Prices for tours to the Murmansk region can be halved

8 most exciting summer tours in the Murmansk region

A truly unique vacation awaits tourists in the Murmansk region. Where else can they find snow 8 months of the year and see the northern lights? Take a dog sled ride through the snowy expanses and take pictures with polar ostriches? And all this is just a couple of hours of flight from Moscow or St. Petersburg. We are studying what can be offered to tourists in the Arctic.

Easy to get there

There are 2 airports on the territory of the region, the federal highway M18 and the railway pass.

Flights to Murmansk and Khibiny airports depart daily from Moscow, St. Petersburg and a number of other cities. The flight time from Moscow is 2 hours, from St. Petersburg - 1.5 hours.

You can also get to Murmansk by train: travel time when departing from Moscow - 36 hours, from St. Petersburg - 28 hours.

It's hard not to fall in love

The land easily wins the hearts of those who love winter holidays. Endless snowy expanses, northern lights, transparent ice of countless lakes and the splendor of snow-capped mountains - where else can a tourist find such landscapes?

Winter in the Arctic is long, but mild. Snow falls in October, lies for more than eight months a year and pleases with its snow-white purity.

People come to the Murmansk region for real winter fun: downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, deer and dogs.

Tourist attraction points

Murmansk is the largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle, where tourists can get acquainted with the history of the development of the North and be convinced of the hospitality of the inhabitants of the capital of the Kola Arctic.

Kola is an ancient city 10 km from Murmansk, where the very first stone building on the Kola land is located - the Annunciation Cathedral.

In the cities of Kirovsk and Apatity, guests will be amazed by the magical beauty of the snow-capped Khibiny; it is here that you can take the best photographs of the northern lights.

Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region Dmitry Filippov spoke about the situation with tourism in the Murmansk region.

“We have the measures that were provided for last year, this subsidy is the most demanded, because it is aimed at the implementation of specific projects. But this year we have provided for an unprecedented amount - 10 million rubles, the maximum amount was 4 million rubles. We have expanded specializations and subsidies. This year there are three specializations - infrastructure projects, up to 800 thousand rubles; up to 500 thousand - for the purchase of equipment and 300 thousand for the first time for entrepreneurs in the field of tourism, who are engaged in event activities, "- said Filippov

In the region, consultations are held with entrepreneurs in the field of tourism.

“We understand that when the regions are open for entry, people will not primarily spend money on travel, and the region has competitors, but nevertheless, we propose to introduce a new type of subsidy to compensate part of the cost of tours for domestic inbound tourism. The register contains 41 tour operators in the Murmansk region, and each has a certain number of tours. To attract tourists to the region, we offer compensation. The tour operator will cut the cost by half, and we will compensate for the rest, ”the vice-governor explained.

There are about 70 illegal guides in the region, 20 officially registered guides. It is proposed to introduce a subsidy so that they can register officially. This will be held in the form of a competition.

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Your tourists will be able to see the ship graveyard in the legendary Teriberka, ride a reindeer in the Sami village, taste a variety of seafood and much more

Tour operator companies of the Murmansk region have developed many interesting programs for the summer - both for active tourists and for families. We have selected several significant and popular among tourists.

Expedition to the End of the Earth Full Dive

Duration: 6 days/5 nights.

Route: Murmansk - Staraya Titovka - Cape German - Ozerko - Skorbeevka - Ozerko - Cape Sharapov - Cape Tsypnavolok - Ozerko - Middle Peninsula - Musta-Tunturi - Staraya Titovka.

Tourists will have a rich program in the natural park of the Rybachiy and Sredny peninsulas, a trip to Anikeev Island to the ancient plate of records of Arctic navigators (with access to the sea).

Travelers will see: the historical and local history exposition "Titovsky Frontier", the German road during the Great Patriotic War, the Musta-Tunturi mountain pass, the "Egg" height, pillboxes, the rocky shore "Armageddon", two lighthouses thrown onto the shore of a whale, a grounded ship, an abandoned garrison, the ancient Sami temple "Two Brothers", a garden of stone figures, a complex of coastal artillery, a cascade of waterfalls.

The participants of the tour will overcome most of the road by ATVs.

"Treasures of the South of Kola"

Duration: 3 days/2 nights.

Route: Murmansk - Umba - Kandalaksha - Apatity - Kirovsk - Lapland State Biosphere Reserve.

On this trip, tourists will touch the ancient history of the Terek Pomors in Umba, touch the natural resources of the Khibiny, make a Sami amulet, visit the amazingly beautiful places of the Lapland Nature Reserve, prepare and taste the signature Tom Yam with northern fish for the first time (halibut, salmon, cod) and seafood (mussels, shrimp, squid).

"Teriberka - a journey to the ends of the earth"

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