The main pros and cons of wedding tourism

The main pros and cons of wedding tourism

The day when two people become one family has always been and will be one of the most important holidays. A wedding is what every girl dreams of from a young age. Often women build a plan for their upcoming wedding in their heads, and then they try to implement it in life. Weddings are different for everyone. For some, it is noisy fun for several days. Others prefer a quiet holiday for those closest to them.

Wedding tourism A whim or a dream come true

An outdoor celebration has recently become very popular. Often in such cases, newlyweds choose unusual places. These can be city parks, favorite romantic places, other cities and even countries. Travel agencies organize special trips for lovers who are ready to get married at the ends of the earth and beyond.

Wedding tours can be selected depending on the preferences and financial capabilities of customers. For lovers of new places and cities, this could be a trip to Europe. A cozy room on a quiet Italian island would be an excellent option for young people looking for a holiday for two. Extreme newlyweds can be lifted high into the mountains, down the river in a kayak, or thrown off a bungee. And to introduce lovers of antiquity into the status of husband and wife according to ancient customs and rituals.

Some future spouses are happy to go to get married in hitherto unknown places. Others are wary of this and have been weighing the pros and cons for a long time.

Positive aspects of wedding tourism

If you put all your fears aside and go towards your dream, especially with your future soulmate, then you can find a lot of advantages of such a trip:

  • Unknown countries. Will go to that a country to which I could not decide for a long time. India, Japan, Italy, Greece - isn't it romantic? Moreover, in some places it is possible to hold a wedding ceremony according to the traditions of this country. Young people are dressed in national costumes, and locals are happy to take part in the celebration of the unification of two hearts.
  • Favorite city. Agree, what could be better than getting married in your favorite city? And if the young people also met in it or often went there together. This option will return both to the past a little bit. And the guests will be shown all the touching moments of life and acquaintances of young people.
  • Back to the past. A win-win for those who honor their roots. A wedding with traditional dress, songs, and long-standing traditions will become not only instructive, but also interesting.
  • All inclusive. This is probably one of the most important advantages of wedding tourism. Oftentimes, agencies take care of all the hassle. Flight, hotel selection, toastmaster, ceremony, paperwork, possible excursions - this is not a complete list of what will be done for you. One important choice for young people will only be to find the right travel agency.
  • Two in one. After the wedding, almost all newlyweds are busy preparing their honeymoon. Those lovers who go on a wedding tour already automatically receive two in one. Unification into one family, and at the same time a vacation in the desired place.
  • Discounts. Quite often, a young family is given discounts. This can be a percentage for a flight or for accommodation. By the way, rooms for newlyweds are also often cleaned in a special way, leaving figures of lovers, birds, hearts and flowers from towels on the bed.
  • New sensations. Can you then forget how you jumped from the bungee in a wedding dress, conquered the North Pole or the Sahara? Fans of extreme relaxation and new sensations will have something to tell and show to children.

Cons of wedding tourism

Despite all the positive characteristics, wedding tourism has its drawbacks. And a situation may arise when the imagination drew a beautiful picture of an overseas wedding, but in fact it turned out like in a bad movie. Consider the cons of an exit wedding:

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