Prospects for the development of event tourism in the Irkutsk region and the development of a gastronomic event tour around Lake Baikal

A guide to historical, artistic and scientific Irkutsk

Cultural heritage objects restored according to old drawings and preserved monuments of federal significance are now unique museums. At the same time, quite often guests of our city, and what a sin to conceal, the Irkutsk people themselves do not know where they can spend their free time with the benefit of the soul and mind.

"AiF in the Armed Forces" has prepared a kind of guide to Irkutsk museums.

Historical and artistic

The history of Irkutsk, traditions and even wedding ceremonies, in which visitors themselves can become participants, will be told in the Museum of the History of the City (except Wednesday) at the address: st. Frank-Kamenetsky, 16 "A". The cost of the excursion for children is 15 rubles, for adults - 100 rubles, preferential admission - 30 rubles.

You can learn more about the "real" life of Irkutsk people in the Museum of Urban Life at st. December Events, 77. The price of an entrance ticket without a guided tour for adults is 30 rubles, for children - 15. A visit with a guided tour will cost an adult 80 rubles, a child - 35

City Exhibition Center. IN. . Rogal is a branch of the Museum of the History of the City of Irkutsk, one of the most "mobile", in which various exhibitions are held at least three times a month. Located on the street. Khalturina, 3. Admission is paid, a ticket for children - 15 rubles, for adults - 30, on the opening days of exhibitions, the center can be visited free of charge.

Entrance to the Irkutsk Regional Museum of Local Lore on the street. Karl Marx, 13, will cost up to 200 rubles.

The cost of a ticket to the Irkutsk Regional Art Museum. IN. . Sukacheva on the street. Karl Marx, 23/25, for an adult - 100, for a student - 50, for a child - 10 rubles.

Sukachev's manor, built in the 19th century, is one of the few urban wooden estates within the boundaries of Irkutsk that have survived to this day. Admission ticket for adults - 100 rubles, 50 rubles. for schoolchildren, 10 - for preschoolers. You can walk around the territory and sit in the gazebo for free. Also, for an additional fee, you can take pictures in a historical costume.

The cost of an entrance ticket to the recently opened after restoration Irkutsk Regional Historical and Memorial Museum of the Decembrists "House-Museum of Trubetskoy" on the street. Dzerzhinsky, 64, - from 70 to 200 rubles. From 100 rubles (for students) to 200 will cost a ticket to another museum of the Decembrists "House of Volkonsky".


The unique Museum of Communications of Siberia accepts groups of no more than 15 people. The cost of a child ticket is 50 rubles plus 450 rubles for excursion services from a group. Teachers and parents are free with the group. Museum located on the street. Sverdlova, 35 "v", works by prior arrangement and only on weekdays.

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Chapter Development of proposals for the development of event tourism in the Irkutsk region

Development of a new tourist destination "Delicious Baikal Meetings" in the Irkutsk Region

Within the framework of the material I have studied, for the development of event tourism in the Irkutsk region, I propose the following tourist destination.

The cruise company "Mosturflot", together with its partners from the Irkutsk region, could invite all cruise lovers to go on a gastronomic 6-day tour "Delicious Baikal Meetings" dedicated to the "Festival of Omul", which will be held on August 19 in p Utulik tour-base "Ol-Terra".

This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted not only with the sights of Siberian beauties, but also taste unique dishes prepared according to old traditions. Gastronomic tours are currently very popular with tourists, as they combine a useful pastime with a pleasant one. Omul, as you know, is one of the main attractions of the Irkutsk region, visitors to the festival will be able not only to get acquainted with the dishes prepared from this fish, but also have fun, as well as buy souvenirs.

This tourist product is designed for a Russian group. The age category can be different, but it is recommended for people from 25 to 65 years old. We tried to develop such a tour so that it would be accessible to a person even with an average income. The group is limited to 30 group members.

When planning a tour, it was necessary to choose the most interesting places that would be visited not only by people of the older generation, since the cruise vacation in most cases is chosen by this return category, but also by the younger generation. The travel destination plan looks like this:

Arrival of tourists to Irkutsk → transfer → hotel accommodation → lunch → road to p. Listvyanka by bus → boarding a cruise ship → “Baikal treat in Listvyanka” → “Acquaintance with seals” → “Acquaintance with South Baikal” → sightseeing tour → Far Eastern cuisine of Baikal → Baikalsk → strawberry festival → Russian bath → Slyudyanka → attractions, “Shamansky Cape ”→ Utulik village“ Omul Festival ”→ Olkhon → Siberian cuisine → return to Listvyanka → road to Irkutsk → accommodation at the Lazurny Bereg hotel → dinner → breakfast → visit to the Tea Museum → transfer to the airport.

Meeting tourists at the airport of Irkutsk, then a transfer is organized to the hotel "Cote d'Azur", where tourists can rest after the flight, then lunch is organized at the hotel. After lunch, a transfer will await them, which will take them to Listvyanka settlement, where they will be able to step on board the ship and stay in their cabins. Then those who wish will be invited to get acquainted with the "Baikal delicacies" in a local cafe, as well as go to the Baikal Museum, where they can get acquainted with the flora and fauna of Baikal, as well as the main attraction of the Baikal seal. Overnight stay at the cruise area. In order for tourists to get to know each other better, the "King of Karaoke" competition will be held on board the ship, the participants are divided into groups of 5 people and they are given various tasks, for example, to sing a song with a naked Nikolai Baskov, the team who will do the best and scores more points will be the winner. The jury will include the crew of the ship (independent judges).

In the morning the ship leaves for Peschanaya Bay (Appendix 1), where you will get acquainted with South Baikal.

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