Konstantin Shestakov; I will rest in Primorye

Konstantin Shestakov; I will rest in Primorye

The stabilization of the situation with the spread of COVID-19 makes it possible to start the tourist season in Primorye - in compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements. It is clear that in the 2020 season tourist centers, catering and museums of the region are guided by tourists from other constituent entities of the Russian Federation, but in the future, after the end of the pandemic, it will inevitably have to fight again for a foreign tourist.

Deputy Prime Minister of Primorye Konstantin SHESTAKOV spoke in an interview with the Zolotoy Rog business newspaper about how the regional authorities see the future of the industry.

Events are the engine of tourism

- With the gradual lifting of restrictions in Russia, connections between regions are beginning to "revive" little by little, and citizens, planning their vacation, now think primarily about domestic tourism. Can Primorye in these conditions count on a significant and stable flow of tourists from other regions of the Russian Federation, independent of the season and the swimming season?

- The Primorsky Territory is traditionally a place of recreation for the population of the Far East and partly of Siberia. And this, of course, is not only the beaches: based on the practice of past years, a significant part of tourists are people who come to the Primorsky Territory on business trips or to participate in congress and exhibition events. That is, we are talking about the very MICE tourism, which is very important for us, because this is the tourist with the highest average check. To a greater extent, these are, of course, visitors from the regions of the Far East, but recently both St. Petersburg and Moscow have been our traditional guests - participants in major event and industry events. There have been quite a few such events in Primorye in recent years, especially in the field of culture and sports.

We understand that in 2020 the Primorsky Territory, for quite understandable and objective reasons, cannot count on the same volume of tourist traffic as in 2019. Our estimate is about 2 million tourists, provided that no additional restrictive measures are introduced in the region due to the epidemic by the end of the year, and the seaside summer will please with the weather.

- Foreign tourists went to Primorye and Vladivostok, first of all, for the sake of architecture and for the sake of affordable "Far Eastern" cuisine. And what will be the stake in promoting the region for the domestic tourist?

- A promising direction - event activities. As I have already said, a lot of them are held on the territory of Primorye, including those of an international level. For example, at least 30% of the guests of the Far Eastern Mariinsky Festival were foreigners. Sports fans are also ready to come on an ongoing basis to run across our bridges or on the ice of Novik Bay. Events related to gastronomy are also very important, I am convinced that there should be many times more of them.

- What event activities are planned to be held in 2020, provided the epidemiological situation remains stable?

- This is the Pacific Meridian Film Festival, the Vladivostok Bridges marathon in September, and a jazz festival. These are all gastronomic festivals. Some of them have been postponed to a later date compared to last year, but I hope residents and guests of Primorye will be able to try scallop, crab, and other local delicacies.

- Some of the major events held in Primorye went online in 2020. Among them is the Pacific Tourism Forum. How do you assess its results?

A lot of interesting events in the field of tourism, culture and international activities await residents of Primorye and guests of the region this year. About the brightest of them, who have already entered or are worthy to be included in the "Ring of Events" of the state project "Eastern Ring of Russia" - in the review of IA PrimaMedia.

March 18. International Day of Happiness. Russian park "Emerald Valley", Ussuriysk, Utesnoe village

Landscape and Historical Park "Emerald Valley" is a unique project not only for Primorye, but for the entire Far East. This time, the family recreation and tourism complex, which provides residents and guests of Primorye with the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the region and the rich traditions of the Russian people, will become the venue for the holiday established by the UN in 2012 at the suggestion of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

March 25. Bird day. Russian park "Emerald Valley", Ussuriysk, Utesnoe village

This time the venue for traditional ethnographic festivals and festivals, knightly tournaments and historical reenactments will be the venue for Bird Day, widely celebrated in Russia.


April 18-23. Fashion Week VSUES, Vladivostok, st. Gogol, 41

The event is included in the "ring of events" of the "Eastern Ring of Russia" project

Events Calendar - 2017: Pacific Style Week Fashion Week. Photo: IA PrimaMedia

A special feature of Pacific Style Week is the attention to new names and young talents, whose experience in the field of contemporary design and art is able to determine modern fashion trends in the fashion and beauty industry. The most striking event within the framework of the Week is the traditional international competition for young designers "Pygmalion", which allows contestants to demonstrate their achievements and receive recommendations for participation in international competitions, and viewers can see a bright festive show. In 2016, within the framework of the Week, the First Championship of the Far East in makeup and body art Pacific breeze, the competition for hairdressers of the Primorsky Territory "Master Style", a premium Fashion View show and other events were also held.

April 22. Kite Festival. Russian park "Emerald Valley", Ussuriysk, Utesnoe village

Nina Obraztsova. The 20th Anniversary Pacific International Tourism Exhibition PITE, on the last day of which a round table on the topic "Youth tourism in the Primorsky Territory" was held, was held in Vladivostok from May 20 to May 22. Young entrepreneurs and creators of their own projects aimed at developing the tourism potential of the city and the region spoke about their organizations and shared plans for the future. The organizer of the round table was the Youth Government of the Primorsky Territory. The correspondent of RIA PrimaMedia visited a round table on the FEFU campus and now he knows exactly what to do in the summer: relax in a surf camp, do cliff diving, try SUP-boards and water scooters, and visit a rope camp.

Roundtable participants. Photo: Anastasia Martynova

Primorsky Krai is a developing region with a character unlike the rest of Russia. Our forests, islands, beaches, reserves, our people with souls salted by the sea winds and kind hearts, our relief, making two-storey houses higher than ten-storey ones - all this creates an individual image of Primorsky Krai, which is so attractive for tourists.

The youth of the region is actively involved in the development of tourism. On Sunday, May 22, some of them presented their projects at a round table dedicated to youth tourism in the Primorsky Territory.

Bicycle rental "Sam Sebe Bicycle"

The first to show his presentation was Anton Savenko, a representative of the city bike rental "Sam Sebe Bicycle".

Anton Savenko. Photo: Anastasia Martynova

Rental has been supplying Vladivostok residents with bicycles, rollers, jumpers and water scooters for several years, and the rental team arranges various excursions and organizes events in the city.

Cycling. Photo: provided by the rental team "Sam Sebe Bicycle"

The Sam Sebe Bicycle rental team organizes bike tours around the Russkiy Island, and also holds holidays for the opening and closing of the bike season.

"A lot of tourists come who are interested in cycling excursions. They have it very well developed there, so when they see bicycles, they are very happy, as if they saw something native in a foreign country", - Anton Savenko.

Competitions. Photo: provided by the rental team "Sam Sebe Bicycle"

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