In Lviv, a plan was developed to restore tourism after quarantine: stages

Excursions in Lviv

Lviv is a popular tourist center, which attracts tourists from Ukraine and from abroad. Unfortunately, during the quarantine, the city was empty without the usual visitors, however, with the improvement of the epidemiological situation, tourist life should also begin to improve. So, in Lviv, a plan for the restoration of tourism was developed, which consists of 5 stages.

It stipulates that hotels and catering establishments will start operating in May. This was announced by Andrey Moskalenko, Deputy Mayor of Lviv for Development, on his Facebook page.

For Lviv, tourism is primarily about jobs and taxes to the budget. In general, in Lviv during the peak tourist months, 15% of the working population of the city is involved. Last year, Lviv was visited by 2.5 million guests. From the tourist tax in 2019, 10 million were paid to the budget of the Lviv City Council, and from the payment of personal income tax - 198 million hryvnias, he said.

That is why, according to Moskalenko, the restoration of the tourism industry is important for Lviv.

Tourism Recovery Plan in Lviv

  • Launch of advertising packages - for Lviv visitors.
  • What is the situation with the coronavirus in Ukraine and Lviv? As of May 5, 12,697 cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Ukraine. From complications caused by the infection, 316 patients died, and another 1,875 recovered.

    In the Lviv region, 514 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded, 15 people died, 106 recovered.

    Note that the daily increase in COVID-19 patients in Ukraine has significantly decreased compared to previous days. According to the Ministry of Health, on May 4, the coronavirus was detected in 366 people.

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    The city of Lviv lures guests with old houses, original architecture, majestic churches and a large number of attractions. Lviv paving stones, laid several centuries ago, have remained unchanged to this day. It is also worth noting that each city street has its own history and keeps many secrets.

    Famous streets of Lviv

    Walking the streets of Lviv, you can not only enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the city, but also learn its history on your own. Many important historical events took place here.


    One of the most popular among tourists is Armenian street. Here you can see the monuments that were erected in the XIII century:

    • A beautiful monument dedicated to the inventors of the kerosene lamp is located on Armenian Street.
    • There is also a beautiful Armenian Cathedral, including an attractive courtyard. None of the tourists will remain indifferent after visiting a house dedicated to the seasons.

    There are also many cozy cafes on Armenian Street, where you can relax with the whole family after an exciting walk and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

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    Shevchenko Avenue

    The length of Shevchenko Avenue is about 400 meters. Local architecture belongs to the 15th century and immerses guests of the city in the atmosphere of antiquity. In 1990, the first monument to the head of the Ukrainian People's Republic, Mikhail Hrushevsky, was erected here. In addition to old houses with amazing architecture, the street also houses Kamenitsy - "Shkotskaya" and "Zalevsky".

    Freedom Avenue

    Already planning where to go in winter in Ukraine for holidays or weekends? There can be many options - it all depends on what kind of vacation you prefer - outdoors or in the city.

    Ski resorts are very popular, where you can be alone with nature and enjoy the mountain scenery. But if you want a winter fairy tale and civilization, you should consider resting in Lviv in winter.

    Winter Lviv

    Lviv in winter is a real extravaganza of feelings and emotions. For many years in a row, this city has been considered the best for winter recreation in Ukraine. Winter in Lviv is almost never warm - there is always enough snow here, which means you can count on great photos.

    In addition, Lviv is an extremely tourist city - you will be surprised by the incredible amount of Christmas and New Year decorations that give it a cozy and unique atmosphere. It doesn't matter if you come here on holidays or on weekdays. Quiet Christmas music will play from everywhere, shop windows will glow and beckon with the warmth and delicious smells of the cafe.

    Where to go in winterin Lviv

    What to see in Lviv in winter? We have prepared some great ideas for you! Almost all the sights of Lviv in winter are located in the central part of the city. And Lviv deserves special attention for winter holidays - St. Nicholas Day, New Year, Christmas, Epiphany.

    Winter entertainment Lviv

    Thinking about what to do in Lviv in winter? Be sure to visit the main Lviv skating rink on Rynok Square. The skating rink in Lviv is one of the most fun places if you come here with children. And many adults also love this type of winter entertainment. In addition, a festive atmosphere reigns here, cheerful music is playing. You will remember this adventure for a long time!

    Lviv coffee houses are more than cafes or restaurants in the usual sense. Here you will find unique establishments, each of which has its own legend, unique atmosphere and special dishes. Art cafes and museum cafes are very popular in Lviv, for example, there is an institution dedicated to the inventors of the kerosene lamp, a cafe dedicated to the Ukrainian insurgent army, a coffee mine and a chocolate workshop. You just need to choose a place to your liking, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and enjoy your favorite dish or drink.

    In recent years, on the territory of the Park of Culture and Rest. Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Lviv open a winter park for children and adults. Tobogganing, snowboarding, skiing and extreme winter activities - there is so much in this park that there is even a map for accommodation! And after a fun break, you can enjoy grilled food and hot drinks in the food area.

    New Year and Christmas Holidays in Lviv

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    Lviv Tourist Catalog

    XVIII International Exhibition-Fair TourEXPO near Lviv

    Dance tabir "BALLET DENS" in the Carpathians

    How can I know Lvov's life for hilin?

    XVIII International Exhibition-Fair TourEXPO near Lviv

    How to know Lviv's life for hilin?

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    Merezha travel agency Join UP!

    No city can be fully explored on your own. To do this, you need to live in it for at least a few years. Especially for tourists, in ancient times, a service was invented, according to which residents of a place told visitors about it. Gradually, the service has transformed into a whole industry, and now the excursion business is one of the most important aspects of tourism.

    Lviv is an ancient and beautiful city. It is full of architectural monuments, each of which can tell its own story to an inquisitive traveler. In Lviv, every building is a bearer of some fact, legend or just an interesting moment. Of course, an ordinary walk around the city is a wonderful pastime. But a walk in the company of an experienced guide, a professional guide, will bring many times more information and pleasure.

    Want to see the most interesting places in Lviv

    Nowadays there are many private and municipal travel agencies and excursion bureaus operating in Lviv. All of them offer a variety of excursions around Lviv, theatrical performances, visits to places of interest in Lviv that are inaccessible to ordinary tourists. This is another plus of ordering an excursion - as part of some of these walks, you can visit absolutely unique buildings and objects that you cannot get into on your own.

    A guided tour is a great way to get to know the city. The simplest, introductory, walk will immediately help you navigate in Lviv, and will give you basic knowledge about the city. For those who come here not for the first time, excursions of a different format will be interesting, where you can deepen your knowledge. After all, Lviv is constantly ready to reveal something new! Below you can see the most interesting excursions in Lviv.

    Walking tour "Roofs of Lviv"

    Atypical and new excursion invites guests of the city to look down on Lviv. Accompanied by a guide, tourists will go to conquer the rooftops of the old city. In total, the program provides for a hike on 6 roofs of old houses. During the excursion, the guide will tell you about famous residents of the city, show you the local Big Ben, arrange a meeting with the Burgomaster himself (no costumes are needed).

    photo by photographers. a

    If you are not afraid of steep stairs and height - get ready to spend 2.5 hours on the rooftops of Lviv. Cost - 250 hryvnia (the whole excursion, from 1 to 5 people). Time and place are negotiable.

    Evening excursion "Lviv tram and walk by Lychakov"

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