic holiday on the Black Sea. They increasingly want to see different Russia, to visit some interesting places that they had not paid attention to before. At the same time, for many it is important that you can get to these places quickly.


Travel agents are seriously interested in the Pskov region. The webinar on tourism in the region, which took place at the ATOR site on June 18, was sold out - 129 active participants. Recall that excursion tours to Pskov can, according to the latest information, be planned from July 1 or a little later.

The main questions that were received in the webinar chat by its host - Svetlana Kuznetsova, deputy director of the Continent company, and Yulia Konovalova, manager of the reception department, related to the tourism opportunities of the Pskov region and recreation programs.

Svetlana Kuznetsova, starting the webinar, immediately broke the stereotypes about the Pskov region as a region that attracts exclusively with monuments of history and architecture.

Of course, Pskov remains a real guide to the history of Ancient Russia, there are many excursions here. Take a visit to the Pskov Kremlin, the 74-meter white-stone Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Pogankin Chambers, the Mirozh Monastery, founded in the XII century.

But the Pskov region is also active recreation, health-improving, eco-recreation and, of course, gastronomic.

Travelers' activity is gaining momentum Pskovskaya Pravda discussed the most pressing issues of the tourist season-

Spring is calling on the road. We plan vacations, leaf through colorful booklets, study the train schedule to the south. It's time to ask professionals about the intricacies of proper recreation. Heads of organizations involved in tourism gathered at a round table in the editorial office.

First, let's find out whether it makes sense for us to travel around the Pskov region and advertise the beauty of the region to friends from other regions? What are the problems and prospects for Pskov tourism?

- In order for tourism in the region to develop systematically, in order to attract as many guests to the Pskov Territory as possible, the program "Development of cultural and educational tourism in the Pskov region for 2010 - 2014" has been developed, - says the head of the development department tourism of the State Committee for Economic Development, Industry and Investment Yulia Beloborodova. - The program is being negotiated. We hope that it will be adopted soon, and that we, having a strategy, will be able to take concrete tactical steps. We will begin to promote projects for the construction of infrastructure facilities, because in the summer season all travel companies that work at reception face the problem of a shortage of economy class and tourist class seats. One of the topical directions is event tourism. An example is the work of the Izborsk Museum-Reserve. They inform the tour operators of Moscow, St. Petersburg and neighboring regions about their events in advance. Moreover, Izborsk holidays are held on the same dates from year to year, are included in the event calendar, which is distributed at international tourism exhibitions ... An interesting topic that we continue to develop is Russian fortresses. These are Izborsk, Gdov, and other fortifications. The program includes funding for this project. The main direction of the program is the image promotion of the region: the creation of an attractive climate for tourists.

- The event calendar is a key moment for the development of Pskov tourism, - believes the president of the North-West tourism industry ASTUR, director of the Sofia travel agency Gelena Samokhvalova. - People are ready to spend money - but we do not attract them properly. We have great potential for compiling a rich event calendar, natural scenery. Why isn't this happening? There are many reasons, including the lack of active interaction between the tourist industry and the Pskov Museum. With appropriate advertising, broad announcements outside the region, a peculiar schedule of events can ensure the alignment of seasonal fluctuations in tourist flows. Then it will make sense not only to talk about the need for a three-star service, but also to more actively seek investors - the main driving force behind the development of the hotel chain.

Pskov is unique!

But are the people of Pskov ready to leave money in their own area with a variety of Turkish-Egyptian sea recreation? One does not interfere with the other, the participants of the round table are sure. Both we and our children know so little about our own land that a couple of days in Pushkinskie Gory or Sebezh National Park will not hurt for self-education.

- But why would I go to spend money in the Pskov region, if I know that cafes, hotels and services there do not stand up to criticism? - asks a provocative question the host of the round table, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Alexander Mashkarin.

- This is a resolvable issue, subject to the interest of the Regional Administration in the development of the sphere, - says Olga Kozyreva, director of the Pskov branch of the International Russian Academy of Tourism. - Yes, there is already a shortage of personnel in the service sector. Parents who are thinking about the future of their children understand that in the future, the tourism industry is one of the most demanded areas in the labor market. As for the Sebezh National Park, tourists from Europe come here to listen to the voices of birds! And how many people from Pskov come to see the reconstruction of the Battle on the Ice or on the "Iron City" holiday? Our domestic tourism, subject to an event program, has prospects. We have more than a hundred days off a year, which we, residents of the region, can spend on domestic tourism.

- The most important thing is to hear that a tourism development program will be agreed soon, - Vadim Laptev, chairman of the Tourism Development Center, places his hopes on the strategy. - Our center, as a partnership, includes tour operators, travel agencies, educational institutions, hotels located in the Pskov region. It seems that since the Governor announces the development of tourism, it means that stability will finally appear in this area. Pskov is unique, and, by and large, everything is there. But it is necessary to repair roads, install toilets, teach cultural workers at sites to treat tourists not as dependents, but as people who have invested money in the development of the region and rely on quality services.

- Since last year, there has been a very serious tendency when Russians begin to travel around Russia and, first of all, start from their region, - says Natalya Nikitina, director of Diva Travel Salon LLC. - Both Porkhov and Gdov are also gaining popularity. It is with great pleasure that we receive guests and are glad to receive them in even greater numbers. I am glad that the regional administration pays attention to tourism.

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