More than 100 attractions in Ireland will become free

More than 100 attractions in Ireland will become free

Ireland is a delightful country that surprises any tourist with its beauty at every turn. It is here that the water and air are always clean. Everything here is amazingly beautiful: the mountains swim into the sea, the beaches surprise with their length, the ancient villages seem to have left the pages of fairy-tale books, and the unusual trees change their color. All this is unique - for this reason, everyone should rest here at least once.

There are enough attractions to spend an unforgettable vacation. Here you will see fortresses and castles, some are destroyed, but there are those that have been restored and now they amaze with their power, as before. And the most important thing is Irish dances, both for children and adults. They can be seen at carnivals and various festivals that take place almost every day. Rest here can be active. In Ireland, water sports are considered the most popular: sport fishing, surfing and sailing. Golfing and equestrian sports are also popular.

Nice, cheerful and green - beautiful Ireland will delight you in 2021, and how to plan your trip - read this article.

General information about Ireland

Brief Historical Background

The history of Ireland is rich in both glorious and sad events. The first people appeared on the territory of the country ten thousand years before our era. In Ireland, there is evidence of this - megalithic structures. At the beginning of history, the country was inhabited by tribal clans.

Christianization in the country began around the 4th century, there were several missionaries, but the most famous of them, of course, is St. Patrick, revered by the Irish. Until a certain time, the country lived relatively peacefully, without a large number of foreign invasions.

However, peacetime is over - the Vikings came, but they were defeated. Yet Ireland failed to defend its independence: the British conquered it. Since about the 16th century, the population of the country has suffered greatly from colonization - for example, bloody suppression of manifestations of the national spirit was arranged, the Irish language was supplanted, and English culture was implanted. Many Irish people still remember these times with bitterness, because this people has always been characterized by the desire for independence.

In the 20th century, the people of Ireland rose up, and in the 20s the country gained a certain independence. Well, in the middle of the last century, Ireland became a separate country altogether - only Northern Ireland remained under the control of Great Britain, in which the majority of the population is British.

Currently Ireland is a developed country, at the height of industry and agriculture. Well, tourists are happy to bring their share to the budget, traveling through the expanses of this green, beautiful country.

It is worth visiting Ireland at least once in your life. After all, it is not only the "green" island of the world, but also a state with an interesting history, ancient traditions and many legends. Various bastions and castles have kept their secrets here for hundreds of years, which is so popular with tourists. In addition, ecology lovers are attracted here by national parks and magnificent panoramas, lakes, rocks and all nature in general. But a visit to any of these places in Ireland can be very expensive. However, on April 17, the country of hills and rivers will host its first national tourism day. And in honor of such an event, about 100 attractions here will be free to visit! True, only for this one day.

What are the conditions of the promotion?

First, you need to book a ticket to the place where you would like to go. This can be done on the website: tourismday. e. Attractions include castles, churches, parks and gardens, museums and even factories. You can read more about each of them directly on the site. But, however, only in English. Since the influx of tourists is expected to be huge, the number of places is limited. Therefore, on many of the popular places on the stock, you can already find the sign “sold out”, which means “sold out”.

How to get to Ireland?

First of all, it should be said that a visa to this picturesque country will cost about 100 euros. There are no direct flights from Minsk to Ireland. But our Belarusian airline offers a transfer in various European cities (Paris, Frankfurt). In general, the flight takes 8 hours. You can also fly to the UK, France or Belgium, and from there sail to Ireland on one of the daily ferries.

Why visit this action in Ireland?

First, it will take place in April. And their seasons are similar to ours, so April promises to be not the coldest, but not the hottest month either. The weather will be comfortable for walking, although the rains have not been canceled. Secondly, Ireland is not the cheapest country. It costs a lot to rent accommodation here, as well as travel by transport. Local products in the country are more expensive than imported ones. And so on April 17, you can save at least on attractions! And besides them, you will find various contests and events, as well as free tours.

There are more advantages to visiting the country than disadvantages. It has developed infrastructure, technologies and a stable economy, people are very tolerant and calmly speak English (one of the national ones). In addition, the beautiful nature, unique traditions and ancient sights have already been mentioned. Finding out the secrets of ancient churches and cathedrals, as well as various stories from museums will be not only very exciting, but also useful. In addition, the country is known for its pubs and Irish whiskey. Many holidays are celebrated here in spring, so you want to live and never leave! As a result, visiting Ireland at this time of year is a great idea!

Learn more about free attractions?

As mentioned earlier, you can read more about each of them on the site. But if we name the most famous, then this list will include the Guinness Storehouse, National Museum of Ireland, Dublin Castle, Johnstown Castle, Irish Heritage National Park, Jerpoint Abbey, National Library of Ireland, Spike Island, Hook Lighthouse, King John Castle and etc. You will find many other museums, galleries, castles and churches, as well as bus tours around the capital, Dublin. In addition, a walk through the city gardens or small villages surrounded by dense forests and fog can be magical.

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