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Austria is an open and hospitable country. She always waits for guests, offers them a wide variety of excursions, the opportunity to improve their health and actively relax, and also a variety of entertainment. You can't get tired of Austria. After all, it is so different, and there are so many places for the soul in it. And also Austria is the birthplace of Mozart.

The perfect destination

Austria is located in Central Europe. There are mountains, plains, forests and lakes. Therefore, in Austria, you can choose a vacation to your taste. Austria is believed to be a mountainous country. It has extraordinarily beautiful nature and temperate climate. In Austria, weather conditions depend on the height of the area above sea level. Nevertheless, we can say that in summer in Austria it is warm and the sun is shining, and in winter it is cold and there is snow.

There are many mountain resorts in the Alps, and there is always something to see and do. In the Alps, lovers of mountain climbing and skiing love to relax.

Austrian towns and villages have very clean streets and perfectly flat roads, lush green parks and well-developed infrastructure. People live in them in a European way, quietly and without haste.

In Austria, nature itself has created everything you need for good rest and health improvement. There are mountains in which even the air has healing properties, in the mountains there are many lakes in which the water is unusually clean, as well as hot springs, near which spa resorts are built. It is quiet and peaceful everywhere here. Therefore, Austria is ideal for holidays.

Austria has a lot to see for history and architecture lovers. There are many churches and cathedrals from different periods of history, palaces and monasteries. You can walk along them for a long time, while admiring their beauty and majesty.

Musical Austria

For people who know a lot about music, Austria is one of the most important places for classical music. After all, the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in this country! In addition, composers such as Strauss, Schubert, Haydn and others wrote music in Austria. Such concepts as Vienna Opera, Viennese Ball and Viennese Waltz are known all over the world. Various music competitions and festivals are held annually in Vienna.

Salzburg - Capital of Music

Salzburg is one of the most ancient cities in Austria. It is surrounded on all sides by the Alps. The name of one of the greatest composers and musicians, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is associated with this place. In Salzburg, the houses in which he lived and worked have survived to this day. Everything here is saturated with music. The city has several museums of the great composer. When visiting the city, you should definitely look into them.

The unusual Austrian landscape offers many opportunities to enjoy the snow. Winter holidays can be filled not only with trendy sports, but also with open-air parties.

Fan: Flying Foxes

In Vorarlberg (Warth-Schröcken am Arlberg) there is an interesting option for active and even extreme recreation: fly in a rope ring along a rope over snow-covered forests and gorges. There are two possibilities for this. The Alpine School Widderstein offers a 200-meter cable car ride from Vorarlberg to Tyrol. And in the Flying-Fox park of the Schröcken alpine school, there are six flying fox cable car lines, located 20 to 90 meters above the snow.

Fan: freeride and board

You can start snowboarding in Austria in the fall: at this time, freeriders conduct their first powder tours on the snow-covered slopes of the Kitzsteinhorn in the Salzburg region. The local motto is “Safety first”. This resort has five routes in the immediate vicinity of the ski lifts. The local motto is “Safety first”. In the Alpine Center and at the stands at the start of the route, you can learn about off-piste hazards and get up-to-date data on the condition of snow, avalanches and slopes in order to better plan your route.

The Freesports Arena in Krippenstein (Upper Austria) and the Dachstein Plateau inspire freeriders, snowkites and ice climbers with over 50 different routes on ice! Freeride skiing tips for beginners and professionals alike can get advice from the Freeride Center courses in Sölden, Tyrol. There are also avalanche protection courses in Tyrol, which are taught by mountain guides and professional snowboarders. In Sant'Anton, off-piste enthusiasts climb the mountain by cable car to travel to the valley accompanied by a ski guide.

In the ski area Grossglockner-Heiligenblut in Carinthia (its area is 25 hectares), deep snow lovers practically cut the snowy lands: there are no markings on the slopes. Dedicated checkpoints offer detailed information on the current state of avalanches. For those who like to ride away from safe pistes, the Salzburg Region has published a brochure that contains not only descriptions of 24 routes, but also advice on preparation and safety.

Fan: parties non-stop

The amusement parks in the Austrian mountains host many activities for everyone who is ready to put themselves to the test - for example, the Air & Style Contest on the Bergisel mountain near Innsbruck is the epitome of sport, music and party. Snowboarders also have a big celebration at the Moreboards Stubai Premiere on the Stubai Glacier, where international professionals showcase their skills (website).

In the Brandnertal Valley (Vorarlberg), the Brandnertal amusement park has opened the so-called "Backyard", where all the "obstacles" are themed: for example, oil drums, pink pipes and car tires should resemble the outskirts of large cities.

Fan: sledding downhill at full speed

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reasons to go trekking in Austria

The Austrian Alps are literally riddled with a network of hiking trails of various difficulty levels. It is an ideal destination for mountain hikers.

National Parks of Austria

1. The beauty and variety of mountain landscapes Austria is a small area, but an amazing country, in which there is an extraordinary variety of unique landscapes and landscapes: from valleys and lakes to snow-capped Alpine peaks. Active travelers will be able to see in a short time mountain rivers and lakes with the purest drinking water, waterfalls such as the Krimmler Waterfalls, majestic glaciers such as Kitzsteinhorn, ice caves, including the world's largest Eisriesenwelt Werfen.

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