The main attractions of Munich

The main attractions of Munich

The well-organized transport system of Munich will help the tourist to move around the city comfortably, conveniently organize both the purchase of food, and the sightseeing of the main sights of the city.


Of course, everything depends on the budget, you can also eat in restaurants. But when staying in a hotel, ordinary supermarkets are the most profitable option. There are quite a few of them in Munich - REWE, Aldi, Vinzenz Murr, etc. The quality of the products is good, and the prices are roughly the same as in Russia, so the myth about the high cost of goods in Germany is rather a delusion.

Each checkout has a monitor displaying the price, so you can pay the seller without knowing German. Empty bottles, for example from mineral water, can be returned to the machine located at the entrance to the store - the machine will issue a receipt, which will then be credited for purchases (the approximate price of an empty bottle is about 15 cents, bottles that can be returned are marked with the word Pfand). To compare the order of prices, we can say that a 0-liter bottle of mineral water costs about 60 cents, the same water in a kiosk in the city center will cost 2-3 euros, so it is quite advisable to buy in advance.

An interesting point: all carts are attached with a chain, and in order to take a cart in a supermarket, you need to put a 50 cent or 1 Euro coin into a special mechanism. When the cart is returned, the coin is returned - this simple mechanism ensures order and ensures that the carts are always returned to their place.

Surprisingly, all supermarkets were closed on Sunday. This is completely unusual after Russia, because our large stores often work 24 hours a day. Buyers, of course, are more comfortable this way, but on the other hand, it is humanly possible to understand sellers who want to spend Sunday evening at home with their families. This is the kind of socialism with a human face, which we never built, but they did it.


There are a lot of attractions in Munich, and they are all located within the 1st (cheapest) tariff zone. In order to find the right place in the city, it is advisable to download a city map into your smartphone in advance and mark the places of interest, in this case it will be enough just to follow the instructions of the navigator (GPS does not consume traffic and costs free).

Depending on your interests, you can find a large number of places for every taste. These are pubs (for example, the most famous Hofbräuhaus), and many excellent museums (for example, the largest technical museum in Europe, the Deutsches Museum, where you can find everything - from ancient pies to a space station), and a beautiful park in the English style Englischer Garten, where there is even a canal with an artificial wave for surfers, and the Hellabrunn Geo-Zoo, where animals live in natural conditions and there are many species - from turtles and elephants to polar bears, and the Royal Palace of Nymphenburg, and the Botanical Garden with greenhouses located nearby.

Less known, but no less interesting is the excursion to the Bavaria Films film studio with a visit to the film studios. Of course, it is worth setting aside a day for a trip to the Alps and a visit to Neuschweinstein Castle, the place is really very beautiful. In addition to all of the above, there is also the BMW Museum, a collection of paintings by European artists in the Pinakothek, a geological museum, a hunting and fishing museum, a toy museum, porcelain, a museum of Egyptian art ... and so on. The city is really interesting, and it's a pity that most people remember it only for Oktoberfest - there are a lot of interesting things in the city, besides bars and beer.

New Town Hall at night, Munich

Indeed the seat of the Munich city government, the New Town Hall is an amazing example of neo-Gothic architectural style. Even if architecture is not your strong point, you will certainly be fascinated by the huge 100-meter facade with a mass of characteristic Gothic elements, which, it seems, can even be pricked with a glance! You will also be greeted by an abundance of sculptures of historical figures, folklore and religious characters and as many as 6 courtyards with well-groomed flower beds and comfortable benches. The 85 m high town hall tower, equipped with an elevator, offers a magnificent view of Munich, and a fantastic performance of mechanical puppets is performed on its façade three times a day.

It makes sense to start exploring Munich from the New Town Hall: this is not only one of the main attractions of the city, but also the location of the Munich Tourism Office, where travelers will be provided with a ton of useful information.

A bit of history

With the expansion of Munich's borders and the increase in the number of city officials, the Old Town Hall became too cramped in the 19th century. There was a need to move the mayor's office to a more spacious building, but there were no suitable areas among the existing structures. Then in the 1860s. it was decided to build a new building. Construction began in 1867 and continued intermittently until 1909, but the mayor's office moved to the New Town Hall already in 1874. Georg von Gauberrisser became the architect of the project; he based it on the neo-Gothic style that was current at that time, with its sharpness of Gothic lines brought to the maximum and careful inclusion of details of other styles. A distinctive feature of the appearance of the New Town Hall was the abundance of sculptures stretching along its main facade, and an 85-meter-high tower, which was practically a record for those times.

You can digest the impressions received from visiting the New Town Hall in the large and democratic historical restaurant Ratskeller, located here since 1867, on the ground floor.

What to see

The new city hall in Munich appears to the ever-delighted tourists with an abundance of interesting details. The first step is to enjoy the view of the 100-meter facade, due to the numerous reconstructions of the town hall, in fact, made up of 5 separate buildings with their own unique appearance. Everything here is beautiful: the recognizable gothic lancet windows, and the arches stretching upward, and the abundance of sharp spiers and turrets. Numerous cafes and restaurants have found their place in the arcade of the first floor. On the spire of the 85-meter tower, one can see the figure of the "Munich baby", holding the Gospel with one hand and blessing the city with the other; at its foot are the statues of the first four Bavarian kings. Along the facade of the town hall are sculptures of Bavarian dukes, kings of the Wittelsbach dynasty, folklore characters and saints.

The splendor of the neo-Gothic is brilliantly maintained in the interiors of the New Town Hall - it seems that you are under the arches of a huge temple. Out of 400 rooms with a total area of ​​more than 9 thousand square meters. m is open to the public only a tenth, but this is quite enough to appreciate the richness of the interior decoration with its wood carvings, an abundance of gilding and stone decorations.

You should definitely find yourself in front of the facade of the town hall tower at 11:00 - 43 bells of the clockwork begin to ring, and 32 human-sized figures play scenes from the life of Munich: knightly tournaments, herald processions, folk dances. In summer, the performance is repeated at 12:00 and 17:00.

Practical information

Learn the history of the city and see its main attractions

Excursion rating: 100% Tourist reviews Individual excursion for 1-10 people Price: € 100

Getting to know Munich for the first time

If this is your first time in Munich, then a two-hour eventful sightseeing tour is ideal. During a walk through the old town, you will get acquainted with the history of the capital of Bavaria, plunge into the mysterious medieval atmosphere and see Munich through the eyes of a local. I will tell you about the traditions, customs and way of life of the Bavarians, and at the end of the tour I will recommend good restaurants and will be happy to answer all your questions.

Elena guide in Munich Usually responds within 5 hours. Dear friends, welcome to Munich! If you want to plunge into the magical atmosphere of the city, learn its history and traditions in the company of a highly professional guide who is truly in love with Munich, then you are on the right track. My name is Elena, I am an experienced guide and I really love my job. Each of my excursions has an author's approach. It will be my pleasure to show you the city and help you feel the unique energy of the Bavarian capital. I am waiting for you in Munich!

Individual excursion for - person

Duration: 2 hoursChildren: Allowed with childrenBest price guaranteeIf you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion

What awaits you

Munich through the centuries You will walk along the old picturesque streets, feel their unique Bavarian spirit, see the sights from which Munich began, and learn what the city is famous for today. So, in the excursion program:

  • Maria Square is the heart of the city. You will learn the fascinating history of the square, how it has changed over the centuries and what traditions and customs it keeps. I will reveal the secret of why statues of butchers are depicted on the Fish Fountain and why an Oberburgemeister of Munich washes the purse in it every year. And I will also answer the question of who is depicted on the clock theater of the new town hall and why the oldest church of St. Peter has only one tower.
  • Cathedral of Our Lady is a symbol of Munich and the spiritual center of the city, built in the 15th century. I will tell the story of the origin of the unusual onion domes and the most interesting legends of the cathedral. You will find out who the footprint belongs to at the entrance to the cathedral and see Ludwig Bavarz's kentaf.
  • Karl Square is the second most important square in Munich. You will see the gate, which was the main entrance to the city in the Middle Ages. I will reveal the secret why the square has two names, and I will tell the story of the picturesque palace of justice.
  • St. Michael's Church is the first 16th century Munich Renaissance church located north of Italy. You will learn the fascinating history of the construction of the church and why exactly it is the burial vault of the Wittelsbach royal family.
  • Odeon Square is the most beautiful square in Munich. You will be surprised how successfully it combines architecture of different centuries. It is here that the wide Ludwig Street begins with the University of Munich and the largest state library in Germany. I will tell you who is depicted in the hall of the generals and why the hall resembles one of the arches of Florence. You will also find out to whom the Teatiner Church was presented as a birthday present and who invited theater-goers to Munich.
  • The Munich Residence is the largest residence in Europe. I will tell the story of its construction and expansion and show the Rococo court masterpiece, the Cuvilliers Theater. You will walk through the hidden old courtyards of the residence, rub the noses of the royal lions and make your cherished wishes.
  • Max Josef Square - you will see the Bavarian National Theater, the old post office in Florentine style, learn interesting facts about one of the most expensive streets in Europe - Maximilian. I will tell you why the theater burned down and with what funds it was rebuilt.
  • Hofbräuhaus is the most famous beer restaurant in Munich, the court brewery of the Bavarian dukes, founded in the 17th century. You will experience the truly German atmosphere of a beer festival, learn the laws of brewing and understand why you are allowed to bring your own food to beer gardens.

Iconic Landmarks, Historical Facts, and Valuable Tips on a 1-Hour Walking Tour

Excursion rating: 100% 5 tourists reviews Individual excursion for 1-6 people Price: € 60

Munich Express Tour

Have you decided to get out of the airport transit zone to the center of Munich for a few hours, or have you come to the city for just a day? Are you on a business trip and have almost no free time? In these cases, you will need the Munich Express Tour. You will get an overall impression of the Bavarian metropolis, get to know the history of the city, see iconic landmarks and get helpful advice from a local.

Irena Munich guide Leads 26 excursions Usually responds within 1 hour. I invite curious travelers on fun excursions around Munich, Nuremberg, Bavarian castles and surroundings, as well as Austrian Salzburg! I am a licensed guide, have lived in Europe for over 10 years, my relatives and friends are native Germans, Czechs, Swiss. There are more than 200 reviews on the site about me and my team's guides! I hope you enjoy it too. We talk about difficult things in a simple way, but about serious things in a funny way. The style of our excursions is without an abundance of dates, numbers, numerous names and surnames, complex descriptions of architectural styles. All important facts, time milestones and major attractions will by no means escape your attention. We are professionals, not amateurs. Nontrivial and emotional about history, modern life, gastronomy and art! Email me even if the date you are interested in is marked as busy on the site! Conducts 26 excursions

Individual excursion for - person

Duration: 1 hourChildren: Allowed with childrenBest price guaranteeIf you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion

What awaits you

Munich: Instructions for Use During an hour's tour of the capital of Bavaria, you will hear the basic historical and demographic facts of the largest state of Germany. I will be happy to advise you where it is best to taste the national dishes and beer of Munich breweries, tell you where to shop and help you find your way around the center of Munich.

Main attractions Depending on the starting point, the route of the express tour and the number of sites visited may vary, but you should definitely visit:

  • The central Marienplatz square, where the heart of Old Munich has always been beating. You will learn about the landmark events of this place and admire the neo-Gothic New Town Hall. Its façade tells the story of the Bavarian kings and dukes, and the figures during the chiming of the clock show the knightly tournament of the 16th century and the dance of the plague coopers. Here you will also see the oldest church in the city.
  • The world famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall, which is ready to welcome up to 3 thousand beer lovers and introduce the real Bavarian spirit! You will go under the historic vaults of the Hofbräuhaus, discover the peculiarities of Bavarian brewing and find out which famous politicians, musicians and artists have been here. Listen to the brass band and take a look at the safes with ceramic patrons' mugs. I will also tell you why the Hofbräuhaus was named “the cradle of the Nazi party”.
  • The main temple of the Frauenkirche: you will find out why the temple is crowned with unusual green onion domes, and in the interiors you will find a devil's footprint and hear the story of the once ruling dynasty - the Witttelsbach aristocrats, whose descendants still live in Munich.

Munich is the capital and heart of Bavaria. A city of contrasts, combining modern infrastructure with the influences of the past. It is strict in German and at the same time authentic, varied and harmonious. This metropolis will find something to surprise even an experienced traveler. The many sights of Munich are famous not only in Europe but all over the world. Among them are modern interactive museums, art galleries, architectural monuments, a vibrant metro and, of course, traditional restaurants and pubs. All this is the heritage of the culture and traditions of southern Germany.

Cultural program

Munich is an extremely developed city, full of cultural life. A variety of attractions for every taste allows each tourist to independently choose the most interesting places for themselves and draw up their own route for a pleasant and informative walk.

Before traveling, see the list of public holidays and days off in Bavaria, when all attractions and most shops are closed.

For example, on Sundays only restaurants, bakeries, small shops and markets at gas stations and train stations are open.

List of Popular Munich Attractions

Munich has a lot to see. Visiting this city, you will get a lot of fresh impressions and see many interesting places, historical and cultural.

A favorite place for tourists and residents of the city is the large-scale Olympic Park. As the name suggests, its construction was timed to coincide with the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.

Being in the park, you will not pass by a particularly tall building: its silhouette, clearly standing out against the sky, is clearly visible from afar. This is the famous Olympic Tower or Olympiaturm. Its height is 291 meters, and inside there is a rock museum, a restaurant, a bar and various souvenir shops.

In the northern part of the city there is a unique sports facility - the Allianz-Arena stadium. It attracts visitors with its unusual design. The design of the stadium vaguely resembles a spaceship.

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