Rural Sunrise "

Rural Sunrise




On October 23, in the village of Vasilyevka, within the framework of the celebration of the 145th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian writer Ivan Bunin, a literary holiday "Buninskaya Village" was held for the first time. It became the starting point for large-scale work on the development of domestic tourism, which means the popularization of the literary and historical heritage of our small homeland. The event, which left a noticeable mark not only in the memory of its many participants, but also in the cultural life of the Izmalkovsky Territory, was attended by representatives of local authorities, culture and education workers of the region, as well as guests from the Yelets State University named after I. A. Bunina.

Few Izmalkovites, not to mention the inhabitants of other parts of our great Motherland, stretching from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, know that the great Russian writer Ivan Bunin for more than 30 years of his life often visited and loved local places. Few people have heard that it was this land, the people and nature of which gave the writer the richest material for creativity, nurtured and developed his literary gift, inspired him to create unique works that won recognition all over the world. And therefore, what they saw and heard at this literary holiday for many became an important discovery that struck to the depths of their souls, made their heart beat faster, feel pride, sadly gaze into the neighborhood where the future Nobel laureate drew inspiration several decades ago.

The guests of the holiday visited the school museum of the village of Vasilyevka, which, bit by bit, collected evidence of the writer's presence on this land. The head of the museum room, teacher and buninologist Anna Nemytova, who devoted a significant part of her life to studying the difficult fate and controversial character of Ivan Bunin, told the audience that it was in Vasilyevka that the writer collected material for the Village, created such masterpieces as Sukhodol, Mr. from San Francisco "," Chang's Dreams ", wrote many poems. Here he became a poet, here he fell in love for the first time ...

What is left in the village from that time that reminds of the writer? You can see the ruins of the church, touch the old milestone, past which the Bunins' carriage once drove, stroll through the partially intact apple orchard described in the story "Antonov Apples". Unfortunately, the house of the writer’s cousin S.N.Pusheshnikova, to whose estate Bunin strove with all his heart, even for a day, even for an hour, to look and admire the beloved surroundings of the village, walk through them, gain strength and recharge with the energy of his native places, unfortunately, has not survived. Only century-old poplars remind that there was once a manor here and people lived here. It is difficult to convey the excitement that grips a person who finds himself in places sung by the great writer. You look around and you seem to be transported a hundred years ago, you seem to recognize all this, involuntarily recalling the plots of his works in your memory.

An important part of the celebration program was a visit to the literary and musical living room, where the participants of the event got acquainted in detail with the biography of I. A. Bunin, his life in Vasilyevka (Glotovo), enjoyed the best poems of the poet performed by the pupils of the exemplary children's theater group "Harlequin". We were fascinated by the performance of the creative team of the RDK in the theatrical sketch "The Smell of Antonovskiye Apples", attentively listened to the story of the creation of the book by the Chernavian poetess Valentina Kupavykh "Field Buninskaya Rus", enthusiastically applauded the teacher of the Children's Music School Lyubov Strekalova, who performed a romance on poems by I. Bunin bumblebees "(composer I. Schwartz).

The program of the holiday also included a viewing of the exhibition of rare books by I. A. Bunin, provided by the Lipetsk Regional Universal Scientific Library, a review of the book exhibition "Life Is Given Only to a Word", tea drinking and a photo session at the Memorial Sign located on the site of the estate Pusheshnikovs.

An unshakable truth has become the leitmotif of the literary holiday - the realization that Bunin's legacy is Literature with a capital letter, an inexhaustible well of pure spring Russian speech, having fallen in love with which, you will forever become an admirer of Bunin. His work does not allow us to forget our great national origins, the origins of the great Russian literature, classical folk music, Russian folklore, painting, folk crafts and handicrafts ... All that is called Russia, Motherland!

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