Indigenous people of Karelia - who are they

How Karelia celebrates its centenary

Flag and Coat of Arms of the Republic of Karelia

Karelia, like any self-sufficient state, has its own coat of arms and flag. The emblem of the Republic of Karelia is a rectangular shield rounded in the lower third and three times crossed in equal shares in red, blue and green colors, on which a black bear is displayed.

The flag of Karelia in the form of stripes of red, blue and green colors was developed by A. Kinnear and officially approved by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1993. It was based on the flag of the Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic, which existed between 1953 and 1956.


The natural features of Karelia provide ample opportunities for active recreation. In addition, in this region they are trying to preserve the national traditions of the indigenous peoples, you can get acquainted with them at the festivals that are held in the republic.

Event tourism

In February, the international winter festival "Hyperborea" is traditionally held in Petrozavodsk. He reveals the advantages of living in the north, in its specific climate, the severity of which does not interfere with the enjoyment of life. One of the most spectacular events of the festival is the competition of snow and ice sculptures, which delight residents and guests of the city even after the holiday until spring.

A bright fancy-dress procession is also organized, a kind of winter carnival, a competition for molding snowmen, swims for winter swimming lovers, a championship in ice fishing with a jig. Participants of the event can go dog sledding, treat themselves to hot fish soup, and the festival ends with a laser show and fireworks.

An unusual event is held in Olonets in May - the traditional holiday "Olonia - the goose capital". It is connected with the fact that in spring the fields in the area of ​​the city are chosen as a resting place by migratory wild geese, huge flocks are circling over the city itself.

The main event of the holiday is the goose race, in which domestic geese participate. This unpredictable and rather funny spectacle cheers up everyone present. In addition, water competitions on the Olonka River, concerts and an agricultural fair are held.

Republic Day is celebrated on June 8, its peculiarity is that every year festive events are held in different areas. Due to climatic and other conditions, the date is sometimes postponed. In 2020, for example, the main events took place in Medvezhyegorsk, and the centenary of the formation of the republic in 2020 will be celebrated on a large scale in Petrozavodsk.

Tourists interested in Karelian traditional cuisine should visit the annual Karelian Gate festival in Sortavala in June. Here you can not only taste this Karelian pie with a classic filling, but also taste original versions.

Celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the region were held on 5 September. The main cultural institutions of Karelia took part in them, launching a whole series of original online events. The anniversary celebration program is designed for a whole year and includes many events aimed at attracting tourists to the region.

Online Party

Throughout the day on September 5, museums, galleries and other cultural institutions posted on their pages in social networks creative congratulations to the residents of the region on the anniversary of the republic. The emphasis was placed on the works of Karelian authors and the history of the region.

The largest online campaign dedicated to the centenary of the region was launched by the National Museum of Karelia. During the day, the VKontakte museum group published short videos in which employees of regional and republican museums read poems by Karelian poets.

In this way, 14 museums were able to congratulate Karelia, including the Kizhi Museum-Reserve, the Museum of the History of the First Russian Resort Marcial Waters, the Belomorsk Petroglyphs Regional Museum, the regional center of Northern Ladoga.

At the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia, which opened on June 2, 2020, viewers could see the exhibition “Karelia. Century for the sake of the eternal ”, which presents painting, graphics, sculpture and arts and crafts related to the republic and its nature.

Today it can be visited, observing all security measures, or viewed online on the official website of the institution.

Not only exhibitions! Ensemble in Zoom'е

Everyone could take part in the educational segment of the festival. Every day, not only a rich cultural, but also an educational program awaited spectators, listeners and participants of the festival.

Round tables "Working with volunteers in the field of culture", "Activities of national (folk) professional creative teams in modern conditions", "Marketing of a concert organization" were held in the format of a Zoom conference.

The holiday will continue until the end of the year

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