Sanatoriums of North Ossetia

Sanatoriums of North Ossetia

North Ossetia is one of the 22 republics of the Russian Federation. It is located in the North Caucasus, bordering on such republics as South Ossetia, Georgia, Dagestan and others.

Population of North Ossetia, historical summary

The ancestors of the North Ossetians are the Alans who lived in the territories of the Ciscaucasia. In the IV century, the Alans were driven out by the Huns to the mountains of the Central Caucasus. There are several similar migrations in the history of the Alans. Then the future North Ossetia was distinguished by a rather high population density. The largest settlements were Magas, Dedyakov, Me-Tsissy. One of the chronicles says that Dedyakov was one of the largest cities in Eastern Alanya.

Alans bordered on Georgians, Kumyks, ancestors of Chechens, Ingush, Dagestanis. The second time they had to move in the XI century because of the Tatar-Mongol yoke, the invasion of the Kabardian tribes. We went higher into the mountains. The third resettlement is associated with the campaigns of Tamerlane. From that moment on, the territory of the Ossetians began to shrink significantly. Half of the population of North Ossetia was destroyed and captured. Since that time, the Ossetians began to settle in part of the territories of the modern republic.

In 1774, when these lands were annexed to Russia, the last settlement began. The people inhabited the flat part. At the beginning of the 19th century, an equal population lived in the mountainous and lowland parts. After the annexation, the Ossetian people began to restore their numbers. During the First Census, about 200 thousand people were counted. A quarter lived in the capital - Vladikavkaz.

The population of North Ossetia today

The population of North Ossetia-Alania at the beginning of 2018 was 701 thousand inhabitants. Since the twenties of the twentieth century, the number of inhabitants has steadily increased. So, from 1926 to 1959, the number of people rose from 152 to 450 thousand. Until 1993, there was only an increase. Then, until the mid-nineties, about 50-60 thousand people left the Republic. Then, until 2003, the population of North Ossetia increased to 710 thousand. Further, not counting 2010, when about 10-12 thousand arrived in the Republic, people just left here. If we count from the tenth year, it turns out that by 2019 the population of North Ossetia has decreased by almost as much as 15 thousand people - to 699 312 from 712 980.

National composition

The ethnic composition of North Ossetia is quite extensive - more than twenty nations. The ten most numerous are: Ossetians - 65%, Russians - 20%, Ingush - 4%, Armenians - 2.5%, Kumyks - 2.2%, Georgians - 1.3%, Turks - 0.5%, Ukrainians - 0.5%, Azerbaijanis - 0.4%, Kabardians - 0.4%.

Religious composition

The majority of residents (57%) are Christians, 22% of residents consider themselves pagans, worship nature, gods, 8% called themselves Christians, but do not belong to different confessions, four percent are atheists, 3% are Muslims, 2% are Old Believers, 1% believe in higher powers, but do not profess any religion.

There are only 6 official cities - Vladikavkaz, Mozdok, Beslan, Alagir, Ardon, Digora. The most numerous, the only city with a population of one hundred thousand, the capital Vladikavkaz, has 306,258 citizens for 2018. Mozdok - 41 728, Beslan - 37 029, Alagir - 20 043, Ardon - 19 412, Digora - 10 075. The rest of the settlements do not even exceed 10 thousand citizens.

The North Caucasus is famous not only for its magnificent natural landscapes, a variety of flora and fauna, majestic mountains and glaciers. The nature of the Caucasus is considered curative. There are thermal, sulfuric springs here, the air contributes to the treatment of respiratory diseases. Therefore, many health resorts are being built here.

The Republic of North Ossetia is located on the territory of 8 thousand square kilometers of the Greater Caucasus. It is part of the Russian Federation. Here tourists will find many attractive resorts, can go mountaineering, see mountains, fast rivers, swim in lakes, just relax. But, you must admit, after all, it is many times more pleasant to have a good rest and heal your health. For this purpose, sanatoriums were created in North Ossetia. The basis is balneology. Let's figure out which wellness centers are the best to visit so as not to waste money and time.

Pine Grove

Not far from the capital of the Republic, Vladikavkaz, there is one of the most popular health resorts - Pine Grove. The main emphasis here is placed on recovery after complex operations, treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal systems. Among the types of treatment, mud therapy is most often used, which includes mud applications, inhalations: hypoxic therapy, mental treatment with music, paraffin/ozokerite applications, hirudotherapy. They also carry out massages, exercise therapy, health path, climate/halo/mechano-therapy.

Billiards, tennis, gym, sauna, swimming pools, library, laundry, parking and conference hall are available on the territory of the sanatorium.

A special dietary menu is prepared for patients, three meals a day. The capacity of the Pine Grove is only 100 people, which is the only drawback.

A day of stay with treatment costs from 800 rubles. A minimum of 11 overnights can be booked.

The sanatorium is located in the village of Redant.


Also in North Ossetia for treatment near Vladikavkaz, a sanatorium "Ossetia" has been built. It is called the most modern, comfortable, the best in terms of price and quality in the republic. Here they specialize in the treatment of diseases of the circulatory system, musculoskeletal, nervous, integumentary systems.

The health complex has a huge yard, there is an opportunity to play tennis on the court, billiards, badminton, volleyball or football. Among the entertainment there is a bar, a list of excursions, in the library you can borrow books, show films.

Meals are prepared separately for each client, it is 5 times a day.

The complex is located not far from the capital, among the ancient forest, at the address Costa Avenue, 12.

Every year the North Caucasus attracts more and more people. Fans of outdoor activities, photographers, beginners and professional climbers, travelers, and simple vacationers come here.

Five years ago, no one could have imagined that the Caucasus Mountains would begin to actively develop as a tourist destination. Times are changing and now in North Ossetia, one of the Republics of the Caucasus, new tourist centers, recreation centers, health centers, hotels and guest houses are being built. All this is good, but not all meals are available, so you have to spend hours looking for some good restaurant to have a snack or a hearty meal. It takes quite a long time to ask the local population, and to search on the Internet even longer. Since the most popular tourist city of the Ossetian republic is the capital Vladikavkaz, we have made a selection of the best metropolitan restaurants in North Ossetia with different cuisines.


On Prospect Mira, 10, there is a wonderful restaurant with the same name as the popular coffee - "Americano". It is ideal for both evening gatherings with friends and a simple meal. Modern design, professional chefs, inexpensive but delicious food - it's all here. There is a vegetarian menu. The cuisine is American. The prices are pleasantly surprising - so lunch costs 300 rubles, but it can feed the average man.


On the same Prospect Mira, 45, there is a restaurant of Italian cuisine "Limoncello". There is always a pleasant atmosphere here. Everyone will like the modern interior. Both salads and hot dishes are prepared. Visitors are always satisfied. Children will love the desserts. Adults will be pleasantly surprised by real wine.


On Gorky Street, 9 there is an inexpensive cafe "Magic". All furniture is made of real wood, original paintings hang on the walls. "Magic" specializes in European cuisine, but you can order rolls, sushi, pasta.

Lookoom Teahouse

Prospect Mira is rich in good restaurants. At 35 there is a well-known establishment - "Lookoom Chaykhana". Specialists of Caucasian and European cuisines work here. Prices in comparison with Moscow's high will not come out. In this institution you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. The branded interior does not hurt the eyes. Excellent kebabs, lula, pies and soups are made here.

Royal Bar

Five to ten years ago, instead of resting in the mountains of the North Caucasus, anyone would definitely choose the Black Sea resorts, go to rest abroad, but did not consider the Caucasus Mountains as a place where you can spend your holidays well and inexpensively , vacation or weekend. Fortunately, times are changing. Now many travelers prefer Russian resorts, especially the Caucasian ones. If in other places you can quickly find a place to stop, then in the same North Ossetia it will be difficult to find a good hotel, because these territories as a tourist destination have just begun to develop. The article contains a selection of the best hotels in North Ossetia, both in the mountains and on the plain in various price categories.

Grand Hotel Alexandrovsky

In the center of the Ossetian capital, Vladikavkaz, there is the only world hotel that has received four stars - the Alexandrovsky Grand Hotel. Being in the hotel, one can feel the imperial luxury and grandeur. It was created in memory of the great ruler of the Russian Empire - Alexander the Second.

A doorman meets visitors at the entrance. In total, there are 30 different rooms at the disposal of tourists, of which 12 are ordinary, 10 are luxury, 6 with balconies - superior, 2 are presidential. An initial set of amenities present in rooms of any level: air conditioning, bathroom, TV, telephone line, high-speed free Internet. The property of Aleksandrovsky is a magnificent view of the rocks from absolutely every room. By combining an unobtrusive medieval interior with modern technology, the result is an ideal place to relax. The Grand Hotel will be the best choice for both simple travel and business trips. The hotel can offer conference rooms, SPA, meals in its own restaurant, delivery of food and drinks to the room, parking, laundry. A day's stay here is quite expensive - from 5 or 7 thousand rubles, depending on the season.

Aleksandrovsky is located at Prospect Mira, 29.

Hotel Imperial

Imperial is an inexpensive but high-quality hotel in the capital of North Ossetia-Alania. In the lobby, visitors are greeted by the corporate identity. At guests' disposal are cozy rooms, each of which has satellite TV, bathroom, minibar, hairdryer. Rooms are cleaned daily.

On the territory there is a bar, free parking, a restaurant, a SPA-salon, conference rooms, a restaurant.

The cost of daily accommodation will cost at least 3 thousand rubles per person. Imperial is located at Vladikavkaz, Prospect Mira, building 19.

Hotel "Plasma"

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