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The North Caucasus is the most densely populated and multinational territory of Russia. It is renowned for its cordiality and hospitality. Friendly and emotional people live here, in whom there is a kind of childish purity and naivety.

Each Caucasian nation observes its customs and traditions and passes them on from generation to generation. Here are 9 of the most amazing ones!

The first custom of Adygea

One of the shocking customs of the noble Circassians in ancient times was atalism. Parents gave their little child to be raised by their subordinates. Upon reaching adulthood, the boy could return to the family, and the girl returned before marriage.

While the child was being raised, the parents did not meet with him. The child returned in the presence of witnesses, as a rule, seven so that the father and mother would not doubt his blood relationship. The custom symbolized friendship between families, and in some cases it was used to end blood feud.

The exchange of children was widespread among other Caucasian peoples, but in our time the custom has become obsolete.

The custom of the second Dagestan

In Dagestan, it is believed that the day when the guest did not come is bad. The doors of these highlanders' houses are always open. During a meal, the family puts an additional appliance on the table, and leaves a portion of food in case guests arrive. Anyone, even a stranger, is the most dear and desirable here, at any time of the day. Hospitable owners prudently keep a fur coat in the house, in case the traveler gets cold on the road.

A person can stay in their hearth as long as he needs. According to custom, for the first three days, the guest is not asked questions, and after this time he is communicated with as a family member.

The traveler will not be released empty-handed. They will collect a bag of food for him on the road, and they will also put a gift. Before the guest leaves the house, a jug of clean water is placed on the threshold, which means a wish of a happy journey.

Third custom of Karachay-Cherkessia

Exhibitions in the North Caucasus and how are they held?

Exhibitions, as one of the forms of marketing, allow you to demonstrate and sell goods and services in direct contact with the consumer. It is not only convenient, but also effective. After all, participation in the exhibition provides an opportunity to establish long-term relationships with clients.

Exhibitions in the North Caucasus are held frequently and with great resonance. After all, the Caucasian region is a concentration of interests of many business and cultural spheres. Here new acquaintances take place, uniting people from different regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Exhibitions in the Caucasus open up new perspectives, allowing to solve the following tasks: Demonstration of samples of goods and services in "real time" and in the presence of those who are interested. It has been proven that this way of presentation allows you to better convey information, showing the advantages of the product or service you offer, and most importantly, you always get "feedback".

Participation in exhibitions in the North Caucasus allows you to expand the boundaries of the sales market, find its free "niches", strengthen existing positions and increase the volume of sales or services.

What do such exhibitions give?

The exhibition in the North Caucasus also has an excellent PR component. This is not only a good positioning of your company among the target consumer, but also a way to attract journalists to replicate the information you provide. For the same purpose, "sales promotion" is carried out - in the form of lotteries, distribution of branded souvenirs, free samples of products, tastings and discounts.

During the exhibition, participants also study the products and services of competitors, check the relevance of their proposals and their alternatives.

Caucasus exhibitions create a platform for obtaining new contacts and building relationships with potential partners.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the exhibition by attracting the most interested target audience and personal communication with it, it is necessary to carefully think over the business program. After all, working on the image is another step on the path to success. The business program is formed depending on the declared topics of the exhibition and the technical task of the Customer.

In accordance with it, the plan of work at the exhibition is worked out in advance:

Our company has extensive experience in organizing participation in international exhibitions. The spheres of interests and areas of business of our clients are different, one thing remains unchanged - the level of our competence and professionalism in execution.

January Christmas in the Elbrus region

Kabardino-Balkaria. All-season tourist and recreational complex "Elbrus". Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

Do you want to get a bright cocktail of emotions and impressions, fresh mountain air and health from the first days of the new year? Then celebrate Christmas on the highest mountain in Europe - Elbrus. At its foot, resort villages stretch out in a chain - the eponymous Elbrus, above Cheget and Terskol, and even above Azau. What else, if not walking along the slopes in a snowy pine forest, will create the atmosphere of a Christmas fairy tale? If you choose hotels and guest houses in villages based on prices and proximity to the ski slopes, then the skiing and snowboarding tracks themselves should be chosen according to your strengths and skills.

Mount Cheget, a neighbor of Elbrus, does not tolerate beginners and is only suitable for professional skiers and snowboarders. Its semi-wild slopes with an incline of 20 ° to 45 ° are recognized as the most difficult not only in Russia, but also in Europe. But on Elbrus, on the contrary, everything is calm, even those who first got on skis can ski there. In December, the highest ski slope in Europe and the highest cable car were opened here - from the Mir station, which is unrealistically close to the clouds and the stars, to the even more space station Gara-Bashi at an incredible height of 3847 meters. One can only dream of such a flight - in the cabin of the cable car, almost halfway between the conditional sea level and the passenger airliners regularly flying overhead.

If this is not enough for you, everyone is taken from the station by snow groomers to a height of five thousand meters, and the rest of the way to the highest peak in Europe - to the 5642 meter mark - can be covered on foot with an experienced guide. For convenience, a single ski pass has been launched on all cable cars of the Elbrus resort since the new year. Or maybe you are ready to climb Elbrus on foot? Then find the same extreme lovers for the company, be sure to have a guide-climber - and go!

Going to Elbrus is not as difficult as it seems, everything is easy and simple to order and book on the Internet within half an hour - in the courtyard of the XXI century, including in the Caucasus. It may seem to you that you definitely won't be in time by Christmas - it's already January 6 in the yard. Then here's a simple scheme that fits into the remaining half-paragraph of how, being in Moscow during the day, to arrange a Christmas fairy tale for yourself in the evening: 1. Book a room in one of the Elbrus hotels; 2. Buy an air ticket for one of the nearest flights to Minvod (there is still a ticket for sale at a price of about 4000 rubles per person); 3. Order a taxi for 3-4 thousand rubles (all three points - via the Internet); four. Then - fly for two hours, drive for three to four hours and meet midnight surrounded by pines, stars and Caucasian five-thousanders.

This is if you get up and go right now. And even more so it is not difficult to be in the Elbrus region on January 7 in the morning or in the afternoon. And no one bothers you to enjoy this magical place any day after Christmas, until the end of the season there is still a whole winter and half of spring. Then you will buy a ticket in advance, and it will cost you less than a taxi (if you fly through Minvody, and not through Nalchik), and with a family of three you will keep within 10 thousand rubles one way.

February Valentine's Day in Cherkessk

Did you miss romance? Plan a trip to Cherkessk for Valentine's Day. Yes, it is in Cherkessk - it is the best suited to bear the proud title of "city of lovers". The local "Arbat" - Pervomayskaya Street - is not just the main place for walking the townspeople with designer lanterns and 12 zones dedicated to the signs of the Zodiac. It is also a year-round “parade of brides”: girls, going to the promenade, dress as if they were marriageable, which is noticeable even in winter weather, and young highlanders rush here to look for their soul mate here. Do not think that tourists here risk being stolen and brought to the mountain sakla as a bride: if girls sunbathing in bikinis are not bothered here in summer on the city beach, then in winter there is nothing to be afraid of. Cherkessk is a tolerant city in the best sense of the word.

But a year-round flash mob on Arbat is one thing, and February 14 is another. There is no doubt that many newlyweds will strive to marry and get married on Valentine's Day, and you will have a good opportunity to walk to the registry office in the morning and see the real "Bride Parade" - with numerous white dresses and formal suits.

And then you can walk around the city all day, visiting the most unexpected places and observing the most unexpected scenes and the most unexpected people. Here you can meet both tourists and visitors from the auls, walking around the city with children and pets (including on the "Arbat" itself - everyone goes there). If you are on Pervomayskaya, then you can continue your walk beautifully, going down to the huge amusement park - "Green Island" (in common parlance - "Zelik"). There are picturesque ponds and bridges from which you can admire pink flamingos, here is an open-air amphitheater where you can stumble upon a performance or a concert. There are also national theaters nearby - there are more of them in Cherkessk than in any other city in the North Caucasus. It may surprise you that, moving from theater to theater, you will remain in the same building: theaters may have one stage, but each has its own face.

You won't stay hungry either, be sure. Cherkessk can lay claim to the status of the most gastronomically diverse city in the North Caucasus: khychiny and mamalyga, libzha and dzyrdza, lobio and gebzhaliya - and all this in addition to the already traditional rolls, pizza and barbecue. Having amused your taste buds and recharged with multinational flavor, enjoy a bike ride along the city bike paths (did you think there are only in Moscow?), And after reaching the eastern part of the city, be sure to plunge into the hydrogen sulphide baths in the open air at the Gorki complex. If you wish, you can see a Byzantine-style mosque, go to the famous knitting market or, for example, the Cosmodrome. Don't believe me? Come, hospitable townspeople will show it to you. And it is possible that they will be invited to visit - do not refuse, it is better to stock up on a couple of souvenirs from your city, the owners of the house will be pleased.

March Novruz-Bayram in Derbent

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