Stories and legends of Venice in the evening - unusual excursions in Venice

Carnival in Venice 2020: dates and schedule

A person who comes to Venice for the first time, as a rule, has a lot of expectations, most of which are justified. Venice is an amazingly beautiful city, which, however, is crowded with tourists and everything is very expensive here. At the height of its prosperity in the 15th century, the city was a huge Mediterranean empire. Later, when the political power was left behind, Venice became a major tourist destination.

John Ruskin in his book "The Stones of Venice" glorified the architecture of this city all over the world. Today Venice is visited by 20 million people annually. Most are attracted by the much-publicized delights of Venice: the carnival, the famous ornamental glass, the songs of the gondoliers and fabulously expensive cafes. Others walk through the quiet quarters and secret places of this amazing city.

Arrival, transport and accommodation in Venice

Marco Polo International Airport (Venice Airport Transfer) is located on the edge of the lagoon, and the city center can be reached by the ACTV 5 and ATVO buses or the more expensive sea tram. All transport flows to Piazzale Roma at the beginning of the Grand Canal, from where you can get to the San Marco area by water, stopping at Santa Lucia train station.

The main tourist office is located at San Marco 71-f, a couple of minutes walk east of the square (9.0-15.0 daily). There is a tour desk at the train station and at the airport where you can get a free information magazine in English Leo and a guide to the night city Venezia da Vivere.

The travel agency sells a Museum Pass for visiting major museums (except for the Academy and the Guggenheim Museum), Chorus Pass for entering 14 churches in the city and Venezia Card for sea trams and visits to most museums. The fastest way to get around is on foot: the entire city can be crossed in an hour. Tickets for the sea tram (vaporetto) are sold at the landing stage.

Tariff - 5 euros for one long trip, including the Grand Canal (3.50 euros without it). One-day and three-day tickets are available for sale. A cheap way to ride the Grand Canal is the Venetian ferry traghetti. The gondola ride is absurdly expensive: the official fare is 73 euros for 50 minutes, but you can be charged 100 euros for 45 minutes, plus another 100 euros for singing the gondolier.

Accommodation is a major expense in Venice, so hotel reservations should be made in advance. The cheapest option is to stay in a hostel, most of which are owned by religious organizations. You can stay in a nearby town - Padua or Trieste. Reservations offices (9.00-20.00 daily) are available at the train station, at the Tronchetto pier (Piazzale Roma), at the airport and at the Venetian motorway exit.

Hilton Molino Stucky

Venice Hotels

1). Hotel Antico Capon - The hotel is located in one of the most beautiful squares in the city, in the heart of the student quarter. Location: Campo S. Margherita, Dorsoduro 3004/B;

2). Hotel Bernardi Semenzato - Affordable hotel with a hospitable English speaking host. Location: Calle dell'Oca, Cannaregio 4366;

Tourism is the dominant source of income in Venice today. More than 15 million tourists come here annually for at least one day for the sake of attractions. Many buildings are considered architectural monuments, so tourists have something to see in Venice and what are the main attractions that every traveler should see?

Canals and waterways

The main attraction of Venice is the urban transport links, which are carried out through the canals.

The main transport artery of the city is the Grand Canal, which divides Venice into two parts.

Channel length - 3800m, width 30-70m, depth - 5m. Four bridges have been erected across the Canalazzo (as the Venetians call the Grand Canal), and 45 smaller canals flow into it, the width of which can be 4-5 m and move along them exclusively on gondolas. Rides on gondolas or river trams are very popular, since all the front facades face the water surface of the Grand Canal.

In the Cannaregio area, on the Grand Canal, there is the Ca 'd'Oro or Palazzo Santa Sofia, called the "Golden House". The palace got its name due to the facade, in the past, decorated with precious materials. The palace was built in the 15th century in the Venetian Gothic style. Today it houses a collection of medieval sculpture and painting.

St. Mark's Square

Particularly noteworthy is a visit to Piazza San Marco, with the cathedral of the same name located on it. On the square, tourists are greeted by numerous pigeons, which, according to legend, were brought from Egypt specially as a gift to the doge's wife.

The campanile (bell tower) - the highest building in Venice, from where the most beautiful view opens up - rushed up.

  • We recommend a dawn tour of Venice without tourists.

Doge's Palace

In Piazza San Marco, you can also see the Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale) - a gigantic palace complex from the times of the greatness of the Venetian Republic.

Bridge of Sighs

Walking through the city, living in an atmosphere of continuous wonder

Excursion rating: 100% 3 tourists' reviews Individual excursion for 1-4 people Price: € 168

Stories and legends of Venice in the evening

With the onset of evening, when the noise of the tourist crowd subsides, Venice is immersed in memories. You will feel how time will stop: a labyrinth of streets, magnificent palaces and reflections of lights on the water surface of the canals will merge into a single picture, where legends and events of the past will await at every corner. Rational is indistinguishable from magic here, and dozens of Venetian stories of love, heroism and mysterious crimes that you hear will help you understand the character of this amazing city.

Elena guide in Venice Leads 4 excursions Usually responds within 10 hours. My name is Elena, I am 54 years old, I am an art critic, with extensive experience in the museums of St. Petersburg and organizing author's excursions. Now I live in Venice, studying its history and its monuments - this is a very exciting experience! Conducts 4 excursions

Individual excursion for - person

Duration: 3 hours Children: No children Best Price Guaranteed If you find a price lower, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion

What awaits you

The magic of the evening city Our tour will begin from anywhere: from the doorstep of your hotel, railway station or street cafe. You yourself will choose the starting point, and so spontaneously we will plunge headlong into the atmosphere of evening Venice. You will visit the picturesque district of San Polo, aristocratic Dorsoduro or the poetic Canaredo and Castello, and also have a cup of coffee in one of the local establishments while talking about the history of the city, into which the stories of its inhabitants are closely interwoven. Brilliant nobles, doges and humble artisans, saints and villains, thieves and beauties - they all seem to have not left Venice, and with the onset of evening they cast shadows on the city's pavements.

Mysterious Corners of Venice You will learn how the inhabitants of the palaces of the Grand Canal - often called the most beautiful street in the world - created their huge fortunes and lost them. See the Church of Miracles - an architectural masterpiece built for a single icon, look at a typical Venetian courtyard and find out why prayers are held here for the Venetian Madonna, who protects the locals from troubles. I will tell you about the Ca-d'Oro Palace, one of the most beautiful palaces in the city - the love story of an Italian ballerina and a Russian prince is associated with it. And, of course, you will see the main attractions of Venice - St. Mark's Square and the Rialto Bridge, which remember many legends. The secrets of the famous and invisible corners of the city will help you feel its special aura.

Organizational matters

Additional costs - the cost of a cup of coffee.

The worldwide popularity of a small island town is an example of how the cultural and historical potential of an area can attract so many tourists that it will eventually have to be limited.

In relation to Venice, tourists can be divided into two groups: those who still dream of visiting and those who have already been there. The former are more numerous and see the city in a halo of romantic stories and fairy tales. The latter sometimes believe that the enthusiasm for her is greatly exaggerated. Either way, marketing works. There are so many tourists in the city that the locals are already calling on the Venice authorities to introduce quotas on the number of visitors.

Don't yawn

The average temperature in summer is +26. If you add high humidity to it, it becomes clear why many tourists do not feel as comfortable here as they imagined in their dreams. In addition, in the most visited tourist areas of Venice, the density of the crowd on the streets is off scale.

Almost 265 thousand people live in the city, including its mainland, and every year this meager square (the historic center of Venice would fit on the Kiev Trukhanov Island) is visited by 20 million tourists.

Therefore, the first thing that the local guide will warn you about is not to yawn around and try to wander around the narrow streets, otherwise the locals in a hurry on their business will angrily hiss at the next careless tourist getting under their feet.

So many guests are brought here every day from mainland Italy that the Venetians themselves are calling for tourist quotas

Besides, the flow of people puts too much pressure on bridges and other structures in the city. According to the latest poll, 69% of entertainers, painters and other locals who make money from tourists believe that the number of guests should be limited.

Oddly enough, the growing flow of visitors does not affect the increase in earnings for local businesses. For the same reason, the Venetians themselves leave Venice. On average, 2.6 people leave the central part of the city per day, the fact is that the lion's share of local housing is rented out. 50 years ago, the number of inhabitants of the historical part was 174 thousand people, today it is 3.2 times less, only 54 thousand inhabitants.

“Venice has always been beautiful, but I wish the photos people take here show our wonderful monuments, not just the heads of strangers,” says local tourism advisor Paola Mar.

One Day Guests

Update February 23, 2020: Due to the current coronavirus situation in Italy, the Venice Carnival has been suspended. Consequently, there will be no programmed celebrations and processions on February 24 and 25.

The breathtaking Carnival of Venice, which this year is dedicated to the theme of love, starts on Saturday 8th February and ends on 25th February 2020. Here you will find parades, balls, parties, regattas and even flights over the square.

Partly because the carnival period coincides with Valentine's Day, because Venice is universally considered a place for lovers, but above all because the city has rebuilt from the damage from the November flood thanks to those who continued to lovingly continue to do donations, the central theme chosen for this year's Venice Carnival is Love. “Il Gioco, l'Amore e la Follia. Game, Love and Folly ", -" Game, love and madness "- this is the full name of the theme of the Venice Carnival 2020.

The Venice Carnival is a colorful and unforgettable sight, the roots of which date back to the 12th century. This is the period during which it is customary to have fun, dance, eat and drink deliciously, without denying oneself entertainment until the beginning of Lent. And for many people, the carnival in Venice is a great chance to try on new looks and be in the center of everyone's attention.

The Venice Carnival 2020 program will include more than 150 events: performances, processions, theater performances, parties, concerts, film screenings, exhibitions, excursions. There is also an outdoor ice rink in Campo San Polo and the 36th Venetian Mask and Costume Market in Campo Santo Stefano. Having decided to visit any of the events, we advise you to come to the venue in advance, shcha 1.5-2 hours, in order to avoid the crowds and blocked streets. The temporary office and tourist information point is located at 3998 San Marco, opposite the entrance to the Rossini cinema, and real-time updates can be found on the official website . arnevale. enezia. t/en/

Opening of the Venice Carnival

No wonder the opening of the Venice Carnival takes place on the water. On the Rio di Cannaregio canal on Saturday, February 8, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, there will be a fascinating show "Amoris causa" directed by Alessandro Martello. The show is produced by Artists Wavents with the participation of Opera Fiammae, which specializes in the theatrical art of manipulating fire. A memorable performance is expected in all senses, which will unfold gradually with the participation of all four elements: a journey into hidden feelings and deep emotions to warm the body and soul of the audience.

Carnival regattas and Pantegan's mouse

The second Venice Water Festival will take place in conjunction with the Venetian Rowing Associations and is scheduled for Sunday 9 February starting at 10:15 am. The traditional water procession departs from the Punta della Dogana building (11 am) and arrives at the Rio di Cannaregio canal, where by this time tents and fairgrounds with Venetian delicacies will open. The grand finale of the regatta will conclude with the arrival of the giant mouse figure of Pantegan, the grotesque symbol of Venice's canals, on the Grand Canal.

Theatrical flights

Traditionally, two Sundays will be dedicated to the famous flights from the bell tower of Piazza San Marco. The first will take place "Flight of the Angel", which the Venetians call "el paron de casa" - on Sunday 16 February. The second flight, on Sunday 23 February, is called Flight of the Eagle. Traditionally, during the Flight of the Angel, a young Venetian girl, the winner of last year's fancy-dress procession of Mary, descends from the bell tower of San Marco in a fancy dress. The name of the one who will fly during the "Flight of the Eagle" is kept secret for the last, but usually this honor is awarded to athletes, patrons, famous personalities.

Look at last year's Angel Flight:

At the end of the carnival, on Tuesday 25 February, a symbolic third flight will take place, which in the Venetian dialect is called Svolo del Leon - "Flight of the Lion". To honor the lion, the symbol of Venice, a large canvas with a lion painted on it will fly up to the bell tower above the spectators in the square. To welcome this flight, there will be twelve young girls from Venice on stage in Piazza San Marco, each playing the role of Mary.

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